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2/7/08: CHOICES






Anna returns to the suite and is shocked to see Tony there. She can see he is upset and asks if something is wrong. He first wants to know about her day. Anna says the meeting with the prospective investor had to be rescheduled and she then tells him about her visit with Carrie. She says it went well and she got to hold her grandson for the first time. It was marvelous. Tony is happy for her. Anna tells Tony she knows him and knows when something is wrong. She urges him to confide in her. Tony then fills her in on what happened when he saw Cassie.

Anna is shocked and asks if Tony thinks she will sell him out. Tony says he honestly doesn't know and says there isn't much he can do. this is Cassie's decision and he thought he would give it time before storming over to Stefano's admitting he already called Lexie and left her messages, filling her in. Anna worries about what Stefano will do to Tony and Lexie if Cassie tells him about their plotting to bring him down. Tony admits it's worrisome but admits he is more worried about Cassie and what she will become...if she chooses to follow in Stefano's footsteps. The scene then shifts to...


Lexie and Celeste are watching Theo play and having tea. Celeste tells Lexie she is so happy they can be with each other again and talk. It's so nice to have her daughter back. Lexie agrees and says it's time to move on. Celeste is happy to hear that and happy Lexie is taking control of her life. Lexie smiles, saying it's feels good and adds she loves being back at the hospital, although her surgical rotation is rough. Abe then comes home and is shocked to see Lexie there. Everyone greets each other. Abe says he is happy they are all getting along and Theo seems much happier now too. Lexie agrees. Celeste admits she knows things may never be the same and tells Lexie she will do whatever she can to repair the damage done to their relationship and to make things right, including moving out and back on her own.

Lexie tells Celeste she doesn't have to do that. Theo is used to her and he doesn't need anymore upheaval, especially with her and Abe divorcing. Abe agrees, saying Theo needs stability right now and tells Celeste she would be missed. There is an awkward silence. Celeste reminds Abe of how close they became. Lexie interjects and says it's fine. She says that she even gives them permission to see each other if it makes them happy. She has come to accept how close they became and is dealing with it. She admits it will take more adjustment but thinks it will be fine over time. Lexie adds that all that matters is that they are happy. Abe chimes in and says what matters is all of their happiness. Lexie agrees and thinks it may be best for him and Celeste to go out and see what happens. That way there are no regrets of what could've been.

Both Abe and Celeste aren't so sure. Lexie assures them it's ok. She's fine and Theo will be fine too. He is still young and he's already dealt with everything else well. Lexie then looks at her watch and says she has to get going for her shift. She reminds Abe and Celeste of what she said and orders Celeste to stay put. Lexie embraces both of them and says goodbye to Theo. Celeste and Lexie then both thank each other and Lexie says she will see them later and will pick up Theo tomorrow. As they all agree, Lexie leaves.

Abe and Celeste look at each other and talk about what Lexie said. Celeste tells Abe she thought whatever they were feeling was over but admits she was just trying to convince herself. Abe feels the same and wonders if Lexie is right and they should go out to see what happens. Celeste wonders if Lexie is really ok with it. Abe thinks she is but that it will never feel right to her completely. She will deal with it though and Abe points out Lexie is right. They owe it to themselves to explore this. After some silence, Celeste agrees and thinks the opening of Maggie's club is the perfect time to do it. Abe nods and says ok. They both smile at each other as the scene shifts to outside where Lexie is making a call...

To Tony, who picks up his cell. Lexie tells him she got his message and asks what is going on. He tells her about what happened with Cassie and how she may or may not expose their plan to destroy Stefano and rebuild his empire. Lexie is stunned and asks what they should do. Tony says he was giving Cassie time, figuring there wasn't much he could do and hoping she makes the right decision, but thinks it's time to go over to Stefano's to see if they can do something. Lexie says she wants to be there too and will get someone to switch shifts with her. She adds that she will meet him there. Tony agrees. They hang up. Tony tells Anna what is going on and Anna says she is going with him and just hopes Cassie makes the right decision. They race out the door as the scene fades to...


Cassie walks around the living room, recalling her encounter with Tony and learning about what he and Lexie were up to. She remembers Tony's words and is clearly torn. She then wonders what she should do and if she should tell Stefano. Stefano then walks in and asks what she is talking about. Cassie can't see to say anything to cover her tracks and is flustered. Stefano asks what is wrong, pointing out he can see she is upset. Cassie says she doesn't feel well and tries to walk off but Stefano grabs her, pointing out he overheard her and wants to know what she is keeping her. He tells her he can feel her trembling and says he needs to be able to trust her. He reminds her of her desire to be involved in his business and be a true Dimera. He tells her he needs to be able to trust her and that means telling him right now what is going on. Cassie is shaking and says she can't. Stefano is stunned as the scene shifts to...


