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Written by: Jay


-“Tony” takes Lexie and Abe to where Kate is. Abe takes a look at her and becomes sick to his stomach at the site of the 6 inch hole in her head. “Does this town have a good and efficient medical staff, Tony?” Abe asks him. “Yes, as a matter of fact they do”, “Tony” responds. Lexie, pretty shaken up takes off her shirt and covers Kate’s head, with it. “Who could have done this?” Lexie asks as she looks up at the two of them. “I’m afraid I know who did it” “Tony” says. Abe and Lexie stare at him.

-EJ is in custody with I.S.A officers. They begin taunting him because of his name. They hate him, they hate Stefano, They have heard of Helena. As EJ is sitting there, word comes thru that someone was murdered, that someone being Kate Roberts. One of the officers comes over to EJ and says “Did you know anything about this, Wells?”

-Helena tells Nikolas Stefano could go after Emily next….or even his own son. Nikolas stares at Stefano and then back at Helena “I’ll do it. You’re right, he could go after Spencer or Emily, and I can’t let that happen. If anyone deserves to die, it’s this bastard!’ “Oh, Nikolas, I am so happy to hear you say that. You remind me so much of your father”, Helena responds with a smirk. “Your uncle Stefan would be proud!” Stefano bulges, and begins to wake. Nikolas gets ready.

*LIS Opening*

-Shane finds Bo, Hope, Gina, and Jan and arrest Gina on the spot. As she is taken away, she promises the Brady’s that they will pay. Hope reluctantly thanks Jan. Jan is appreciative. “After all, I did love your son.” Jan tells her “Save it!” Hope yells as she shuts her down.

-“Yes, I do know who killed Kate. It was none other then Helena Cassadine. That woman has been after my family for weeks now. I saw her shoot Kate” Tony says. “We’ve got to find Helena!” Abe says. “Now I have even more means to arrest her!” but as he finishes his sentence Lexie runs off. “Lexie, be careful!”, Abe Yells out! Abe looks scared. He couldn’t stop her either.

-“Hell no!” EJ yells out. “I had no idea that Kate was going to be killed.” “Yeah right” the officer continues. “Let me out of here” EJ Whispers. “You aint goin nowhere Wells”, the cop shoots back.” No, I’m serious, You have to let me out of here and stop this madness before someone else dies!”

-Stefano comes around. Nikolas looks down on him. Helena is smiling.” Stefano my dear. After all these years! I have been thinking of you, wondering what you were doing, wondering how you were, wondering if you were thinking about ME!! I wont have to worry any more, because after this, you wont be, and you wont be doing, and you sure as hell won’t be thinking” Helena scowls. “Hele..na, but I love you” Stefano says in fear. Nikolas slaps Stefano and says “Get ready to die, son of a bitch”. He aims the gun at Stefano, and puts his hand on the trigger. A gunshot rings and Stefano flinches and opens his eyes to realize he was not shot. Gunfire occurred, and the shot was not Stefano, but it was Nikolas who falls. Nikolas stares at Helena, and she is unsure whether it is bitterness, anger, or something else directed to her as he passes away. Helena and Stefano look up at the door to see LEXIE standing there, gun in hand!


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