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Wednesday September 17 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Valeri and Andre are in the DiMera mansion, in the room with Andre's TV's. Andre holds his gun at Valeri.

Andre: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow your brains out!

Valeri: Andre, don't do this.

Andre laughs.

Andre: Why not? You have proof now, don't you?

Valeri: Andre, you don't want to shoot me.

He shoots, and the bullet goes right past Valeri. Valeri takes out a gun, and shoots!

Hope and Marleana are in the warehouse, strapped to their beds.

Marleana: Hope, are you ok?

Hope: Ya, what about you?

Marleana: I'm ok. I can't stay in here anymore.

Hope: Don't worry. Were going to get out.

Marleana: How can you be so sure?

Hope: Don't worry.

Eric sees Nicole, Scotty, and Sami screaming.

Sami: Wha tthe hell is wrong with you!

Eric: Whats going on?

Sami: Eric, I had Andre!

Eric: What happened?

Everybody looks at Scotty.

Nicole: Why don't you ask Scotty, here?

Eric: What the hell happened?

Nicole: Sami had Andre at gun point! She was about to shoort him, but then Scotty pushed her and she missed him.

Eric: Why would you do that?

Scotty: So Sami wouldn't go to jail for murder!

Sami: What? Thats nuts!

Andre falls over, as Valeri shoots him in the stomach. She runs out of the room, and calls 911.

Valeri: Hello, someone was just shot at my house. I'm not sure of thbe address, it's on Lakeview Drive, the DiMera mansion.

She hangs up, and looks at Andre, on the ground.

Andre: You made a mistake, darling.

A man is outside the warehouse that Hope and Marleana are in. He sees the lock, and tries to pick it. Inside, Hope and Marleana hear him.

Marleana: Hope, I think theres someone here to save us.

Hope: Were getting out of here.

Eric looks at Sami.

Eric: Ok, Sami, lets just get out of here.

Sami: I'm going to see Uncle Bo, and see if they have anything yet.

Eric: I was going to do the same thing.

Sami: Ok, lets go.

Eric: Nicole, I'll call you later.

Nicole: Sure. Umm if you guys need a place, my apartment is ok.

Eric: Thanks.

Eric and Sami leave.

Nicole: So, Scotty, why did you save Andre DiMera?

Bo and Abe are in the DiMera mansion, with Valeri.

Bo: Why did you shoot him, Valeri?

Valeri: He shot at me! He missed, so I did what I thought would save me.

Abe: And he admitted to you that he caused the explosions?

Valeri: Well, he admitted that he caused the hospital explosion, but not the two other ones, but I'm sure he did it.

Abe: Ok, we'll need you to come down to the station and give a statment.

Valeri: No problem.

EJ walks into Carly's room. He sits beside her, and holds her hand. He kisses it.

EJ: Carly, please wake up. Your son needs you. I need you.

Jeannie comes in the room.

Jeannie: Hey. How is she?

EJ: The doctor said she's doing better.

Jeannie sits beside her.

EJ: Did you see your mom yet?

Jeannie: Their still not letting me see her.

EJ: I'll go see if I can get you in there.

Jeannie: Thanks.

EJ leaves the room, and goes to the nurses station.

EJ: Hi, can you tell me which room Kimberly Brady is in?

Nurse: She's in room 658, but she isn't allowed to have any visitors.

Scotty unlocks the door to his car.

Scotty: I told you why, Nicole.

Nicole laughs.

Nicole: Thats bull, and you know it.

Scotty: Why don't you go get checked out? I think you hit your head too much.

He gets in the car, and drives away. She smirks, and turns around. A man is standing behind her.

Man: Nicole Walker?

Nicole: Yes?

Man: Stefano DiMera wants to see you.

Nicole: I don't want to see him.

She turns around, but another man is standing there. He grabs her by her arm.

Nicole: Ok, ok. I'll go!

They put her in a van.

Valeri walks out of an office at the station. She sees Stefano sitting at a desk, handcuffed.

Stefano: You dissapoint me, Valeri.

Valeri stares at him in disbelief. She starts yelling.

Valeri: Your a fool! He killed Renee! He killed Lexie! He killed Benji! And you still hold him so high! Screw the rest of your family! Your children, your grandchildren! Your an idiot!

She picks up a cup of coffee, and throws it on him. She leaves. Stefano sits there, thinking.

Hope and Marleana are sitting in their beds, waiting for the door to open. The door opens, and Hope and Marleana look. Marleana stares in disbelief.

Marleana: Oh my God.

Hope: Oh my God.

Tears start to form in Marleana's eyes.

The men bring Nicole to the station, and into the visitors room to see Stefano.

Nicole: What do you want, Stefano?

Stefano: A favour, from you.

Marleana: It can't be you.

Hope: John?

John Black looks at them.

John: Thats a fact.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Nicole sits across from Stefano in the police room.

Nicole: Why the hell should I help you?

Stefano: Don't forget my dear, your the reason that Belle Black is still in a coma.

John unstraps Marleana and Hope.

Marleana: It can't be you.

John: I'm sorry; is there a problem?


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