Jack and Max put the last of the luggage in the car. Shane comes over and says that Forrest and Miranda are out at the safehouse making sure everything is set. They all walk into the house and tell Abby they will be leaving within the hour. Abby says no they aren't. She isn't going, at least not now. They are stunned. Shane reminds her of the danger she is in. Abby pulls out the newspaper and points to an article on Maggie's club opening tonight. She reminds Max he is Maggie's partner. He can't not be there on opening night. Max says it's ok. He talked to Maggie. Abby doesn't care. This is a big deal for him and Maggie and he needs to be there. Jack adds she needs to be protected and reminds her this isn't just about her...it's about JJ too.

Abby says she knows but they can go first thing in the morning and put guards on JJ tonight. She knows Max wants to go with her so her going out there means he will too or that he will be too distracted. She begs them to just give her one night. She adds that there will be many people there, including all of their family and friends, many of which are cops. She also adds that if Lawrence wants her, he is going to find a way to get her. Shane doesn't believe that. Abby then begs again for them to just delay leaving until tomorrow. Max points out Abby isn't going to back down. Shane looks at Jack and Jack caves, saying one night and that is it. She leaves first thing in the morning. They will then stop by the Pub for Max to say goodbye to his family and then it's off to the safehouse. Abby agrees.

Shane hopes she knows what she is doing. Abby says she does...and says she is doing it for Max. Max smiles, saying he doesn't want anything happening to her. She insists it won't. They embrace. Shane says he will get some guards to put on JJ and will let Forrest and Miranda know what is up. Jack looks at Abby and Max embracing, hoping his daughter's decision isn't one she will regret as the scene shifts to...

ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem)

Joey finishes lunch and puts the dish in the kitchen sink. Nicole comes over and mentions that he hasn't talked much today. Joey says he doesn't want. Nicole asks what is wrong. Joey says it's nothing. Nicole can see he is upset but understands if he doesn't want to talk. Joey sits on the couch and says he just feels embarrassed about last night and him crying in her arms like that. Nicole points out he is going through a hard time and it's understandable. Afterall, he has been keeping it all inside. Joey says it's on purpose. He always had to be the man of the house with his mom and grandma. He wanted to show he could take care of them and himself since they had enough to do.

Nicole says he is a child and shouldn't have to be that way. He should be enjoying life before responsibilities hit. Joey admits he doesn't know what to do. He's scared and doesn't like to say that. He doesn't want anyone to know he is scared. Nicole says it's ok to be scared. Everyone is at times and many keep that to themselves. Joey asks if she's scared now. Nicole is silent. Joey says he knows she is running from some people and hiding out and asks if she is scared about what may happen. Nicole looks at Joey and says she is scared. Not just of those after her...but scared of herself. Who she is. What she has become. Joey doesn't understand.

Nicole thinks it should stay that way and tells him to just play his video games or something. She has some stuff to do. She gets up and walks off. Joey then yells out to her. Nicole turns around. Joey tells her thanks...for everything. He never thought he would find someone who really cared about him and what happens to him again and he can see she does, whether she says it or not. Nicole is silent and doesn't do anything but nod. Joey smiles and turns his attention to his video games. Nicole watches him and can't help but smile as the scene shifts back to...


Stefano tells Cassie that lying to him would be making a big mistake. Defiance and disloyalty will not be tolerated. Cassie doesn't know what to do and tells Stefano she is confused and doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Stefano reminds her of all he has done for her. The opportunities he has given her and will give her. Cassie looks at him as he tells her that he can give her the world. All the power she desires. He tells her betraying him would be throwing all that away and she is close to doing that now. Cassie thinks for a moment and then softly murmurs:

Cassie: He's my father. How can I...
Stefano: Ah. So this is about your father. Cassie, if this is an important matter that affects me and my business, I must know about it. I know he is your father and you should love him. However, he is holding you back. I will help you realize your true potential. I will make you all you seek to be. You know I can, Cassie. You know I speak the truth.

Cassie thinks for a moment and, with tears streaming down her face, tells Stefano about how Tony and Lexie's have been planning to bring him down for months and rebuild the Dimera empire. Stefano is stunned and becomes enraged. He calls them traitors. Cassie puts her face in her hands, wondering what she has just done. Stefano says she did the right thing and asks how she found out. Cassie tells him about her visit with Tony as Tony and Anna are showed in by a maid. Tony and Anna both look at a emotional Cassie. The look says it all as Tony realizes Cassie has told Stefano everything. Anna looks on with worry as an enraged Stefano tells Tony he does know everything...and that is not good news for him and Alexandra.

A worried Anna holds Tony close as Cassie watches on, fighting back tears, while an angry Stefano engages in a tense staredown with Tony as the scene slowly fades to black.




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Loved the vulnerability that was instilled in Nicole. Her interactions with Joey are making her multi faceted and human. Loved the scenes with her today, best part of the episode.

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