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PC - Episode 304: Three Months Later Part II



PC – Episode 304: Three Months Later Part II
Sunday, May 04, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith, Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder

Kelly sat down next to Robin’s bed and Patrick’s chair. “Robin, I found something in your ultrasound.

“You found something, what does that mean?” Robin’s voice rose as she cut her off.
Kelly picked up the wand and put it on Robin’s belly. She maneuvered the wand to where a line appeared to be floating freely. “See this? This is a band of the amnion that has broken free and is now floating in your womb. Right now it isn’t attached to the baby or the umbilical cord. However, if it does attach, there is a very high possibility that your child will have abnormalities or deformities like a cleft palate, missing limbs or webbed feet.”

Robin burst into tears and Patrick held her as he struggled to hold back his own tears. “Oh my God, are you sure? Kelly, what can we do? What about Robin, is she going to be hurt?”

Compassion shown on Kelly’s face as she continued, “Robin will be fine, there is no danger to the mother. There is nothing that can be done here to prevent this; it is just a waiting game. I am 99% sure this is ABS, Amniotic Band Syndrome. I'll put in a call to see if we can get the machine you need to monitor your progress.”

A tear slid from Patrick’s eye, “How, how did this happen?”

Kelly explained, “There are several theories, but the one that most believe is that tissue ruptures and comes loose. We are very lucky in this case because we can monitor Robin and it may not attach itself. ”

“If I’m lucky?” Robin sobs, “If I’m lucky? My baby may have HIV and now may also have some sort of disabilities or abnormalities? Luck is never on my side Kelly.”

Kelly took a deep breath, “Well Robin, if the band attaches, we will go over your options then. I also want to know if I can have your permission to bring Dr Hayward in to consult with me because there might be heart problems for your child.”

Crying, Robin nodded. Kelly stood up, “I’m going to give you some time alone now. I will call the New York Hospital to get you in as soon as possible.” Kelly reaches out her hand and squeezes Robin’s and Patrick’s entwined hands. “I am here for you at any time. Call me or page me at any time if you ever have any questions.” Kelly closes the door behind her and sighs deeply as she hears Robin begin to sob in earnest.
Carly was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery. It was the middle of the night. She was smiling down at her two babies, rocking them to sleep. She had just fed them and now they were yawning. She cherished this time with her sweet babies, when all was quiet and she could bond with her two babies. They were dark haired, blue eyed beauties. Looked just like the perfect combination of her and Nikolas. She drew back the blanket of one of her babies and started to scream…..

Three months earlier….

After the accident, Carly was in and out of consciousness for days. She was not only fighting for her life, but for the life of her babies. Nikolas finally swallowed his pride and asked Jason to bring Michael and Morgan to visit Carly. Even their presence didn’t help much. The doctors were working around the clock to help save her life. Finally, she awoke. Hours later she started to have labor pains. Carly was in premature labor.

Dr. Lee and other doctors worked for close to fifteen hours. Carly’s life was in danger and she was in danger of losing her children. Carly insisted that if it came to it, to save her children instead of her. Nikolas was desperate with fear. Elizabeth called Alexis to be with him. Nikolas feared that the curse of the Cassadines was upon him now.

The delivery of the first child was very difficult. It took several intense hours but finally Carly’s and Nikolas’ daughter was born. She was very small and immediately put into an incubator. Minutes later, their son was born. He too, was smaller and also incubated. Carly had passed out from exhaustion. Because the babies were so premature and undeveloped they were whisked away before Nikolas could have a chance to see them. Until the children developed more and gained more weight, neither Carly nor Nikolas would be able to hold them. They would only be allowed to view them through the incubator.

The next day, Carly was crying to see her children. Dr. Lee allowed her to be wheeled into the nursery. Carly cried into Nikolas’ arms at the severity of the situation. The babies were less than four pounds each. Their lungs weren’t fully developed yet and it was still touch and go on whether they would survive. Because Carly wasn’t yet out of the woods, she had to go back to her room after five minutes but she urged Nikolas to stay with them.

It was New Year’s Eve when everything changed. Nikolas and Carly were able to touch their babies through the glass of the incubator. They talked to the twins’ nonstop. Wanting to make sure their children knew their voices. They told them how much they were loved by family. They even talked about the plans they had for the children. Nikolas could see the fear on Carly’s face, but struggled to remain strong for her. How could he expect her to not be a wreck if he himself was one? He knew they had to remain positive.

