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Written by: Daysfan


-As morning rises in Salem, Jan walks out of the elevator at Belle’s loft. She walks up to the door, and without bothering to knock walks right in. Belle looks at her in surprise and growls to Jan that she better get out or she will call the police and she was lucky she left her off the hook last time. Jan says she’s not here to fight with her, she says she’s here because she knows who killed Shawn.

-Bo walks into his house, and sees Hope there after Julie and Maggie left several hours ago. Hope greets Bo with a kiss and she asks what took him so long to get home, and he says they have a problem. She asks what kind of problem, and he says EJ, the son of Helena, and Nikolas, the grandson of Helena, attacked Abe and Roman. Hope gasps and asks if they are alright, he says yes but they are going to Italy to find Stefano and they might need his help. Hope sighs, and says she’s not sure if she wants him leaping off on an adventure so soon after losing Alice, and he says he knows and he doesn’t have to go. Hope sighs, and thinks for a moment. She finally says she’s going with him.

-Roman and Abe are at the airport, and Abe tells Roman Nikolas and EJ are probably already out of Salem, but he knows where they are going to go. Roman says obviously Italy and Abe agrees. Roman calls Marlena, who is at the penthouse with Sami, and tells her there has a last minute change of plans and explains to her the whole situation. Marlena tells him she’s going too, and Roman says she needs to stay in Salem for safety. Marlena tells Roman not a chance, and he can’t change her mind. Roman then tells her he won’t let her get hurt, and Marlena assures him she won’t. Marlena then says she’ll see him at the airport and hangs up before he can get a word in.

-Tony says “No, it can’t be…this is impossible….” and Anna asks again if he’s alright, and Tony says he remembered him shooting himself in Aremid! Anna immediately says “No, that can’t be true. You’d never shoot yourself. I know you…” and she says Andre was the one who shot himself in Aremid! Tony says now he’s not so sure, and Anna then sputters that Stefano could have implanted him with some kind of chip that made him think he shot himself, but Tony shakes his head slowly. He says “Anna, I truly think I shot myself…”

*Life in Salem Opening*

-At the Kiriakis mansion, the doorbell is rang and Victor answers it to see Viki. He tells her to come in and she does, and then tells him she has news: She and Clint are going back to Llanview.

-Belle gasps and she anxiously asks who, and yells “WHO KILLED SHAWN?!” and Jan then replies “Princess Gina Von Amberg, I saw it in the news. I’m surprised you didn’t.” and she walks up to Belle’s face and snarls that she hates her, but they may have to work together to stop Shawn’s killer, and Jan continues to say she would do anything for Shawn, even team up with her. Belle tells Jan she thinks she is psychotic, but she will do it.

-Bo says she can’t and shouldn’t go, Stefano is dangerous and their daughters need her. He also says she’s still getting over Alice’s death, and Hope in silence briefly looks at a picture of Alice on the mantle, and says softly as she looks back to Bo “It’s what Gran would want me to do. We’ve faced Stefano so many times before, and Julie and Aunt Maggie can watch the girls. Abe and Roman need your help, but you need mine.” and Bo finally admits she‘s right, but they just have to be very careful when they get to Italy.

-Marlena looks to Sami and informs her of what has happened, and Sami tells Marlena she’s going to Italy. Marlena sighs and says now she is in the position Roman was. Sami tells Marlena Helena tried to kill her, she’s going. Marlena tells Sami fine, and both head off.

-Anna asks Tony how would he know and he just had some strange flashback, and Tony says because that flashback tells it all to him. He says he wonders if it perhaps wasn’t Andre in Aremid and it was him. Anna yells “NO! You didn’t frame Roman for your murder, you wouldn’t do that! YOU WOULDN’T, I KNOW YOU TONY!” and Tony takes her hand and tells her he’s just confused at this point, he is not sure what to think…but he gets the feeling he may have done it. Anna snaps to Tony they can’t be sure at all and she doesn’t understand why he is suddenly thinking like this.

-Victor asks Viki in shock “What?!” and she says it’s true. She says at first she wanted to stay in Salem to figure this all out, but after talking with Clint she knows she needs to go back to Llanview to see her family for familiar scenery. She says they have been without her for so long, and she thinks now is not the time to be in Salem. He tries to tell her Clint is just polluting her mind but she says no, and then says she will probably return to Salem someday, but now is not the time. She then says “Goodbye, Victor.” and walks out the door, and after it is shut Victor slams his fist down in anger and says that he’s lost Viki again, but this time all of Salem will pay for it.

-Belle warns Jan to not pull any tricks, and Jan says not this time. Belle then says “So it’s settled.” and Jan nods. Jan turns and tells Belle she’ll be in touch, and after she walks out the door and into the elevator, she begins to laugh evilly and says Belle is such a fool. She says she may be joining up with her for now to stop Gina, but she has plans in store for Belle. Meanwhile back in her loft, Belle sits down and says she just teamed up with Jan Spears, which could be an advantage or her death.

-Bo, Hope, Marlena, and Sami all arrive at the airport and greet each other. Sami briefly glances at Roman but looks away, still not ready to accept him. Abe says it looks like they have a few extra people, but Hope says they can handle this. Abe warns them that this will be dangerous and every one of them, even himself, must be careful. They all agree, and board a plane to Italy! Gina, who was watching in the background, says she guesses this means she must go to Italy as well.

-Tony tells her he may have only just remembered the memory but he has to. Anna tells him it’s impossible, and Tony tells her they can’t rule out the possibility. Anna trembles “N-N-no…it has to be Andre…” and tears begin to stream from her eyes, as she breaks down and slowly says again “You wouldn’t do that.…you wouldn’t frame another man for your murder…” Tony looks at her and slowly puts his arms around her as Anna slowly looks back at him and asks in-between the tears…

Anna: Why?! Why would you do that and not even remember?! WHY, TONY?!

Tony: Anna….I can’t know that….not yet….

Anna: Then maybe you didn’t do it. Mabye it’s Stefano whos making you think like this. Mabye you were under his control. Mabye-

She then just stops in her sentence and continues to cry harder as Tony cradles her, and the screen fades to black…


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Hmmmmmm........I'm intrigued by this Tony story. Good work daysfan.

Don't care too much about Belle, lol.

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