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August 28, 2007-GOODBYE CARRIE!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At the Pub, Carrie asks what Nicole is talking about. Nicole tells Carrie she just wants to say goodbye and to wish her well. Carrie doubts Nicole gives a damn. Nicole says that Carrie is once again showing why her and her family are no better then her. They condemn her for her actions yet claim to be this wonderful, giving, and kind family yet they have never given her a chance. They have all been against her since day one. Abe arrives and asks what is going on. The women ignore him. Roman and Marlena try to cool things down as Carrie tells Nicole that they all gave her a chance and she failed each and every time.

Nicole says she sees it differently. Carrie tells Nicole she has no time for her and her games right now. Nicole asks Carrie why she is really leaving Salem. She wonders if it's really for moving on and healing purposes or if the real reason is she knows her son doesn't think of her as his mommy. Nicole notes she raised him for the first 4 months of his life. She is his mommy. Carrie denies all that and tells Nicole that Evan is not her son and mentions how he is too young to have forged that much of a bond with Nicole. She didn't have him long enough and a child know who his or her real mother is. The connection is there.

Nicole thinks Carrie is in denial and that she knows Evan longs for her. Carrie tells her to shut up. Nicole reminds Carrie that the truth hurts. Carrie then hauls off and slugs Nicole, sending her to the ground. Carrie then says that she will get more then that someday when she returns to Salem and then tells her to go home before going back into the Pub. Abe helps her up and orders her to go home or he will have to call in some men to help make sure she stays away from the Pub and those in it. Nicole pushes Abe's arm away from her and tells him she will leave but she isn't done. She will have her revenge on all those who kicked her while she was down. All her enemies will pay. Abe tells her to just leave. He then goes into the Pub while Nicole walks up to the window and watches the goings on at the Pub and then shows a devilish grin.

-At the Dimera Mansion, Cassie and Stefano have just entered the living room after finishing lunch together. They are laughing and enjoying each other's company as Stefano tells Cassie how he can't wait to take her to her first opera performance. Cassie smiles and says she can't wait. She loves spending time with him. Stefano lovingly caresses her face, telling Cassie she may not share his blood but she is proving herself to be more and more of a Dimera everyday. He considers her his granddaughter, regardless of genetics.

Cassie is pleased he thinks that way but vows to continue to prove herself to him. She promises to help him take down all his enemies so she can truly prove herself worthy of leading the Dimera empire someday. Stefano smiles and says we'll see. Cassie is confused and asks what he means by that. Just before he can answer, Tony walks in and says:

Tony: It means that no matter what you do, he is still going to hand his empire over to his precious Alexandra.

Stefano: How the hell did you just walk in?

Tony: My beautiful daughter gave me a key (smiles).

Stefano: Why is it I was not told about this, Cassie?

Cassie: I''m sorry. He's my father and I thought it would be no big deal since you two were like father and son for years.

Tony: What a joke. This man was never anything to me but an oppressor. A man who forced me into his world and nearly sucked all the life out of me. Breaking away from him and becoming my own man was the best decision I ever made. You would be wise to do the same, Cassie. He will do the same for you. I was just like you, my dear. I wanted to impress Stefano and prove my worth to him. I wanted him to be able to trust me with his legacy but all that changed when I realized the man he truly was. Learning I wasn't his son was a difficult time for me but it also freed me from a life of endless suffering.

Stefano: Poor you! Be a man!! I provided nothing but the best for you! You turned your back on me and the family!

Tony: Right. Seems your memory is a little fuzzy, old man. I guess your best days truly are behind you.

Stefano: If all you are going to do is insult me, get out!! Get out before I have you removed and I can't promise it will be peacefully.

Tony: Seems I have struck a nerve. (turns toward Cassie) Cassie, I am your father. Just listen to me. Please. You are going down a path that will do nothing but destroy you. Your life will be an endless cycle of causing people pain and, ultimately, you will find yourself alone in the end. You will lose your soul and your zest for life. Just look at good old Stefano here. All he lives for is revenge. It drives him but it also leaves him with nothing. He schemes and plots and, in the end, he has nothing. His victories are hollow. He has no love in his life.

Cassie: Wrong. He has me. I love him. Lexie loves him.

Tony: Perhaps but how long until he hurts you both? The man molds his children. He makes them his soldiers in his neverending struggle for revenge against his enemies. The very children he claims to love are forced to do his will and they are brought down with him. He nearly took me down and, God knows, he took poor Renee down too.

Stefano becomes enraged and slaps Tony.

