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Written by: Daysfan


-Belle walks into the Spears Mansion and sees Jan. Jan turns to her and says she’s come so soon, and Belle immediately tells her she thinks Gina could be in Italy! Jan asks her what the hell she is talking about, and Belle explains the whole situation. Jan then says they need to leave for Italy NOW.

-Allan finds Max at the Brady Pub, and tells him they have a lead on Erin’s location. Max asks where, and Allan reveals they think she might be in ITALY! Max asks Roman if he’s kidding and that’s where half of Salem is right now, and Allan says he is not, which makes him wonder if the kidnapping has a DiMera connection. Max says he’ll find out, because he’s going to Italy! Allan tells him he’s going too.

-Anna tries to pull herself together back in Aremid, and tells Tony they just need to leave Aremid and go back to Salem, and Tony says they both know they really shouldn’t and they need to investigate more and see if there is any more he can remember. Anna says no they don’t need to, and there was no useful information here anyway. Tony stands and takes her hand with a sigh, and says fine, they can go back to Salem. Anna thanks him and says she’ll call Allan and tell him and the others they are coming back.

-Sami lets out a scream when the gun goes off, and Roman immediately pulls Marlena out of the way and shields her while Bo does the same to Hope. EJ says “Well well well look who you shot, mother.” and Helena scowls when she sees she shot NIKOLAS!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Helena looks at Lexie and tells her to tend to her grandson, now! She points the gun at her while Abe, Roman, and Bo all take out their guns and point them at Helena and tell her she better not make another move. Lexie sighs as she gets down to tend to Nikolas and her eyes briefly lock with Abe‘s, and Helena then points the gun at Sami! She says “Well officers, you can capture me and let this innocent woman die, or you can drop your guns and give them to me, which will it be?” and Bo looks at Roman, and Sami looks at her father with fear in her eyes. He nods to Abe, and Abe tells Helena fine, they’ll do it. They drop the guns and kick them away, and Stefano who is still lying on the ground slowly tries to inch a way, but Helena throws one of the guns to EJ and tells him to keep his father at bay!

-As Allan and Max talk, Allan’s phone rings and he answers it, and Anna is on the other line. Anna tells him she and Tony are coming back to Salem but purposely leaves out Tony’s flashback, and she asks what is going on in Salem. Allan informs her of the situation and tells her he is about to head to Italy as well! Anna says “Italy?!” and suddenly when Tony overhears, he shakily gets up and is feeling odd. As he stumbles around he whispers “What is happening to me?” and suddenly, he looks at Anna as she hangs up, and tells her they need to go to Italy!

-EJ slowly picks up the gun, and contemplates what to do and who to side with. He keeps looking at Helena and Stefano, and Stefano tells EJ to not do it to his own father. Helena then hisses to EJ he knows what his father did to her, and they have been planning this for months, now it is all full circle! EJ looks at Stefano and then finally points the gun at him. Stefano then growls in anger “You would do this to your own father?! Who raised you up! You truly are her son!” and suddenly he grabs his own gun and points it back at Helena in anger, and says now she has taken his own son away from him! Helena tells Stefano it would not be wise to shoot, because then EJ would kill him. Helena looks at the rest and says that Sami will live if they let her and her son go, and let them take Stefano with them!

-Jan and Belle head to the airport, and Jan tells Belle she already has a Spears jet arranged. Belle says good, it will get them to Italy faster. Both vow to avenge Shawn’s death, but little do they know Philip is following them!

-Abe says no, and they need to take both of them to jail for their crimes, and they won’t let her just take him and run off. Helena says she would finally kill him, and it would be revenge for everyone in this room. She looks at Abe and says he turned his wife against him, she looks at Bo and Hope and says he’s kidnapped Hope before and sent some princess to impersonate her, and then she looks at Roman and Marlena and smirks, and she says he has done the most to them, especially Roman. She then whispers “He destroyed your face, took your wife so many times, now he can finally be gone…you can be satisfied…” and as anger wells up, Stefano remarks “Roman plays by the rules too much…he knows he can never beat me, no matter if I kill his children or put his mother in a coma…” and Roman then yells “SHUT UP, YOU OLD MAN!” and launches himself at Stefano!

