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Written by: Jay


-Jan is running around as they begin to get very close to the DiMera Palace, Jan on Gina’s prowl. Jan dashes after her and catches her by the hair and throws her to the ground. “Shawn Brady was the love of my life and you took his!! Now your going to pay!” she screams with anger fueling her voice “Wait!!” Gina says.

-Stefano, coming to a conclusion that Helena should be eaten and dead by now returns to the room where he locked his ex lover. He presses the button, and opens the door to find his dogs dead, and Helena gone. He looks in shock as Helena knocks him over the head with a gun that was handed to her. “ Thank you Grandson,” she continues Nikolas steps up and looks over Stefano.

-After Bo and Hope tell Marlena and Roman they decide to break from Bo, Hope, and Shane because they want to find Belle and make sure she is alright. They call out her name as they burst out of the palace using one of the quicker exits and hear Phillip scream Roman’s name back, not too far off from the palace, and they find them.

- “Tony” is sneaking around the palace when he hears someone exclaim “Tony!” and he looks to see Abe and Lexie after getting out of the chaotic palace through the main entrace, and Lexie met up with Abe earlier on after getting separated from the other four when Stefano’s men attacked. “Oh boy…” “Tony” says

*LIS Opening*

-“You don’t want to kill me!” Gina says. Sarcastically she continues on to say “ Shawn wouldn’t want you too” Jan yells“You don’t know Shawn, don’t you ever speak about him!” and Jan begins to beat the hell out of Gina. Shane, Bo and Hope intervene when they see Jan from a window in the palace and quickly get to them ” Jan” Hope says. “Spears what the hell are you doing here?” asks Bo. “Mr and Mrs. Brady, this woman killed your son!!” Jan says. Hope looks at Gina and attacks her in anger.

-“How are you feeling Nikolas?” Helena asks him. “I’m fine, just in a little pain. What do you want to do with Stefano before we get out of here and I can take you back to Port Charles?” “Nothing…yet.” Helena tells him and continues on to explain “We stay here with him and when he wakes up, my Grandson, you take this gun and you kill him!”

-“Belle! How are you feeling?!” Marlena screams out. “We’ve got to get you to a hospital”, Roman says. “I’m fine guys, trust me” Belle says as she slowly tries to stand. “All I need is a bandage. The wound is small, and it doesn’t hurt. “Marlena asks her how she was stabbed. She tells her about the whole Gina/Jan thing. Marlena, and Roman are shocked to hear that Gina killed Shawn.

-“Tony” turns around and does a 180 of sorts on Abe. “Oh, Abe! I was looking for you my friend. I just found Kate Roberts outside.” “Kate’s here?” Abe asks. “Yes” “Tony” says, “and she’s dead!”


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