Tony: Struck another nerve. The truth hurts, doesn't it? We both know you brought Andre into the proverbial mix, Stefano. Your actions led to Andre killing your own daughter. Think about that, Cassie, Stefano thought up a plan that ended up killing his own daughter. Do you want that life? Huh? Hmm... you see, Cassie, Stefano molded Andre into the perfect soldier. In fact, he was Stefano's best. Andre pledged never ending loyalty to Stefano until the very end. That is why Stefano always considered him his son.

Cassie: Then he will do the same with me. Andre was only Stefano's nephew and he proved himself worthy of leading the Dimera empire. I can do that too.

Tony: Ah but Andre would've never been chosen by Stefano to lead. Andre did all the dirty work. He was nothing more then a glorified henchmen. That is what you will be too, if not worse. Your nothing to him, Cassie. He will just force you to do all the work he wants his hands cleaned of and, if you get caught, he will leave you there to rot. He will call you a failure.

Cassie: I don't believe that.

Tony: Have you forgotten that he had you and your brother locked away and genetically engineered for most of your life?

Cassie: No but...it made us special. Rex and I were given gifts by Stefano. We're unique because of him.

Tony: You both were isolated from human contact for years. You didn't even speak when you turned up in Salem. How can you just act so nonchalantly about this?

Cassie: Father...

Stefano: Enough!! Tony....OUT!!

Tony (looks at his watch): Very well. I have to leave anyway for an occasion. Cassie, you coming with me? There is a party at the Brady Pub for Carrie. She is leaving Salem.

Cassie: No. I'm not coming. The Brady's are not my family and it would compromise my position in grandfather's plans. The Brady's are his enemies and, therefore, they are mine.

Tony: You once thought you were one. Marlena is your mother and she is like a mother to Carrie. The Brady's are practically your family. How can you forget all that they did for you?

Cassie: I just can. You go. I'll call you and we can meet for coffee or something.

Tony: Fine. (embraces and kisses Cassie) Please, promise you will remember what I said and at least take my words into consideration.

Cassie: Whatever. Goodbye, father.

Tony: Goodbye. Good day, Stefano.

Stefano: Yes...good day.

Tony leaves as Cassie tells Stefano not to worry. She doesn't believe what her father said. She loves him and considers him her grandfather and she is determined to prove herself to him. Stefano smiles. Cassie says she knows Tony was wrong in thinking he would just hand everything over to Lexie as she knows Stefano will want her to prove herself to him as well. She then embraces Stefano, saying she is excited over what the future may bring. While in the embrace, Stefano shows a look of concern and then says he is excited about the future too but is also being a bit more cautiously excited. Cassie understands and says she is prepared for whatever challenges he throws her way to test her. Stefano smiles and says good.

-On the island, the storm has arrived and heavy rain and wind is pounding the island. Vivid lightning can be seen and continuous thunder can be heard as Jack is searching the island for Billie and calling out to her. He knows he heard her calling out for him while she was chasing after him earlier. He regrets running from her and admits he wouldn't have ran if he knew the storm were coming. He continues to call out and search for Billie.

Later, the storm has worsened and he is just about ready to give up. He begins to worry about where Billie might be. Just then, he turns and happens to look down. He sees Billie's lifeless body on the ground. Jack races over to her. He discovers her breathing is shallow and her pulse is slow. He begs Billie to wake up. He wonders what happened to her and surveys her body, not finding anything wrong but her being wet and cold. He decides to get her to shelter before she gets hypothermia and ends up being worse. He picks her up in his arms and races through the storm.

-Back at the Pub, Carrie is sitting around a table reminiscing with Caroline, Roman, Marlena, Kayla, Bo, and Belle while Frankie, Max, Greta, Stephanie, Lucas, Will, Kate, and Abe all watch from the bar. Cal and Katherine then enter and are greeted warmly by everyone. Carrie hopes they don't mind sharing a goodbye party with her. Katherine looks at Cal, almost to remind him to be on his best behavior. Cal says that it's no problem. They'll all family. Katherine smiles and says that's right. Carrie then looks at her watch and realizes it's already time for her to go. Caroline can't believe she has to go already. Carrie, who is now holding Evan, says she has to make a stop on the way to the airport first.

Carrie then says goodbyes to Max, Greta, Kayla, and Stephanie while Roman and Marlena talk. Marlena tells Roman she is glad he showed up. Roman says his daughter is leaving and he just couldn't miss saying goodbye. Marlena is happy to hear that and asks Roman if he would've truly showed up if Carrie hadn't bumped into him. Roman says he would've but Marlena has her doubts but decides to drop the issue, telling Roman she is just happy he came. Carrie says goodbye to Frankie and gives him a hug, saying he should be lucky she still doesn't have that crush on him like she used to or she would squeeze the life out of him. Frankie smiles and says it seems crushes on adopted uncles runs in the family. They both then look at Max and Stephanie, who begin to blush. Carrie then says goodbye to Abe, saying she will miss having her "uncle" Abe around to protect and serve. He makes her promise to call and to also return soon. She smiles and says she will.

