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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan


-Belle and Jan chase after Gina, and Gina quickly runs into another street and they follow. Belle leaps forward and grabs Gina by the back of her neck and pulls her into the alleyway, and Gina remarks “Oh look. Isabella Black. Looks like you are not a little teenager anymore.” and Belle tells her to shut the hell up and that she’s here for revenge on Shawn’s death, but Gina suddenly grabs Belle’s wrist and throws Belle against the wall and holds her there, and whispers “Sorry, but that is not on the schedule.”

-Helena quickly runs through the halls, damning them all. She briefly looks in at the small clinic and sees Nikolas lying unconscious and she can tell he is alright. She continues on and says to herself she hopes Stefano rots in Hell, and then a voice says coldly “The Phoenix NEVER dies.” and suddenly STEFANO comes out of the shadows and grabs Helena’s arm and pulls her close, and she gasps in shock!

-Shane Donovan is revealed to be the one holding EJ’s gun and has EJ restrained, and Roman says “Shane?! What the hell are you doing h-” but then he looks over and sees Stefano is gone and asks where the hell he went. Bo says with sarcasm “Great. Both of them escaped.”, and Shane tells them all Lexie contacted him shortly after the disaster at Chez Rouge back in Salem, and she had turned against Stefano and needed his and the ISA’s help to stop him, and they had been planning something like this for a long time. Abe stares at Shane and remembers what Lexie said back in the clinic. Marlena interrupts and says whatever the case is, they have to find Stefano and Helena! Shane agrees but says neither can get far and ISA agents are spread out everywhere. While Abe gets the main entrance open for the rest outside, Shane quickly gives EJ to two other agents and they handcuff him and take him away and then he, Roman, Marlena, Bo, and Hope all head off.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Helena asks Stefano how he survived those gun shots, and Stefano then asks Helena if she really thinks he would be stupid enough to not wear a bullet proof vest. Helena tells him this does not end the war, and she still has some cards up her sleeve. Stefano then tells her “You have not seen any of my cards yet, my dear.” and suddenly opens a door and tosses Helena down a stairwell!

-Belle yells tearfully “YOU KILLED HIM! I DON’T CARE HOW STRONG OR RICH YOU ARE, I WILL AVENGE HIS DEATH!” but she cannot fight Gina’s tight grip, and she screams for Jan to help her. Jan stares at the two women and thinks to herself this could be her chance to finally let her rival, the woman who ruined her life in so many ways, die. But she looks at Gina and says “She killed my Shawn. My baby’s father!” and then she takes out a knife and charges at Gina, but Gina laughs and jumps out of the way, and Belle lets out a scream and Jan realizes she can’t stop, and her knife goes right through Belle’s stomach!

-Allan quickly walks into the palace and Abe updates him on what is going on, and Sami runs into Lucas’s arms and he holds her and she says she is so glad to see him. Hattie follows Allan while Billie and Anna continue to stand outside, as Anna tries to look around for Tony and calls his name but nothing. However suddenly in the foyer, MANY of Stefano’s men burst out of hidden places with gun’s blazing. The group and ISA agents turn in shock and Abe yells for everyone to get down, and Lucas quickly pushes Sami down while Hattie runs off into another room for cover and Billie, Steve, Kayla, and Anna back up outside in shock. The ISA agents fire back and a huge gunfire battle breaks out.

-Shane, Roman, Marlena, Bo, and Hope all run through the deep halls of the DiMera Palace and run into Lexie! Lexie sighs in relief seeing Shane, and Shane says they are getting everything under control. Roman tells her how Stefano and Helena are both running loose, and she says she’ll help her find them. However as they continue on…MORE of Stefano’s men come out from hidden rooms and small places and begin to shoot! Shane tells them all to quickly keep going as he fires back at them and slowly runs with the rest.

-Gina says “Ta Ta, girls.” and runs off, and Jan looks down at what she has done in shock. Suddenly, Philip emerges and darts to Belle’s side, and holds her and both of them look at him in shock. Philip tells Jan to just get out of here, and she asks him what he’s going in Italy and he tells her that is none of her business. Jan groans in anger and says “Fine.” and continues to try to find Gina, while Philip takes out his phone and dials a number.

-Megan is outside of the palace on the side, slipping out the window in the midst of the smoke after Stefano escaped the foyer. As Billie slowly walks around looking for anything to help she sees Megan! Megan then says to herself that now she knows everything here is taking course, she can go back to Salem and take Bo’s daughters!!! Billie gasps and says “You’re not going anywhere.” and Megan turns in shock. Billie tackles her and the two get into a fierce catfight.

-Bo hears his cell phone ringing, and once he and Hope get to a place where they have well hidden cover from Stefano’s men he answers it and says “Brady”, and he hears Philip’s voice! He tries to ask Philip questions but Philip tells him what occurred with Gina, and Bo decides to save the questions for later and he says he’ll try to be there soon, and he hangs up and Hope asks what happened and Bo tells her Belle is in Italy and encountered Gina, and Jan accidentally stabbed her while trying to get Gina. Hope exclaims that they have to get there and get Belle to safety and find Gina, but then Bo says first they have to tell Roman and Marlena.

-Helena stands up in pain after Stefano threw her down the stairwell, and Stefano then says at the top of the staircase that it’s time to unleash the dogs of war, and in her case, literally! Stefano punches a button on the wall and suddenly a gated area begins to open and ravaging dogs charge at Helena, while Stefano shuts the door and locks it and continues on.

-Kate stands outside in the garden of the DiMera Palace, and she says to herself chaos is erupting everywhere on these grounds. She tries to find a side entrance, but bumps into Tony! She gasps and Tony asks her what the lovely Kate Roberts would be doing in Italy at the DiMera Mansion;. She tries to think of a response, but he grabs her saying he thinks she knows, since he has heard about how she helped Helena Cassadine try to kill Samantha Brady, so that most likely means she has an alliance with Helena. Kate denies it and says that is not true at all, but Tony says he disagrees and takes out a gun!!!! He says there is a war being fought, and any ally of Helena must be eliminated. Kate screams and tells him he wouldn’t do this, not even to her! Tony then leans in to her ear and whispers “Tony wouldn’t, but I would. You see my dear, I am Tony’s alternate personality….” and then he has a wide evil grin as he slowly leans back and then puts the gun right to Kate's head, and FIRES! Kate’s body then falls into the grass as he lets go of her and walks off…


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