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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan


-Steve and Kayla see Kim and Stephanie come into the Pub, and Kayla says they should tell them they’re leaving. Steve nods in agreement and they walk over to them and get them to sit down, and then Kayla explains the situation. Steve says they should be back soon, and looks at Stephanie and says they need to her to take care of her aunt, especially with her legs. Stephanie promises she will, and Kim tells Kayla and Steve to just be careful, because since there is a lot of DiMera activity in Italy, it’s probably very dangerous there.

-Forrest is at the Alamain Mansion while Vivian is out, and Nicholas is just getting some coffee after waking up. Forrest sees him walking into the living room, and he then asks his nephew what he knows about his great aunt Vivian. Nicholas answers not much, but goes to explain what happened back when he came to town as a child and when she was scheming for Victor years later when he came back, and then she won the lottery and left, but she returned before him last year. Forrest thinks to himself the last part could be interesting…

-Helena looks to Stefano and asks where one of his secret clinics are, and Stefano says he has no idea what she is talking about and even if he did he wouldn’t reveal anything especially not to save her pathetic grandson. Helena snaps she knows he has one somewhere in this large palace in the case of an emergency, and there is not a chance he does not. Lexie begs her father to just tell them where it could be, and he gives in and says fine, and tells them it is in the East Wing of the palace and continues on to say it is not very large, but it’s efficient. Helena then motions for Abe and Bo to help get Nikolas, and Bo holds Hope and says he’s not leaving his wife, and Helena says then his niece and sister-in-law will die. Hope tells Bo it wasn’t too deep, and she’ll be fine. He sits her down, and Abe and Bo help get Nikolas up and then they along with Lexie go off to find the clinic-type area. Helena looks to the rest and says “Now, where were we?”

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Steve and Kayla both say they understand, but they’ve been through so many adventures before this should be one of the more simple ones. Kim smiles, and wishes them good luck. Steve and Kayla say goodbye to their daughter before leaving the Pub. Greta sits at another table and she says in shock “My mother’s alive?!?!” and rushes outside and sees a stack of newspapers, and picks it up. A few minutes later she drops it in shock and says “I have to get to Italy!” and rushes off.

-Abe and Bo find the small clinic and Lexie begins to work on Nikolas. Bo asks Abe how they are going to get out of this, and Abe says he’s going to try to use his cell phone to get in touch with Allan back in Salem. Lexie listens in on their conversation while she is working on Nikolas, and she suddenly says “Abe, don’t.”

-Roman tells Helena she needs to see some damn sense, and Helena again says they will all be here until she can kill Stefano. Stefano interrupts and says Roman wants to kill him himself, and he won’t let anyone else do it.

-Steve and Kayla arrive at the airport, and Kayla says she wonders if they really should go. She continues onto say she doesn’t want something huge happening in Italy, and Steve says that they caused chaos in Llanview back in January and they didn’t have nearly as much back up as they would have in Italy but they made it out alright. Kayla says that he does have a point, she just hopes Victor doesn’t pull something while they are gone. Steve says he’s already thought about that, and he doubts he will right now. Kayla finally agrees, and they like the others board the next plane to Italy!

-Lexie continues to work on Nikolas and Abe looks at her, and Abe asks in a monotone “Why would you say that? You are one of Stefano’s allies and an escaped prisoner you have no right t-” and Lexie sadly says he is right, and she did become one of Stefano’s allies and she did escape from prison after being arrested for killing Tek, but she has this under control! She says after what she has planned to do is done, he can take her back to Salem and put her in jail.

-While Nicholas sits down, Forrest walks off saying that he is going to find out what Vivian did last year before he came to Salem…and he knows it will bring her down…Ivan listens in from another room and his eyes widen in shock and he runs off to find Vivian!

-Marlena snaps “Well he has a good reason, Stefano! You have done so much to him, me, and others!” and Roman looks at Stefano and tells him no matter how much he wants to squeeze the life out of him in the most painful way possible, he would never stoop to his level, because he is not as pathetic as Stefano. He tells Stefano no matter how he does it, he will always beat him. Helena growls enough of the honorable police officer speech, it is time to end this useless situation!

-Inside a dark room, a figure is standing at a table with two men at the other sides of the table, and the figure looks up at both of them. “There’s something going on in DiMera’s palace, I think Helena’s made another move at him. We haven’t heard anymore from Lexie, I think something has happened. Be prepared to storm the DiMera palace…” the voice says as the screen fades to black…

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Damn. Who the hell was THAT in the final scene?!

And storm the palace?! It's time for Stefano to......


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