Carrie approaches Cal and Katherine. She tells Katherine to take care of him as this man is special to her. He may not be her father but he was a very loving and kind man and he will always be family to her. Katherine promises she will take care of him. Carrie and her embrace before Carrie grabs Cal into an embrace. She wishes him luck and tells him not to be a stranger. They will always be family and she would love to see him more often then they have seen each other recently. Cal smiles and says he would like that. Cal and Katherine both wish her luck as well. Carrie thanks them.

Carrie then moves on to her uncle Bo, telling him she is so happy he has his life back on track. Bo says he is too and he is sorry Hope had to go bring something to JT. Kayla tells Carrie she apologizes for Steve being MIA as well. Carrie says it's fine as she will be in touch and isn't going away for good. She knows they had things they had to do. Carrie hugs Bo and tells him to take care of himself. He tells her to do the same. Carrie then turns to Caroline and thanks her for all the love and support she has given her. She has always been there for her but, moreso, in the past year. She doesn't know where she would've been without her. Caroline begins to cry, along with Carrie, and tells Carrie that is what grandparents do. They both embrace as Carrie promises to keep in touch and be back soon.

Caroline gives Evan a big kiss as Carrie moves on to Belle. Carrie tells Bo she has enjoyed them spending time together as sisters and will miss that. Belle tells her to hurry back so they can hang out some more. Carrie smiles, saying she would like that. She thanks Belle for all her love and support this year and embraces her. Belle and Carrie both wipe away tears as Carrie tells her to take care of Marlena and dad. She is all they have right now. Belle nods and then takes hold of Evan, giving him a big hug. Carrie then turns to Roman and Marlena. Marlena and Carrie both break down in tears and embrace.

Marlena (crying): Take care of yourself. Please! Do call when you get to wherever you are headed.

Carrie (wiping away tears): I will. I promise. Take care of dad like you always do.

Marlena: You know I will. Please so keep in touch and take all the time you need to heal. We will miss you and look forward to the day you return. Hopefully, then, you can move on and start anew.

Carrie: Yeah. You were always like a mother to me and I hate we missed so much time together the past few years.

Marlena: We will make up for it when you return. You have always been like a daughter to me too. I love you, Carrie.

Carrie: I love you too.

They both embrace and wipe away tears. Roman then opens his arms to Carrie and takes her in his arms.

Roman: You be careful, pumpkin. Come back soon and do call and write.

Carrie: I will. Watch yourself, dad. Oh, and please don't keep worrying Marlena and the rest of the family. Don't be stupid. We all need you and couldn't handle another loss, especially you.

Roman: Good luck, my Carrie. You call if you need anything.

Carrie: Good change of the subject.

Roman: I thought so.

Carrie: Fine then. Alright, dad. Hold down the fort.

Carrie then embraces Roman again and they both express their love for each other. Carrie then breaks away from his embrace and turns towards Lucas, Will, and Kate. Kate tells Carrie she knows she shouldn't have come but she just wanted to wish her well and to apologize again. Carrie looks at Kate and says she is forgiven. They both were in the same boat and were blackmailed by Orpheus. The lives of their loved ones were threatened. They both had no choice. Kate thanks her and they both then embrace. Kate wishes her well and tells her to come back soon with that adorable grandson of hers. Carrie says she will as Kate gives Evan a hug and kiss and says goodbye to him.

Carrie then looks at Lucas and Will, telling them both she will keep praying for them. She adds that they can call her anytime if they need anything. She will contact them with a number soon. Lucas tells her to do the same. Carrie tells Lucas she knows Austin, Eric, and Sami are watching over all of them and tells him to just hang in there. It will get better. He tells her the same and says he is happy they can be friends despite everything that happened between them. Carrie agrees. They both hug as Carrie pulls away and tells Will to look after his father. Will says he will try. Carrie then pulls him into an embrace and mentions how he will probably grow a few more inches taller before the next time she sees him. Will laughs and wishes Carrie well. Carrie, Lucas, and Will all embrace as Carrie says that Austin, Eric, and Sami would be smiling seeing them hug right now. Lucas smiles, saying they would be very happy.