-Allan tells Max they should head out now, and a voice says they aren’t going without them. Allan turns to see Billie, Lucas, and Hattie! Allan asks them how they know about this, and Billie says it’s what they heard. Billie says she wants to help, and it’s better than just sitting around Salem. Hattie says “Oh Mr. Allan, I would do anything for you. So I am going to help you bring down those nasty DiMeras.” and Lucas says he needs to find Sami! Allan says the more help they can get the better, and the group heads off!

-Abe yells “ROMAN DON’T!” but Roman shoves Stefano up against the wall and begins to strangle him, and Roman yells “YOU’LL NEVER HURT MY FAMILY AGAIN YOU BASTARD!” and Stefano’s gun slips out of his hands, EJ shoots several times but misses as Roman and Stefano keep moving, and Abe darts towards Roman and Stefano while Bo rushes to EJ and grabs his hands to keep him at bay, and Helena who is slightly distracted by the situation looks at the chaos and Hope takes that chance to catch her by surprise and grab her and they enter a struggle, and Sami and Marlena run towards each other. Megan panics and grabs a knife to stab Roman with, but Marlena and Sami see it and both knock her over. Stefano punches Roman in the gut which causes Roman to stumble back in pain, and Stefano tries to get the gun but Abe manages to grab him in time. Hope and Helena continue to struggle, and Helena slowly grabs a knife out of her pocket with her right hand, and as the gun begins to slip out of her hand just in time Helena slashes Hope across her side!

-Tony says that they need to go for Italy, for assistance, and maybe they can get Helena and Stefano so this can end. Anna says they really should go back to Salem and they probably have enough people in Italy already. Tony then says they must go to Italy, and nearly pulls Anna out, and Anna says “Fine fine, but what the hell is with you lately?” and Tony says nothing is as they leave the house, and head back to the airport. Back in the study in the empty house, a picture of Helena and Stefano standing together is seen on the ground…

-Hope yells back in pain and falls back, and Bo sees she is hurt and runs to her side and manages to catch her, and he holds her as she slowly breaths in and out. EJ then points the gun at Stefano again while Helena points her gun at Marlena and Sami. She looks at all of them and says they had best stay where they are, or else.

-Steve and Kayla at the Pub sees the group leave, and Steve says to Kayla since everyone is going to Italy he wonders if Britta/Gina is there as well, since she probably only killed Shawn to hurt Bo and Hope, she might strike one of them there. Kayla asks if he really thinks she would do that, and Steve says he knows how she thinks. He says maybe they need to follow everyone else and go to Italy! Kayla says with a laugh “You’re kidding right?” and Steve says no, he wants to be there to see Gina/Britta one last time…because he feels her time may be up in Italy. He says he needs to speak to her, and Kayla can either stay in Salem or go. Kayla says fine, she’ll go.

-Many Salemites arrive at the airport, and all board planes to Italy! Allan, Max, Billie, Lucas, and Hattie board a public plane and it takes off…but suddenly Alexis is revealed to be watching Lucas from another seat! Meanwhile Jan and Belle leave…but Philip stows away on the jet! Philip whispers to himself he’ll get Belle back in Italy, and this time for good. The screen then flashes to a Basic Black jet and Kate is seen boarding it! Kate thinks to herself that she may not want to go to Italy, but after Helena’s strange message she probably should. All the planes leave!

-The foyer in the palace is silent for a moment, and Roman tells Helena she can’t keep them hostage forever. Helena snaps until she can kill Stefano, she will! She says she has been preparing for this day for years, and she won’t let Stefano escape this time. Stefano tells Helena what she is doing is very stupid and ridiculous, and so many people have tried to defeat him for years, she will be no different! Lexie interrupts and says she needs to get Nikolas to a hospital or something, because he could die if they don’t get him somewhere with the proper equipment in time!

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Well written. Alot of action in this episode. About time Roman flipped out and tried to kill Stefano for everything he's done to him and his family.

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