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Written by: Daysfan


-Belle and Jan leave the airport after the Spears Jet sets down. Belle asks what they should do to find Gina, and Jan says first of all they need to find Bo and Hope, and she remembers Gina had some problems with them. Belle agrees, and says Bo and Hope were with her mom and dad. She takes out her cell phone and calls Marlena!

-Marlena hears her phone ringing, and she quickly reaches into her pocket to try to hold her hand over it to silence it. Helena is too distraught to hear, and Marlena looks at Roman. Helena asks EJ what he’s thinking, and EJ says for quite some time he has been going back and forth between who to side with: His mother, or his father. He says he is done thinking, he is just going to take the DiMera AND Cassadine thrones from both of them!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Max asks around the town in Italy about Erin, and none have seen her. After some more asking and nothing found, he sighs. Suddenly a man in a mask approaches him, and says “So you are looking for Erin?” and he looks at him and quickly stands, saying “Who the hell are you?” and he growls “I’m her killer…"

-Allan and co. arrive outside of the DiMera Palace. He tries to open the door but then says it is locked and sealed, and tells Lucas he might need his help to break it open. While Lucas comes to try to help Allan, Tony slowly slips out of sight…

-Stefano shouts “EJ! HOW COULD YOU?!” and Helena looks at EJ in shock, while Marlena slowly answers her phone and whispers “Hello?” and Belle is on the other line, and Marlena tells Belle to quickly find Allan or someone back in Salem and get help, but Belle then tells her she’s in Italy, looking for Gina! Marlena hisses “No! Belle, we’re currently being held hostage in the DiMera Palace, it’s not safe here!” and meanwhile EJ continues on to tell Stefano and Helena both of them have been failures and are getting quite useless. Helena turns to Stefano and yells “YOU BASTARD! THIS IS ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT!” and fires several shots at Stefano. Stefano is able to dodge one but the others hit him right in the chest. He slowly falls back into a chair, and as Helena begins to shoot wildly in anger Roman darts at her and manages to grab the gun out of her hand and toss it aside just as Bo walks in. Megan runs to Stefano’s side as he just clutches his chest and stares at the ceiling with eyes wide. Megan shouts to Helena angrily that she’s killed her own father, and Helena tells her that was the point. EJ points the gun at Helena and growls “You’re next, mother.” Suddenly, they all hear banging on the main entrance doors and Allan shouts from the outside “Is anyone in there?! Whats happening?!” and then Sami shouts “Yes, we’re here!” and Lucas then yells they can’t get the main doors open.

-Jan asks Belle what the hell is going on, and Belle says all she knows is that they’re at the DiMera palace and there are gun shots going off! Jan groans and comments that something like this always has to happen However Jan looks around, and says someone’s watching them. Belle asks what she means, and Jan says she can feel it. She hears swift movement in an alleyway, and runs over to it to see Gina running! Jan yells “THERE SHE IS!” and both women take off after Gina.

-Max grabs the man by his collar and yells “What have you done to Erin?!” and the man chuckles as he shows Max a body bag! Max stares at it in shock and yells “NO!” and punches the man in the face, and the man smirks. He says that Max wasn’t the only man Erin had…she also had him! He goes on to tell Max Erin was tricking him the whole time. The man then tells Max the tape and letters were all fake…and they were both really a couple and hired by the DiMeras! Max stutters in shock and says no Erin wouldn’t do that, and the man says he’s afraid she would, and that Stefano didn’t forget about the youngest Brady, because he’s related to Bo and Roman. Several more of Stefano’s men come behind Max and Max asks what the hell they are doing, and the man explains that Stefano needs an edge against Roman and that’s why he targeted Max in the first place, because he had a feeling this war would happen and Roman would be chasing after him. Max is then dragged off!

-Hope slowly stands up and goes to Bo’s side, and as Abe walks in overhearing Allan he’ll says he can help unlock the doors, but suddenly a window shatters! EJ mutters “Oh what now?” and suddenly, men in black clothing are seen sliding down into the palace from broken windows using ropes, and suddenly one throws a smoke bomb down and everyone begins to cough. From the outside Steve asks what the hell is happening in there, and Anna looks around wondering where Tony is! Helena in the midst of the smoke breaks free of Roman’s grasp and runs off deeper into the palace and Roman yells “NO!” but cannot see a thing. Slowly as the smoke clears someone is seen with EJ’s gun holding it to EJ’s head, and the person is soon revealed to be…




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