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Written by: Daysfan


-Ivan finds Vivian at Alamain, and informs her Forrest is trying to discover what she did as the Mysterious Woman! Vivian tells Ivan there is no need to worry, and she will deal with her nephew and Kate once and for all.

-Many Salemites arrive in Italy, and Steve and Kayla meet up with Allan, Hattie, Max, Lucas, and Billie and inform them of why they are here. Greta gets off a plane as well, and watches the rest from a distance, but suddenly NICOLE is seen watching Greta! Nicole says it’s time for Greta’s secret to be revealed, and Gina watches them all. Gina gasps when she sees Greta!

-Lexie then says after a moment of silence that she has the bullet removed and Nikolas should be fine. She turns to Abe, and Abe tells Bo to go tell Helena her grandson is alive and should be fine. Bo nods and leaves, and Abe looks into Lexie’s eyes and says he’s will always love her, but he can’t ignore the law, and even if he could, he can’t be with her and he hopes she knows that.

-Helena tells EJ to do the honors, and finally kill his father! EJ gulps and looks at Stefano, wondering if he should really kill him…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Tony and Anna’s plane touches down in Italy, and they meet up with the rest. As they talk about what to do and such, Tony suddenly says the palace is where Stefano should be. Allan asks if he’s sure, and Tony nods. They all agree and head off, with Greta, Nicole, and Gina all following. Meanwhile Max decides to search for Erin.

-Kate, after getting to Italy, slowly walks through the streets. She remembers how Helena’s message told her she could most likely find her at the DiMera palace. She flashes back as to how when she was Stefano’s lover, they once went to the DiMera palace. She sighs as she continues to walk.

-Stefano stares at EJ coldly and says “Fine. Shoot me. Shoot the man who saved you from your mother and raised you.” and EJ keeps looking back and forth between Helena and Stefano, and finally says “No. I can’t do it.” and Stefano begins to cackle, but EJ then shouts “I think both of you are PATHETIC!”

-Lexie tells Abe she accepted that a long time ago, she accepted it when he found Tek and her together in June of 2006. Abe tells her he doesn’t think she did, and Lexie continues to deny it. Abe then says she hoped they would get back together like they and everyone else in Salem always do. Lexie finally says “Fine, I did! That’s why I never put much thought into anything even when you found Tek and I together…I-I got cocky and arrogant! But then Tek came on to me later on and I had that gun for defense…it accidentally went off and that’s what caused everything!” and she breaks down, and Abe takes her hand as she stares up at him. He tells her she will always have a special place in his heart, and they share a child together. He says he can’t stop loving her, but he can’t get into another relationship with her. He then whispers “Goodbye, Lexie…I will always love you in my own way…remember that.” and they lean in to kiss one last time, before Abe turns and walks off. Lexie tearfully watches, and takes out her cell phone shakingly. She dials a number and then says into the phone “You need to hurry, there…isn’t much time…” and after a moment she hangs up, and sits down. She then whispers “I’ll prove myself to you, Abe…you may be done with me, but I’ll show you I will always help you, and never turn on you again…"


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