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Tuesday September 23 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Nicole is in her apartment. She flashes back to when her and Stefano were talking in the police station.

Stefano: I don't think boy wonder over there would like it very much if he found out you kept his sister in a coma.

Nicole looks out the window, and sees Eric. Nicole comes back from the flashback.

Nicole: I have to get Belle out of that coma.

Kimberly sees EJ outside Carly’s room.

EJ: Kimberly! What happened?

Kimberly: They were keeping me for tests and observation and all that. I’m ok now; I heard what’s been going on with Carly. Is she ok?

EJ: She’s been dealing with some post traumatic shock from being trapped in the elevator.

Kimberly: Have they brought any doctors in?

EJ: Actually, one of Carly’s friends is friends with a doctor at Bayview Sanatorium. He specializes in this.

Kimberly: A sanatorium? They think this is serious?

John and Marleana meet in the hospital parking lot.

John: Hello.

Marleana: Hi John.

John: Marleana, I’m sorry about last night.

Marleana: I don’t understand why you would rather be with Kristen- the woman who has tried to ruin our life dozens of times, and the reason why we are visiting our daughter in the hospital right now- instead of trying to reconnect with your family.

John: This is all to confusing to me, Marleana.

Marleana: But it’s ok to start this thing whatever it is, with Kristen?

John: Can we just go visit Belle?

Sami walks into the DiMera mansion living room. She sees Stefano sitting on the couch.

Stefano: Good morning Samantha.

Sami: What? You’re here!

Stefano: Yes. Have been all night.

Sami: Well, I won’t be here much longer.

She leaves the living room. The doorbell rings. Stefano opens the door, and lets Kristen in.

Stefano: Kristen! How was your visit to the sanatorium?

Kristen: Wonderful. I need to go to the bathroom.

She goes. Stefano turns around, but the door opens. Nicole comes in.

Nicole: We have to talk.

Paul is standing outside Carly's room with EJ and Kimberly

Paul: She's getting worse.

EJ: I thought you said she was doing better.

Paul: It must have been because of the drugs. She needs help that I can’t give her here.

Kimberly: What do you suggest?

Paul: To put her in the sanatorium.

EJ: What? No!

Kimberly: I really don’t like the idea of her being locked up in some room!

Paul: At the sanatorium, she will get the proper care she needs. She isn’t going to be in there forever.

EJ: How long will she be in there?

Paul: If things go well, and I really stress if, it can be no more than a month. I can’t guarantee anything, but she has a much better chance of recovering there instead of here.

John and Marleana are in Belle's hospital room.

Marleana: This is your daughter, Belle.

John: You say Kristen is the reason she’s here, but what did she do? Why is Belle in a coma?

Marleana: Kristen kidnapped her, because she wanted Belle’s baby. Belle got away, but got in a car accident. The stress put her in this catatonic state.

John: Where is the baby?

Marleana: Belle lost it.

John: Oh. I’m sorry. Marleana, you have to understand, that Kristen had a mental disorder.

Marleana: She is a DiMera. She could have paid off 20 doctors to say that.

John: This is no use, trying to convince you.

Stefano and Nicole walk into the living room.

Stefano: What is it that you want, Ms. Walker?

Nicole: I have decided that I don’t want Belle in this catatonic state anymore.

Stefano laughs.

Stefano: Why would you want to do that? Oh, because of Eric Brady? Or is it Shawn Brady?

Nicole: Stop this! Where the hell is the antidote?

Stefano: When the hell did you grow a heart?

Kristen listens from outside the living room.

Nicole: I can’t live knowing that Belle is in a coma because of me!

Stefano: So now that you have Eric Brady back, you’ve decided to let go of Shawn, so it’s ok for Belle to wake up?

Nicole: That’s not why Stefano!

Stefano: I’ll tell you what; you bring me Gianni tonight, and I will give you the antidote!

Nicole looks at him, torn.

Jeannie leaves Carly’s hospital room. Her phone rings. She answers it.

Jeannie: Hello?

Andrew: Hey Jeannie. It’s me. How’s Jeannie?

Jeannie: Maybe if you came to see her, you would know how she is.

Andrew: You know that I’m stuck out of town. Why can’t you just not be a bitch for once?

Jeannie: Wow, and you want information out of me? Anyway I just wanted to let you know that your girlfriend is missing out at sea. People think Stefano had something to do with it.

Andrew: What?

Jeannie: Sorry, can’t talk anymore. My bill will have too many long-distance charges.

She hangs up. She bumps into Jeff.

Jeannie: Hey. What are you doing here?

Jeff: I came to see if you were ok.

Jeannie: I’m fine. I get to go home today.

Jeff: That’s good. How about dinner tonight?

Jeannie: That sounds great. How about the Penthouse Grill?

Jeff: I was thinking my place.

Eric lets Marleana into his apartment.

Marleana: How are you honey?

Eric: I’m good.

She hugs him.

Eric: How’s Belle?

Marleana: Still the same.

Eric: How did it go with John today?

Marleana: John has decided that he should be with Kristen.

Eric: Isn’t there anything that will get his memory back?

Marleana: I don’t know. But this is Kristen, a DiMera. I want to see if he is being drugged, like I was with Alex North.

Eric: Do you really think that’s a possibility?

Marleana: I would put it past that crazy family.

Nicole puts her purse down.

Nicole: I’m not going to kidnap Johnny!

Stefano: Fine then. Let me change it up a bit. You kidnap Gianni, and I give you the antidote. You don’t kidnap Gianni, not only do I not give you the antidote, but I will make sure that you get caught.

Nicole: You bastard!

Kristen comes in the room.

Kristen: Father, I’m going to leave now.

Nicole looks at her.

Stefano: Bye Kristen.

She leaves.

Nicole: Where do you want me to bring him?

Stefano smiles.

Sami knocks on Carrie’s apartment door.

Sami: Hey Carrie.

Carrie: Sami, you’re going to be late for your appointment!

Sami: Ok, everything’s in the bag. Alexis is a little sick, but it’s nothing serious. Johnny is fine. Make sure they sleep, after they have their milk.

Carrie: Sami, their going to be fine.

Sami: Thanks.

Carrie: Ok, so you’ll be at the Penthouse Grill at 8:30 to pick them up?

Sami: Yes. Thank you so much.

Sami kisses the twins, and leaves.

Jeannie smiles.

Jeannie: I think the Penthouse Grill will be better.

Jeff looks confused.

Jeannie: Pick me up at 8?

Jeff: Sure.

Jeannie leaves.

Stefano pours himself a glass of wine. He smiles.

Stefano: Oh, the plans I have for you, Gianni.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carrie gets up off the floor at the Penthouse Grill. She helps Scotty up.

Carrie: Where’s Alex!?

Andre and Nicole are in a warehouse.

Andre: Maybe this time I shoot you, you’ll die.

Nicole looks at him, scared.


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