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Episode 92: The Truth Shall Set Her Free

Matt P.


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Previously on Point Palace:

- London did not survive through the night, Blake watched as she died, and a service was held for her. She wanted to be cremated but Blake didn't want to watch, instead he said some words at the funeral as did John, with Alley by his side, and Alexia. Bryan returned and a fight almost broke out as Blake kicked him out.

- Will lightly confronts Mika on her being so secretive but she explains to him that it's who she is and that what they have is new.

- Carlos spends time with C.C. but it's interrupted by Jenny who tells him that she remembers who he is and the two are reunited. C.C. slips away to call Nick to tell him the bad news as the two begin to plot.

- Sky embarrasses Ava by kissing her in public.

- Tanisha thinks of hiring Det. Miltner to find Owen but Alexia stops her because it could ruin her mother's life if she were to find out.

- Dylan confronts Juliana on what he witnessed between Michael and her. Carrie comes wondering in curious to what's going on but Juliana tells her it's nothing.

- Nate gets his test results back for his STD/AIDS check up.


Episode 92:

The Truth Shall Set Her Free

Executive Story Consultant:

Matt Politylo

Script Writer:

Na'Vell J. Lee

- - -Rebecca100.jpgNate100.jpg

(At Revington Cody Clinic, Nate begins to worry while waiting for his results.)

Doctor Ralma: (clearing her throat)

Unfortunately you have Chlamydia but not to worry, it is treatable.

Nate: (uneasy)

I don’t know what to say. I have an STD?

Doctor Ralma:

Nate, you seem upset. I thought finding out this news would ease your pain. Look on the bright side, you’re not dying. I do hope that this teaches you a lesson though.

Nate: (sighs)

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that my STD is treatable. But, that doesn't necessarily mean I can't get that same type, let alone another one ever again.

Doctor Ralma:

Yes, that is very likely, and since we spotted the disease early enough, it is very probable that we can do something about it. Like putting you on specific antibiotics.


I just…maybe this wouldn't be happening if I didn't live the lifestyle I am living. If I am scared now, how will I react years down the road? I just don't know.

Doctor Ralma:

Listen, why don't you go home, get some rest, and we can discuss this further if you wish.

Nate: (not convincingly)

Yeah, sure.

Doctor Ralma:

Here’s the specific information you need on what to get from any drug store. Please don’t lose this and please do take care of yourself.

(Doctor Ralma hands him a folder with the medicine specifics and then walks him out. Nate begins to put on his coat and is about to exit, but suddenly stops)

Nate: (sighs)

What the hell am I gonna do?

- - -Ava100.jpgSky100.jpg

(At her apartment, Ava finally has made a decision about Sky. She begins walking around the room, trying to think of ways to tell Sky her true feelings.)


Ok…Ok, I can do this. Sky, I have thought about it a lot lately, and I have now decided that…no, sounds to formal. Uggh, why don't I just come out and tell her.

(Ava picks up her phone and dials Sky's number.)

Sky: (answers)



Hey sweetie, it's me.


Hey yourself. I take it this has something to do with what we talked about before?


Very much so. I think it would be great.

Sky: (shocked, yet happy)

Well what?!


I would love it if you were my full-time girlfriend.


Really?! That…that's incredible! I can't tell you how much this means to me.


Neither can I. I realized that you are the only person I want to be with, and nothing will change that.

Sky: (smiles brightly)

How did I ever deserve such a sweet person like you?


Kismet, I guess.

Sky: (laughs)

Very much so. I like you.


I like you, too.

(Sky hangs up, and is overjoyed with Ava's call. Ava appears to be happy as well, knowing that she made the right decision about her and Sky.)

- - -Blake100.jpg

(Blake is in the apartment that he shared with London. He is there alone in complete agony of losing his wife)

(Blake yells out and starts throwing things. He throws an object that hits a mirror, breaking it. He then throws a table, and shoving everything off the dresser in a huge rage.)


Damn it London!!! You should be here with me! I loved you! I would have done anything…ANYTHING for you! I gave you everything. No one will ever love you as much as me! No one!