Suddenly, one of the monitors went off. “What the hell is that?” Carly screamed. “What’s going on? Nikolas? Someone help us!!”A nurse ran in and demanded that Carly and Nikolas leave. Nikolas tried to walk Carly out but she refused. She refused to leave her children. Soon after Dr. Webber and Dr. Lee ran in and attempted to get Carly to leave while they checked on the children. Carly and Nikolas were pushed to the wall as everyone hovered over one of the incubators. Nikolas held onto a scared and sobbing Carly as he struggled to be strong. He prayed that everything would be all right. Nikolas could only the hissing of a machine and the sound of a flat line. It was the worst sound that he ever heard.

Time seemed to have stopped. Finally after close to an hour, Kelly looked at Carly and Nikolas. She lowered her head and a sad emotion crept upon her face. Carly collapsed to the floor, her eyes swollen from all the crying. Steven called the time of death. Kelly slowly walked over to the crying couple. “I am very sorry. We did everything we could but….I’m so sorry for your loss.”

The months that followed were unbearable. Nikolas was angry at the world and began shutting those who love him out. He internalized his feelings. Carly fell into a deep depression and only was happy in the presence of her children and Victoria Nicole, her new daughter that she desperately prayed would live. Finally Lauren’s lungs were developed and she had gained enough weight. She was well enough to take home.

Carly and Nikolas struggled at first. They could not recover from the accident and the loss of their son. Carly suffered from nightmares and woke up screaming every night. Nikolas raged at the world and shut off everyone, including Lucky and Lulu. His entire being revolved around Carly and their children.

Present Day

Nikolas shook Carly awake. He heard her scream from the master bedroom. She now slept in the nursery to be closer to Lauren. “Carly? Carly wake up! You are having a bad dream.”

“Nikolas. Oh God, I was having the same dream where I was rocking the twins and John was gone.” Carly hurried out of bed to check on a sleeping Victoria. “Look at her Nikolas. I can’t believe we almost lost her. I can’t believe that John is gone. Every night I fall asleep and I lose him again and I can’t take it anymore!”

Nikolas struggled to hold back his tears. “Please Carly, come to bed with me. Let me help you.”

“I can’t leave the baby.” Carly wiped the tears off her face, “Unless?”

“Of course you can bring her.” Nikolas said as he watched Carly lift their five month old daughter out of her crib. Together they walked to the master suite where they settled down in the bed, Lauren in between them. They talked quietly for a while, but soon the conversation stopped. Neither Carly nor Nikolas slept much; they were too deep in thought. The only sound that they could hear was the sound of Lauren’s breathing.
Jason was restless. He walked through the penthouse wondering what to do with his life. Life had changed in the last few months and he really didn’t know what to do anymore. It seemed so foreign to him not to have to report to Sonny anymore. The business was gone. His money, save for a few accounts in the Caymans and in Switzerland that couldn’t be traced were gone. The FBI even took his money from the legitimate business that he had with Sonny. For once, the FBI and the Port Charles police had beaten the mob.

Jason didn’t know where to turn next. He had tentatively made up with his family after Alan’s heart attacks. Before Monica and Alan had left for the clinic in Switzerland, he had made up with his father as best as he could. It felt good. He didn’t want to fight with anyone anymore he just didn’t have it in him. He liked to see Emily every week, but even she had changed since she started working at ELQ. She lost the innocence that was Emily. Everyone else was still the same.

“I just don’t know what to do.” Jason mumbled. He wanted to go see Carly and talk to her about things. But Carly had enough problems going on. Plus that would mean he would have to go to Wyndemere and he wasn’t exactly Nikolas’ favorite person. Nikolas couldn’t get over the fact that Jason could comfort Carly as well if not better than Nikolas could. Jason loved little Victoria as if she was his own. He almost wished he had a child to call his own. Now that he was out of the business, he could be a father. Of course, he needed a mother to go with that child and things with Elizabeth just didn’t work out.

Jason threw on a shirt and pulled on his leather jacket. He really needed to get a job. He needed to do something. He could always reopen his bike shop or work with classic cars. He always loved classic cars. He could buy some, fix them up and resell them for a profit. He would have to think about it. For now, he just wanted to go for a ride. He hopped on his bike, shifted into gear, and took off. A bike ride was the perfect way that Jason knew that could make all the tension go away.

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