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February Promo!




Announcer: On All the Days of Our Lives, February...

Clip of Bo, Hope, Gina, Marleana, Roman, Frank, Stefano, Adrianna, Sami, Lucas, Chelsea, Stephanie, Max and Nick.

Announcer: Becomes deadly!

Clips of Chelsea on an operating table, near death; Lucas hanging onto a ledge for dear life; Marleana holding a gun at Stefano; Hope hitting Dr. Rolf on the head with a tray; Gina holding a gun at Bo; Adrianna being pushed in the water; and a person in a dark room yelling for help.

Announcer: And the death that will rock Salem!

Clip of somebody falling out of a helicopter, and yells are heard.

Announcer: Plus a return!

A person is in a dark room, yelling for help.

Announcer: And all this!

Clip of Nicole Walker kissing Eric; Stefano waking up; Adrianna repeadly shooting at someone; Roman kissing Isabella; and Gina and Hope starring at each other in a room.

Announcer: All this and more on All the Days of Our Lives, only on SONBC!


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