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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee




“Christmas miracles, lovers being reunited, and romance is in the air this December” says EP/HW Patrick J. Ewing. “But, two enemies will meet face to face. It’s the battle readers have been waiting for. And now, let’s see what SL has planned for the last month of 2007.”

Roman/Marlena: “These two people have been through utter hell since Marlena walked back into St. Luke’s church alive this time last year. The death of their son, Eric, and the kidnapping of their daughter, Sami has left both of them reeling. They have almost thrown away everything, and separated forever.......but now, things change. They both hold vigil for Sami, and something happens to one of them that will not only allow both people to think about what’s really important.......it will make one of them finally move on from something that has been tearing at them......and start living life once again.”

Stefano/Orpheus: “The Greek Tragedy. Can one man reach out to his son, while trying not to destroy him? This is the question that stands between these two. Stefano just found out that one of his deadliest enemies is in fact his son (Damn, when did he have time to build an empire?) And now, as he tries to reach out to Orpheus, will his son allow that......and what steps will Orpheus take to wipe his father out.......and take his place at the seat of power in the DiMera Empire? Stay tuned.”

Lucas: "Lucas will have alot to deal with this December. On top of Sami being in a coma, the legal trouble with Joelle will bring a shocking turn by month's end. Will is fearful he may lose both of his parents....but will fate intervene in time for this family to be reunited?"

Victor/Maggie: “Two lonely souls found each other some time ago, and, through it all, have decided to join their lives in holy matrimony. Victor has finally put his feelings for Caroline at rest, and Maggie, having realized that Mickey will always hold a huge and special place in her heart, has decided that Victor is truly a wonderful man, who puts family above all. These two join together this December......but, will everything go as planned? As the Horton and Kiriakis families join in this celebration.......well, let’s just say, it’s a wedding to die for.”

Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla: “Bo and Kayla are trying to make heads or tails of what has been going on between their loved ones. Both Steve and Hope have been keeping their night of passion a secret, and both are trying to forget the terrible mistakes they have made. But.......Nicole is around, and she knows the truth. And......she will use this information to make their lives a living hell. This December, this story takes turns no one expected. And, the question is.....what will Steve and Hope do to keep Bo and Kayla from finding out the truth?”

Nicole: “This women is at her worst, and she has made a deal with the devil to destroy the one family she feels has caused her the most pain. This will cause her to do unspeakable things starting this December.......but, as with all things, the question she must ask is.......how long can she get away with it?”

Jack/Billie/Alex: “While on a trip to Switzerland, Jack and Alex try to bond. Something happens that may make that occur.......that is, until a huge snowstorm hits, trapping them. They will need a Christmas miracle to get out of this jam. Meanwhile, Billie will take a step that may end her nightmare once and for all........or cement it forever.”

Frankie/Greta: “These two people have been trying to give love a chance, but have seemed too apprehensive about it. The end of December will be huge for this couple. Will they give love a chance.....or will fate intervene once again?”

Carrie: "Carrie will return to town after alot of hesitation and will be there for her family during this difficult time. She is unaware that she is in the middle of something much bigger. Carrie also must deal with her mother and time has not lessened the tension at all."

Forrest/Abby/Max: “While Forrest works with Shane and Miranda to find his brother Lawrence, Max will make a decision regarding Abby. Abby, in turn, will turn to Stephanie for help. But, will the choice Abby makes bring her towards Max.......or push her farther away?”

Abe/Lexie/Celeste: “As Abe and Lexie go forward with their divorce, Lexie gives them a wonderful surprise for Christmas. Meanwhile, Lexie will work with someone that may do something she has either fought for or fought against.......the destruction of her father, Stefano.”

Tony/Cassie/Anna: “Stefano begins to usurp Tony’s place in Cassie life. The battle lines are once again being drawn between father and son, and Tony will seek out Marlena for help. But, with Anna and Tony more far apart than ever, fate intervenes.....and will be the deciding factor for these two star crossed lovers.”

Doug/Julie: “Alice will do what she usually does......try to get two wonderful people back together. She and Julie know that Doug still loves Julie, but he just won’t admit it. So, Doug decides to leave Salem. The question is.....will he make it out of town? Not if either of these women have anything to say about it.”

Belle/Philip: “Even though Belle has showed signs of softening towards Philip, she has not forgiven him for his past behavior. Plus, Victor still has plans for his son now that he knows the truth about what Philip did with Orpheus. These two events will meet towards the end of December....with a shocking twist.”

Alyson/Jean: “There is a big surprise coming here for both of these ladies, but especially for Alyson herself.”

Kate/Miranda: “For a woman who has lost everything......her children, her company, which she decided to give up.....what does she have left? A battle with her sister. Not only will Kate and Miranda butt heads, Kate will finally start to see what’s important......and will take steps to regain what she has lost in her life.”

And... "Two hated enemies are on a collision course, and they will finally meet face to face........and only one of them will be left standing.”


One Man Receives Frightening News....
While Another Person Gains A Very Powerful Ally.

Two People Decide To Join Their Lives.

Two Friends Come to Blows.....
As Salem’s Deadliest Enemy Launches His Final Plan!


Two Lovers Reunite, A Father And Son Come Together.....
And Two Hated Enemies Finally Go Toe To Toe!



Christie Clark (Carrie): She will be making a surprise return on Friday, December 7th. “Christie is coming home, and it’s great to have her. Carrie left when the things in her family had gotten to be to much, but, the question is......what has she learned in her time away? Find out on December 7th.”



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