(Blake continues to destroy room, but then stops, until looking around the room. He notices what he has done, and then falls down to the floor and begins to cry hysterically. He starts saying London's name very softly while on the ground.)

- - -John100.jpgAlley100.jpg

(Later, John meets up with Alley at the café. He waves to Ginny until kissing Alley on the cheek.)


Guess what?




I have a plan to take away LJ.


You can't be serious.


It is the only thing I can do. LJ is my daughter, Alley, and if I have to, I will kidnap her just so she can be with me.


Do you realize how much damage you can do just by taking her away?


Damage? How can I cause any damage to my own flesh and blood?


Oh, my god. Are you even listening to yourself?


This isn’t crazy! Just seeing her now makes me realize how much I love her, how much I miss her. I want her LJ in my life!


You are going about this the wrong way, John. If you want to spend time with LJ, visit her daily. Just talk to her, hang out with her, just anything to please her. You have absolutely no idea the repercussions this could have on her if you decide to take her away. You can’t get past Blake but not like this.


I'm sorry, Alley but nothing is going to make me change my mind about this. I am going to get LJ back, and if I have to steal her away, then so be it I will do it with or without your help.

(Alley begins to shake her head in disbelief, which she couldn't believe what John was thinking of doing.)

- - -cc100.jpgJenny100.jpgCarlos100.jpg

(C.C. knocks on Jenny’s door but she isn’t happy to see her. C.C. makes her way in to talk to her.)


What the hell are you doing here?


You sanctimonious bitch! How dare you take Carlos away from me!


Carlos?! You must be delusional. Carlos was never yours to begin with.


See, that is where you are wrong. We were together, until you loused things up and got your precious memory back! Carlos would have been mine if it wasn't for you!

Jenny: (scoffs)

WOW! You really need to get over yourself. I mean, whatever this "fantasy" of you being with Carlos, that's all it is…a fantasy. You might as well give up while you still can and save yourself the humiliation.


Oh, but see, there is something you don't know. Something that could blow your relationship with Carlos sky high. I know it definitely blew him away.

(C.C. takes out tape and shows it to Jenny.)


What is this?

(C.C. puts the tape into her VCR and hits play.)


Just watch. I know you’ll enjoy it.

(Jenny is horrified to see CC making love to Carlos. She watches as CC shows Carlos pains of ectasy, her kissing him on the lips, then goes down all over his body. She then throws him down on the bed and rips off his pants since he was already shirtless. She then passionately kisses him on the neck, lips, body. Jenny becomes infuriated, and rushes over to shut off the TV.)


This is sick! There is no way Carlos could have done this. You most likely set this whole thing up.


You just can't bring yourself to admit that Carlos can love someone other than himself?


What did you do? How did you trap him to get him into your bed?


I didn't have to do anything but be me. He saw a sexy, vibrant woman who could fulfill his every sexual pleasure.


It's a wonder that he took so long to notice, considering you probably weren't giving him everything in bed.


You slut!

(Jenny slaps C.C. but C.C. slaps Jenny back, and the two get into a free-for-all catfight. Jenny grabs C.C.'s hair and starts shoving her into tables. C.C. gets leverage and smashes Jenny's head on a mirror. But, that doesn't slow her down. Jenny and C.C. continue to shove each other, and knocks C.C. onto the dresser table, smashing and knocking everything over before slamming C.C.'s face on the table. C.C. manages to get up off the table and grabs Jenny and both fall to the ground. Both began to tumble over and roll around pulling each other's hair, until C.C. pushes Jenny's head face first into the floor. Both start yelling to get off of each other when Carlos opens the door to stop the fight. He breaks the two of them up and puts them at opposite sides of the room.)

Jenny: (breathing heavily)

Let me go!

C.C.: (breathes heavily)

What's the matter? Huh? Afraid of a little competition, are you?


This...this isn't over, C.C. Not by a long shot.


Get out C.C.!


But she-



(C.C. exits a bit shaken up, but able to leave the room. Jenny watches her walk out while wiping the blood from her cut lip, and hugs Carlos to purposely make C.C. jealous)

- - -Alexia100.jpgtanisha100.jpgOwen100.jpg

(In her room, Tanisha and Alexia are sitting in the living room when Alexia’s phone starts to ring.)

