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August 27, 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Cal and Katherine are packing up at their suite. Katherine asks Cal if he is sure he wants to do this. Cal nods, saying there isn't much left in Salem other then the Toscano mansion. He says he will return to it someday but, for now, he is ok taking over the empire elsewhere. Katherine hopes he doesn't have any ill will for the Brady's and reminds him they are giving them a goodbye party. Cal thinks it's only because Carrie is getting one and they happened to just throw them into the mix when they heard they were leaving. Katherine thinks Cal is wrong but he insists he doesn't want to argue.

Cal then takes Katherine in his arms and tells her he looks at this as their new start. It's an adventure and a great opportunity that he hopes will only bring them closer. Katherine smiles as they kiss, saying she hopes it's all that and more.

-Upstairs at the Brady Pub, Carrie is packing her bags and thanks Caroline for leaving the police station early with her to help. Caroline says it's no problem as Chelsea was taken already anyway. Caroline tells Carrie she is going to miss her. Carrie insists she will be back soon and that she needs to do this...for herself and Evan. She thanks Caroline for letting her stay with her. Caroline says she is her granddaughter and she would do anything for her.

Carrie looks at her bags and thinks she is all set. Caroline says they can go downstairs now where everything is set for her farewell. Carrie then tells Caroline to go ahead as she has something important she needs to do.

-At the police station, Bo is still with Hope. He asks her again what is going on. Kayla, who is behind Bo, asks Steve what is wrong as he looks upset. Steve says he is fine, although he does have to go run an errand. Kayla asks what kind of errand. Steve tells her that he will explain later. He kisses her and says he needs to hurry. She asks him if everything is ok. He smiles, kisses her again, and says he is fine. He just needs to handle something important. He asks if she can get a ride with her brother. Kayla smiles and says it looks like she will have to.

Hope is watching the scene between Steve and Kayla and realizes Steve is lying to Kayla so he can get to the airport. Bo asks Hope again what she was doing. Hope says she just was watching Chelsea get taken away and was thinking of how difficult this is for all of them. Bo agrees and thanks Hope for caring so much. He understands it took awhile for her to accept Chelsea but he is happy she has and that they have grown close. Hope agrees and they embrace.

Hope then witnesses Steve and Kayla kiss and then Steve leaving. Hope pulls away from Bo and tells him she just remembered she forgot to give JT lunch money for day camp. Bo says they can drop it off together but Hope reminds Bo he doesn't know where it is and he needs to help his mother set up the Pub for the farewell parties. Kayla then comes over and asks for a ride since Steve left to handle something. Bo says he will take Kayla with him in a squad car and then Hope can go off to give JT his money. Hope thanks Bo, who gives her the car keys, and tells both him and Kayla she will see them later. Hope takes off as Bo asks Kayla if something felt weird to her. Kayla nods, saying Steve seemed distracted. Bo says Hope seemed the same. They both wonder what is going on.

-On the island, a storm is moving in as Billie is chasing after Jack following their argument. Billie notices the storm coming in and yells out to Jack, telling him to stop this nonsense before the weather goes downhill. She is unaware of the big spider that is crawling up her leg. She calls out to Jack again but then jolts as the spider bites her just as she moves her leg. Billie sees the spider still on her and hits it off with a stick. The leg begins to hurt her but Billie says she will live, hoping it wasn't poisonous. She then continues on her way to find Jack.

Meanwhile, Alexander is with his mother on the helicopter. He asks her why they are in a helicopter over the ocean and what their mission is. She tells him he will learn in due time. Alexander is sick of her being cryptic but his mother claims it's for his own good and that it will all be better when they reach their destination, which will be true. The pilot then tells them a severe storm is moving in and they are heading right into it. He won't be able to avoid it now as it moved much faster then anticipated. Alexander and his mother both look at each other with worry.

-At the police station, Kate and Miranda continue to argue.

Miranda: If the good people of Salem only knew of what you did to all of us. You being a hooker for people like Stefano Dimera is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what you did to me, to your own mother, to your own sister....your actions were appalling Kate and it seems some things never change. You deserve everything you get and more.

Kate: You know what? I don't have time for this. Just leave me alone and go back to where you came from.

Miranda: Nope. I have business here to handle and it looks like I will be here for the long haul.

Kate: Great (rolls eyes). What business do you have here?

Miranda: Can't say. I do have to go. Nice seeing you again, Katie. Wish I could say that and mean it. (laughs) Have fun being in misery!!

Miranda leaves as a worried Kate wonders what Miranda is doing in Salem and what she may do to her at some point.

-Back at the Pub, Marlena is sitting in a booth, sharing her worry concerning Roman with her. Marlena says Roman should be there as his daughter is leaving town. Caroline tells him he will make it. He would never miss saying goodbye to his daughter. Bo and Kayla then come by and greet everyone, followed by Lucas and Will. Once again, sympathies are expressed to Lucas and Will. Marlena tells Lucas she heard about his taking over Roberts INC today. She asks how his first day was. Lucas tells her it was good and provided a nice distraction. He could use some more work to keep busy. Will tells his father to take it easy. Marlena agrees, reminding Lucas it will all better in time for him.

