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The Hourglass, Episode 4

Dr Neil Curtis


Phillip grabbed Cassie by the arm and pulled her into the office so no one could see her. "Excuse us for a moment, Abigail" said Phillip as he escorted Abby out of the office. "What the hell are you doing here, Cassie" he asked angrily. It's been three damn years you had this face and you promise me once I help you gain custody of this lil brat of yours you would move me here tell Kate and Roman the truth about our marriage and about Rex and I" said Cassie as Abby listen at the door. "Cassie here is some cash and go settle in at the Salem Inn I will be over after work to discuss this with you" Said Phillip as he faked a smile for his son. "Thats the kid he had with MiMi" thoughted Abby.

Roman walked into Chez Rouge with 11 white roses in his hand. "Hey, Roman, who is the lucky lady" asked Jack as they shook hands. "Nicole Walker" said Roman. Jack spit out his drink, "Nicole Walker, you mean Eric's ex, Victor's Ex, Brady's Ex, Lucas' Ex, Victor's "Murderess", Chloe's face disfigurer and not to mention Kate and Sami's Frenemy" said Jack as Roman sat him down. "Yes that Nicole Walker, and I like her. Didn't Jennifer marry you after you married and raped my sister, attempted to marry Melissa for politcally reasons, and not the mention remain with you after you left town when Abby was a child and then fake your deaths numerous of times" said Roman. "Point Proven" said Jack as he ordered another drink.

"First Off, Dr Carver is a Kidnapper and falsely examine patients" said Neil as he glanced at Maggie. "Maggie, Alice, Dr. Evans weren't you all pronounced dead by Dr. Carver during the years 2003-2004 when the Salem Stalker was reigning in Salem" Said Neil as Maggie, Marlena, and Alice looked at Lexie. "Even you too, Mayor Carver" said Neil. Abe jumped up from his seat "That wasn't her fault, Neil" he yelled. "I Disagree, Mayor Carver, from my understanding Samantha Horton heard her mother screaming from her casket" said Dr. Joplin. "Alexandra do have some issues to work on" She said. "Well if it wasn't her fault, Keeping Hope Williams away from her son sure was" said Neil. "Thats Enough, Dr. Curtis" said a beautiful redhead girl as she walked in the meeting. "Sarah" said Neil as he grabbed her and hugged her. Sarah looked shocked as well as amused.

"My Darling Julie" said the mystery man as he walked through the Doug and Julie's home. "I vow to have you again, my Scarlett" he continued as he kissed Julie's picture. Suddenly John Black walked in. "Doug, Julie? I brought over your mail, it got mixed up, again" said John. The man hid in the coat closet with a knife in his hand. "I guess they are busy, I'll come back later" said John to himself as he walked out.

"Who can't be back, Julie" asked Doug. Suddenly Julie grabs the Spectator, "Neil Curtis, Darling" lied Julie as she showed him the paper. "Oh My, you know he is going to give poor Lexie a run for her money" said Doug. "But, Lexie is part DiMera she can stand her ground" said Julie. "Thats Right, Doll. Lets Go Home" said Doug as he begin to tell Julie about Phillip's little scheme.

Nicole walks in wearing a stunning red dress. "Nicole, you are beautiful" said Roman as he handed her the roses. "11 roses" she asked. you are the twelveth one, sweetheart" he said as he kissed her hand. "Oh Hell No, you are dating this, bitch" said Kate as she spit her drink in Nicole's face.

Next Episode:

Kate phones Sami

The voting begins

Mystery Man is caught

Will return home with a vengance

Abby Meets E.J. DiMera

Guest Stars:

Laura Horton: Leslie Charleson

Phyllis Anderson: Marla Adams

Liz Curtis: Gloria Loring

Eugene Bradford: John De Lancie


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