Just then, Tony races in, asking if he is too late. Carrie turns, smiles, and says he isn't. She is just about to leave. She embraces him, saying she will miss him. She regrets they didn't have more time to catch up but admits she did appreciate the talk they had the other day. It really helped her to make her decision to leave. Just then, Anna appears in the Pub doorway and asks what Carrie means by that. Carrie asks Anna why she came. Anna says her daughter is leaving town. She had to come. Anna begs Carrie to change her mind and stay. Carrie says she can't and that she needs to leave now. She tells Anna to have a nice life. Carrie then embraces Tony and tells him thanks. She promises to be in touch. Carrie then waves to everyone and waves Evan's little hand at everyone too. They all yell out goodbye to her as she yells out goodbye back and then leaves.

An emotional Anna tries to go after her but Tony grabs her, telling her it's not the time. Meanwhile, outside the Pub, Carrie holds Evan and looks into the Pub through the window.

Carrie: Say bye bye Salem, Evan. At least, for now. This is the right thing to do. I know it. (looks at watch) Good. We have enough time to make that stop. We're better off doing this in person. Let's go, baby.

Carrie walks off with Evan as Anna finally breaks free of Tony and runs out the door. Roman and Marlena race outside but Tony tells him he can handle it. They both go back inside as Tony approaches Anna. He tries to comfort her as she frantically looks for Carrie. Anna tells him to back off. Tony begs Anna to let him help but she ignores him, saying she has to stop Carrie. She then runs off to find her as Tony follows. Inside the Pub, Caroline asks Roman and Marlena if Anna is going to be alright. Marlena says she thinks she will be after Tony calms her down somehow. Everyone at the Pub then expresses their hope that Carrie will find the peace she is looking for elsewhere.

-On the island, the storm is raging on as Jack carries Billie into a cave. He puts her down and is worried about how cold she is. He realizes he will have to make a fire but, just as he about to leave, he notices her breathing has gotten worse. He begs Billie to wake up and not to leave him like this. He continues to wonder what is wrong with her. He then notices Billie's lips moving and her eyes fluttering. Jack implores her to wake up.

Billie opens her eyes a bit and begins to whisper something. Jack asks her what she is saying and then asks what happened to her. Billie manages to get the word "spider" out loud enough for Jack to hear and then points to her leg. Jack puts the pieces together and pulls up Billie's torn up jeans to see the swollen bite mark on Billie's leg, worrying Jack even further. Jack looks at Billie, who is laboring to breathe, and tells her it's going to be ok. Jack vows to save her and says he will not let her die on him.

-Back in Salem, Carrie arrives at the Hudson Street gym. She walks through the gym with Evan and meets a man named Darryl in the boxing ring. Darryl embraces Carrie, telling him that his father was very upset about Austin's death and they are both sorry for her loss. Carrie thanks him. Darryl tells Carrie that Evan looks just like his daddy. Carrie nods. She tells Darryl they need to keep this short as she has a flight to catch but reminds him of how much Austin loved the gym and Darryl and his father. He knew that it was having financial problems and was in danger of closing for years so he left a little something in the will he drew up a few years ago. Carrie hands Darryl the check for $2000. Darryl says he can't accept it but Carrie says it was a gift from Austin. He has no choice. Darryl thanks her and says he knows Austin is hanging with the angels above. Carrie smiles.

Darryl says they can use the money to upgrade the place and, hopefully, attract new members. Carrie wishes him and his father well, saying Austin loved them both and the gym. It gave him a place to live out his passion for boxing. Darryl tells Carrie they will build a tribute to Austin somewhere in the gym in his honor. Carrie thinks that would be nice. She bids Darryl goodbye. Darryl wishes her luck and says goodbye to her and Evan. Outside the gym, Carrie puts Evan in his seat and gets in her car. She then looks up to the heavens, telling Austin they both shared many special times in Salem and, as much as she knows she has to leave right now, it seems even harder to say goodbye this time around.

We then see a Carrie/Austin montage....PLAY THIS CARRIE AND AUSTIN MONTAGE!!!. The scene returns to Carrie as the montage ends. She is in tears and then puts the car in gear, telling Evan it's time to embark on a new adventure...and a new life. Carrie's car then pulls away from the corner and drives down the block and out of sight as the scene fades to black.





Clip of Carrie embracing Marlena.


Clip of Cal and Katherine at the Pub, waving goodbye.


Clip of Cassie saying:

Cassie: Tonight I make my case for future queen of the Dimera empire.


Clip of Jack in a cave during the storm with a unconscious Billie.



Clip of Hope and Steve at Maison Blanche.

Hope to Steve: What the hell is this?


Clip of Tony in an dark room.

Tony: I can't believe this...


Cassie: This is unbelievable!


Clip of Abe and Celeste at the Salem Towers restaurant.

Celeste to Abe: Something horrible is about to happen.





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