Kate then walks into the Pub, asking if it's ok she came. She would like to talk to Carrie before she leaves. Everyone looks at each other. Caroline nods, saying she can come in. Bo comments how they would rather have her then Nicole. Kate snidely says thanks to Bo. Caroline wonders where Carrie is as she has been gone for a long time. Kayla assures her that Carrie is fine and that she will be along soon. Caroline nods, saying she knows. She just tends to worry. Kayla smiles, saying she knows that firsthand being her daughter.

Meanwhile, at St. Luke's cemetery, Carrie is visiting Eric and Sami's grave. She is telling them both that she just had to stop and say goodbye before going. She admits missing them and how different the world is without them in it. She hopes they are both having fun with Austin up there and tells them to tell Austin that she will be fine and that she is moving on...for Evan's sake. She asks them to pray for her as she struggles to go on and tries to succeed in life outside of Salem. She admits needing all the help she can get. Carrie also apologizes for the mistakes she made as they opened the door to everything happening.

A voice from nearby calls out to her, telling her she isn't to blame. It's Roman!!! He tells Carrie it all falls on Orpheus and, in some cases, Stefano. Both men have tortured them for years. Carrie nods and then asks why he is at the cemetery. Roman says he visits Eric and Sami's grave everyday. It helps motivate him to accomplish ridding Salem of Stefano and Orpheus. Roman then asks Carrie if she thinks leaving is the right choice. Carrie thinks it is, saying it is all happening fast but it feels like she made the best choice, even thought she hasn't left yet.

Roman goes to the grave and bends down to pay his respect to his children. He promises that their deaths will be avenged and that they won't be forgotten. Carrie seconds that notion. Carrie then looks at her watch and says she needs to be getting back for her party. She tells Roman to come with her as everyone is worried. Roman isn't sure he wants to be around people but Carrie reminds him she is leaving with Evan and doesn't know when she will be back so he should spend some time with them now. Roman understands and agrees, saying he will but she must help him keep people off his back, especially Marlena. Carrie says she will see what she can do. Both of them then look at the graves once more and pay their respects before leaving and heading for the Pub.

-Back on the island, as the rain begins to come down, Billie is in visible pain, alternating between holding her stomach and leg. She calls out to Jack repeatedly but her screams are getting lower and lower until, finally, she passes out as the storm hits.

-Back in Salem, Steve arrives at his gate just in time, noting how he shouldn't have taken the long way to the airport. he boards the plane and sits down, wondering how he will explain going to New Orleans to Kayla. Steve is unaware that Hope is sitting a few rolls back, covering her face with a newspaper and also wondering how to explain to Bo why she went to New Orleans.

-Back at the pub, Frankie and Max are now there with Greta and Stephanie. Caroline is really worried about Carrie and is about to send Bo out to look for her when Carrie shows up...with Roman. Marlena embraces Roman, overjoyed to see him. Carrie is greeted by everyone at the Pub, along with Roman, and Carrie mentions how she just had to handle a few things before coming. Caroline is happy they have both come so now the party can start as Cal and Katherine are on their way and, hopefully, Steve and Hope are too. She is confident they can now have an amazing farewell party for her, Cal, and Katherine. Carrie smiles and then is shocked by someone she sees outside the Pub.

Carrie sneaks out to take a look, hoping not to be seen by the person. She exits the Pub and yells out to the blonde woman running away from the Pub to come back. The blonde woman stops and turns, saying Carrie's wish is her command. It's Nicole!! Carrie says she knew she saw her from inside and asks what she is doing at the Pub. Nicole says she knew Carrie was leaving and just had to see her one last time to deliver a special message. Nicole shows a sinister smile as a curious Carrie looks on while the scene freezes on a split screen of Carrie and Nicole's faces and fades to black.




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You know, one thing I like about your blog is your realistic tones, great plot twists and good dialog. It can be a bit too much at times(meaning the length of episodes, but who am I to talk, I write manifest destiny at times too), but you know what, it's obvious that you two put in a lot of hard work to make sure your blog is of a high quality.

Keep up the good work guys.

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You know, one thing I like about your blog is your realistic tones, great plot twists and good dialog. It can be a bit too much at times(meaning the length of episodes, but who am I to talk, I write manifest destiny at times too), but you know what, it's obvious that you two put in a lot of hard work to make sure your blog is of a high quality.

Keep up the good work guys.

Thanks Ryan. We appreciate that. :)

We both just try to produce the quality drama that we all expect from soaps, especially Days. As for episode length, you will notice big changes next week in that regard. We are working on tightening up things a bit and we think that will please many people.

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Wonderful episode! I love that carrie had time with Roman before she left. It shows the bond they have. She's moving on realistically. She lost so much & anyone in her position would want to leave.

J&B provide the right amount of comedic relief. I know right now with the spider bite, not so much. But they provide the perfect balance to the drama that is going on. You two have made J&B the rooting couple & it works very well. Plus, it works so well with their history that they would move towards each other. Wonderful, wonderful job.

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I agree with Tishy, that was a great scene between Roman and Carrie. I once again just won't to emphasize how much I love your version of Roman. As a Jarlena fan I could just these scenes in my mind. Sad to see Carrie leave even if it is just for a little while. One of my biggest things I want to see on the real Days is Sami and Carrie finally mending fences and acting like real sisters along with seeing John and Sami having a real heart to heart and acting like father and daughter. I am thankful to see that in your blog. Keep bringing the great stories!!

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