Alexia: (answers phone)

Hello? Hello?! I can hear you breathing on the other end. Who is this?!


Tanisha, calm down. Just calm down.




Oh my god! Are you there?

(Alexia hangs up the phone and looks at Alexia.)


What? What is it?


It was him! He called me.


Who called you?


Owen! Owen just contacted me.


Owen?! Are you sure? Maybe you are mistaken.


No, it was him. I'm sure of it. I would know what he sounded like.


Ok, ok. I just don't want you leaping to any conclusions. Let's just trace the call and find out where he is, ok?

(Tanisha looks on while Alexia dials *69. The computerized voice answers saying that the last number who called was blocked. Alexia hangs up while an anxious Tanisha waits.)


Well? What happened? What's the number?

Alexia: (disappointed)

Tanisha, I couldn't get anything.


What do you mean?


The number is blocked. If that was really Owen, why would he block his number?


Maybe it was a bad connection. I think that we’re just hoping for him to return.


No, that had to be Owen. I know I heard his voice, Alexia.


I'm sorry, sweetie, but it was a wrong number. There is no way that could have been Owen you heard.


No, it had to be him! I know that it...

Tanisha: (interrupts)

No! No, it wasn't him!


It wasn't him.


(sighs, and cries)

I really thought it was him. I really did.

(Alexia and Tanisha shared a hug when Alexia realizes that Tanisha must be right, that it couldn't have been Owen.)

- - -Will100.jpgMika100.jpgTjin100.jpg

(Outside, Will is waiting with Mika, who are both anxiously awaiting a visitor. Will is nervous but Mika is more anxious as she paces back and forth in her room.)


This is a nice room.




God, I'm so nervous to meet your dad. I mean, what is he like?

(Mika is looking around, very uneasy, not listening to a word Will is saying.)


Mika, what's wrong? You seem very disturbed about something.


Look, Will, I don't think it is a good idea for you to be here.


What? Why not? I thought you wanted me to meet your father.


Things change, Will. I think that it is best that you leave…like now!


What's the matter with you? Why the change of heart?

(Suddenly, a car pulls up and a gentleman steps out. He walks toward Mika and Will.)


Hello, I am Mika's father. You must be Will.


Yes, I am. It's very nice to meet you. Mika has told me so much about you. Well…kind of.

Tjin: (looking at Mika)

I've never known my little girl to hold secrets. It's a pleasure to meet you too.


Can I get you something to drink?


I appreciate that. Listen, if you don't mind, I would like to have a few words with my daughter. So I'll have that drink after all.


Sure, absolutely. Take your time. I'll be inside Mika.

(Will exits and goes into her room.)

Mika: (after Will leaves)

You being my father was the only cover up I could think of!


Never mind that now. I’m here to follow up on your assignment.

- - -Carlos100.jpgNick100.jpgAgatha100.jpg

(At Cody Memorial Hospital, Carlos corners Nick in his office.)


You son of a bitch! You stay out of Jenny's life!


Since when do you give orders? You can't tell me who I can or can't see.


Shut up! All you did was take advantage of Jenny's health crisis. You did anything you could to stick it to me by whatever means necessary!


And look who she came to whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on. Who was always the one to pick up the pieces whenever she had a problem? ME! She always came to me and there was not a damn thing you could do about it.


The only reason why she did that was because you used her.


I was helping her by getting rid of you!


You bastard!

(Carlos punches Nick in the face until Nick punches him back even harder. Carlos falls and hits his head on a desk. He gets up and knocks down Nick to the floor. Carlos starts socking Nick left and right, but Nick manages to get the strength to push Carlos off of him. Nick then is able to give Carlos a few punches, and then they both get and start shoving each other around. Carlos knocks over items on Nick’s desk when Nick shoves him into it. The noise become so loud that Agatha and another doctor rush in to break up the two of them.)


Break it up!


Come on!

(Agatha grabs Carlos while the doctor grabs Nick. In the process, they try to get to one another but are taken further apart as the two begin to settle down.)

Carlos: (breathes heavily and talks to Agatha)

I'm all right. I'm ok.

