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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Jay


-Jan is at her apartment thinking about the episode she and Belle just had. She starts to laugh to herself, about what she will do to Belle after they work together. “Maybe I’ll dip her in acid, or maybe I’ll pull all of her pretty blonde hair out until she cries”. She goes over many psycho scenarios, and smiles.

-Belle is sitting at the loft looking at Shawn’s picture. She says to it “Shawn, I may be making a big mistake teaming with Jan, but it is worth it.” She puts his picture down and hears a knock. It’s Will.

-Victor looks at an old photo of him and Viki. He thinks about what a shame it is that he couldn’t rekindle their flame. Angrily he throws down the photo and gets on the phone.

-Bo, Hope, Marlena, Sami, Abe, are all now at the airport in Italy. Abe asks Marlena if she knows where Stefano’s mansion or new lair may be. She says yes, he has a Palace and she remembers seeing it in pictures many years ago. All leave as Roman says “I hope we aren’t too late.”

*LIS opening*

-Nikolas arrives at the entrance to Stefano‘s palace, as does EJ and the two exchange words. “Nikolas, I know you are trying to “protect“ your grandmother which means taking her back to that mental institution you and your little friends in Port Charles put her in, but she is my mother and you should just back off, and let me work out the problems between my mother and father.” EJ snaps to Nikolas, but Nikolas angrily shoots back. “You have not known Helena for your whole life! I know how she works. I’m not claiming to know Stefano, but I sure as hell know Grandmother better, and if anyone needs to get back, it’s you! If you don‘t let me get her back to where she belongs, which is a mental hospital where she can receive proper help, she‘s going to slaughter your whole DiMera family.”

-Will greets Belle and tells her that he’s worried about Sami. He tells her that she’s taken off to Italy and it has something to do with Stefano Dimera. Belle is taken aback having known from Marlena what happened to Sami at Helena’s expense. “Mom won’t tell me anything”, Will Says. Bellw explains all to him. “This sucks that my own mother couldn’t tell me this!” Will says a bit angrily, he thanks her and heads to the door, but Belle then asks him who all is going to Italy, and he tells her who all is. He leaves and Belle realizes that if Bo and Hope are in Italy, Gina could be there too! She heads off to find Jan and inform her of this.

-Victor is on the phone with an unknown businessman. “Clint Buchanan, acting CEO of Buchanan Enterprises has wronged me. I want you to everything in your power to make sure his business goes to hell! ” he shouts coldly, he then hangs up “ And now it’s Salem’s turn to pay!” he exclaims.

-Stefano is in the foyer with Lexie and Megan. They hear screams! Helena bursta in the room with a gun and says with a chuckle “Hello dear lover, ready to die?”

-Marlena, Sami, Bo, Hope, Roman, and Abe run in to Nik and EJ and Abe tells them after what they pulled back in Salem they are not interfering in any of this, but they hear commotion inside. They all run inside and follow the voices.

-Lexie tells Helena to calm down, and Helena says this is a war and her goal is to kill Stefano! She points the gun at Stefano but then Stefano has a heart attack, or so he wants Helena to believe. Lexie tends to him and Helena screams “ Now now, keep in mind that if there is one more move, someone will get shot!!”

-Bo, Hope, Marlena, Roman, Abe, Nikolas, Sami, and EJ bust in the room, shocking Helena and the gun goes off!!!! Someone is shot. But who?


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I love that you have Jan in your show. She's such an awesome villian. Plus the plot with her teaming up with Belle is genious. It's like Salem's devil and angel working hand in hand. Can't wait to read what's going to happen next.

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Nice cliffhanger. I'll be reading to see hwo got shot. But, which Victor was on the phone? Lord or Kiriakis?

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Nice cliffhanger. I'll be reading to see hwo got shot. But, which Victor was on the phone? Lord or Kiriakis?

Kiriakis. Lord is dead at this point. ;)

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