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PC - Episode 303: Three Months Later....



PC – Episode 303
Monday, March 24, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith, Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder

Robin and Patrick walked out of the elevator holding hands. Robin had an appointment scheduled with Kelly for an ultrasound. For the first ultrasound, the baby’s leg was in the way and they couldn’t tell the sex. So now they weren’t even sure if they wanted to know now that they decorated the nursery like a farmhouse with farm animals painted on the wall. The previous three months had been very smooth in their relationship and in the pregnancy. So the two were in high spirits as they headed to the maternity wing.

“Are you excited?” Patrick asked.

“Of course I am. We have to start thinking of names though for the baby. Before you know it, he or she will be here and the baby will be nameless.” Robin responded.

Patrick looked down at his fiancée as she walked next to him. He was constantly amazed by her. She was so petite, especially standing next to him, yet her belly was protruding so far out he was actually wondering if they were having twins. “If it’s a girl how about we name her Patricia after me?” Patrick asked jokingly.

Robin laughed as she opened the door to Kelly’s office. “Yeah right and if it’s a boy, we will name the baby Robert after my Dad.”

Recalling the day that Robert parachuted into their backyard as they announced the pregnancy, Patrick grimaced. “Ok you got me there.” He said as he took a seat.

The two chatted for a few minutes before Kelly came out to get them. Robin undressed and lay down on the table. Kelly chatted with Robin as she starts the exam. “Everything looks and feels great Robin and Patrick. Everything is progressing on schedule. Now, we do have an ultrasound scheduled, if I can tell what the sex is, do you want to know?”

Robin and Patrick glanced at each other, their eyes shining with love. Patrick responded, “Well, I want to know, but Robin wants to be surprised. So I guess we will go with the surprise.”

Kelly laughs as she puts the cold gel on Robin’s stomach. She expertly moves the ultrasound wand so that the couple could see their child’s head. She moved back and forth and pointed out their child’s head, nose, fingers, and toes. Delighted, Robin and Patrick kissed in joy. Neither one of them noticed that Kelly was intent on one area of Robin’s belly.
Anna walked into her office after coming out of her meeting for the last time with the FBI regarding Lorenzo’s disappearance. They forced Anna to reveal to them all her files, including her notes, regarding Lorenzo’s case and she had no choice but to comply. She took a seat behind her desk and reached into her blazer pocket for her cell phone. She had turned off her phone during the meeting, not wanting any disruptions. She sighed when she saw no one had tried to reach her.

Anna flashes back to the last time she saw Lorenzo. Sonny & Lorenzo were fighting aboard Lorenzo’s boat when it exploded. An injured Lorenzo swam back to the docks with an unconscious Sonny in tow. Lorenzo swore he was innocent of everything Sonny has accused him of, and was determined to prove his innocence. He begged Anna to let him clear his name. Against her better judgment, she allowed him to do so. One final kiss took place before he took off for places unknown.

ADA Darin Palmer knocked on her door and invited himself into her office. “I thought the meeting went well, don’t you?” Palmer asked as he approached Anna at her desk.

“Yeah, real well.” Anna replied in a snarky tone. “I don’t like this Palmer, not one bit.”

“Don’t worry about it. No one knows and no one is going to know. It’s under control.”

“Let’s hope so because I enjoy my job and I savor the air I breathe.” As the two finished up their conversation, Anna’s cell phone rang. “Hmm unknown number” she thought and her mind raced to the only possibility. “Lorenzo?” She answered and was a disappointed to hear it was someone else.

Palmer excused himself from Anna’s office while she began her conversation with the caller. “Charlie? It’s been a long time.” Anna replied. “You wouldn’t be calling me unless there was a problem.”

Charlie was Anna’s WSB contact in London. Receiving a call from him meant not good news for her and she began to worry as to why he was calling this time. “Agent Devane…there was an incident that happened recently and I felt it best to inform you.”

“What kind of a incident, Charlie?”

“We lost contact with…..in the middle of a mission. It’s very………..that you brace………….for a ………………” Charlie’s voice begins breaking up over the phone.

“Charlie?! Charlie you’re breaking up. Who did you lose contact with?” Suddenly the line goes dead. Anna ended the call and immediately began to worry. Did something happen to her sister Alex? She grabbed her coat and closed the door behind her as she left the office.
Kelly set the ultrasound wand down and forced a smile on her face, however it didn’t meet her eyes. She told the two of them that she would be right back, to sit tight and she would return in a few minutes. Kelly hurried out to her front office and paged Dr. Steven Webber to her office stat.

“Kelly, what’s going on?” Patrick followed her out and closed the door behind him. “I know you saw something on the ultrasound. Don’t keep me in the dark here; this is my child we are talking about!”

Kelly crossed her arms and sighed. She had never seen this before and she wanted to make sure she was correct before scaring her patient. She held up a hand, “Please Patrick, I just called in a consult. Then I will know more.”

Patrick splayed his hand through his hair, “Come on Kelly, just tell me.”

“Robin must be wondering what is going on. Please go in there while I wait for Dr. Webber.” She watched as Patrick finally gives in and goes into the office.

“Kelly, how can I help you?” Steven walks in and closes the door behind him. “What’s going on?”

“It’s Robin Scorpio and I need your help.” She quickly filled him in on her fears. “I just need a second opinion on this. Can you look at this print out of her ultrasound?” Kelly points her finger to a certain area. “Do you see what I see?”

Steven examines the ultrasound thoroughly. “Yes Kelly, it is. I don’t envy you telling them. Let me know what I can do to help.”

Kelly wanly smiled, “Thanks.”

Robin sat up, concern spread all over her face. “Kelly, is something the matter with the baby? What’s going on?” Robin reached for Patrick’s hand and subtly squeezed. “Please Kelly, you are scaring me.”
Next…on Port Charles
- Robin and Patrick learn what has Kelly so worried about their baby
- 3 months haven’t been blissful for Carly & Nikolas
- Jason reflects on what the past 3 months have been like for him


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wow and as I write this i am glad i get to leave the first comment. Welcome back guys. Real nice episode. Very solid and well tuned. I pray everything is ok with Robin's baby. And nice scene with Anna. I wonder who it was Charlie was trying to say. (What does WSB means?)

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We're glad to have you be our first comment amlc :)

WSB stands for "World Security Bureau" and it is an elite secret agent type group that Robert and Anna were a part of. It's similar to DAYS' ISA, though I think the WSB was around before the ISA.

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I'm so excited that Port Charles is back and I'm really curious to see what happens with Robin and Patrick's baby. Also, listening to ITZ...I cant WAIT to see what Maxie gets up to!

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