(to Nick)

You stay away from Jenny, you hear me? Or, you'll live to regret it.


Is that a threat?


I don't make threats. That’s a promise.

(Carlos and Agatha leave Nick’s office. Nick, still feeling a bit woozy and shaken up, watches them walk out, and smirks.)

- - -carrieparents2.jpg

(In Carrie's room, Dylan, Michael, Mary Ann, Victor, and Juliana are having a heated conversation, while Carrie walks in after overhearing them.)


Look, I have no idea what is going on between all of you, but I can promise you I will find out what it is.


What are you going on about now?


I have this odd feeling that you all know something that could save Carrie, yet you are refusing to admit it.


I agree, Dylan.

Juliana: (shocked)


Dylan: (to Victor)

You and I hate one another and now all of a sudden you are agreeing with me?


We can call a truce Dylan. It just so happens that I have that same feeling that something is going on and I would like to know myself about whatever it is you all are hiding.


You and Dylan are both delusional, Victor. There is absolutely nothing going on and if there was, it wouldn't be any of your concern anyway. So please, stay out of this.

Dylan: (shouts)

Damn it, Michael! For once in your life-

Mary Ann:

Young man, you don't know my husband, so I suggest you mind your business!

(Carrie runs over to Mary Ann and Michael.)


What's going on? Why are you yelling?


Um, nothing Carrie. We were just talking, that's all. I'm sorry for getting excited.


Come on, let’s leave the grown ups who are obviously being selfish, alone.

(Victor, Carrie, and Dylan walk over to the other end of the room, while Michael, Juliana, and Mary Ann continue to talk.)

Mary Ann: (sighs)

I'm telling you, if those two idiots keep putting their heads together, they could blow this secret right out of the water.


Looks like we have to come up with a new plan in order for them to get off of our backs.


I can't take this anymore.

Mary Ann:

What the hell are you talking about? We paid you to keep your mouth shut!


Believe me Mary Ann, in my line of work, money is the least of my concerns. I can't just sit here and watch all of this going down! Look at what our lying is doing to Carrie! And my brother! Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to put an end to this.

Michael: (grabbing her)

Juliana…what are you planning to do?


Get your hands off of me! Haven’t you touched me enough?

(Juliana walks over to Carrie while Dylan and Victor are sitting with her. Mary Ann and Michael become worried as to what Juliana will say to them.)


Hi Carrie. Are you having fun?


Yeah. Dylan is so much fun to play with. Victor is cool, too.


Listen, I have something to tell you and I know this may be confusing for you, but you will understand over time.


Think about what you're doing, Juliana!


I have, Michael. I have to do this.

Mary Ann:

Michael stop her!

Carrie: (worried)

What's going on? What's wrong?

(Dylan and Victor look at one another, wondering what Juliana is about to say. Little do they know they are about to get the shock of their life.)

Juliana: (tries to find the words, but comes out and says it)

Along time ago your daddy and me, well we-


Juliana NO!


Your father raped me when I was a young woman and as a result I had you. Carrie…I'm your mother.

(A stunned Victor and Dylan face each other, while Michael and Mary Ann shake their heads in disbelief that this is happening. Carrie’s mouth is wide open in shock.)

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WOW. THis is [[email protected]#$%^&*] crazy When you read S.T.E.A.M. Matt you will understand

What a great twist and reveal. Was not expecting that all.

Great job with the episode N. Lee. It was leaps and bounds than 91. It all flowed so well

LOVED the catights and boxxing matches. Reminds that I haven't done a catfight in a while on my blog. But BOY was it coming for all of them Jenn vs C and Nick vs Carlos. As old as Agatha is I am glad she didn't get hurt trying to pull these two wolves apart.

Jon considering kidnapping his duahgter. O GOD. This is getting really good. I can't wait to see how this plays out

and where the hell is Owne and what is going on with him Who has him and why?

I think Mika was hired to kill Will.

And where is my Ginny. She needs to be on contract.

Loved the Nate scenes and what a good message to get out there

I hope no more people die, I can't take much more ;)

Trella, Lenvy,London, Nan, B,

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