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#61 Friday, June 29 (Part 2)




A determined Lily won't back down..and Gloria gets the shock of her life at her trial

Genoa City Courthouse

REPORTER: Our news station just received word regarding The People vs. Gloria Fisher Abbott. We have learned that District Attorney William Bardwell has called three witnesses so far; Ji Min Kim, former Jabot employee, Jill Abbott, who runs

Chancellor Industries, as well as head up Jabot Cosmetics and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, who just so happens to be the

daughter-in-law of the plaintiff, Gloria Fisher Abbott. Each witness gave damaging testimony that could very well be a

positive for William Bardwell, but disheartening for attorney Michael Baldwin, who is representing Mrs. Abbott. I have

also learned that William has two more witnesses before the jury is to make its decision; one being that of Ashley Abbott.

The guard opens the door to let Ashley Abbott in. The courtroom is filled with murmurs as William instructs Ashley to take the stand.

GLORIA (in a seething whisper): What the hell is she doing here, Michael? Ashley Abbott? You know that she’s going to lie on the stand.

MICHAEL: Gloria, would you stop talking, please. You have to face reality dear. You know William was going to

have her on the roster for testifying; just as he had Jill, Ji Min and Lauren. (sighing a little) Keep it

together, Gloria. Please.

William Bardwell, who is approaching Ashley begins his deliberation.

WILLIAM: Ms. Abbott, can you tell me a little bit of your history with Mrs. Gloria Abbott? How did she

become an employee at Jabot?

ASHLEY: I can tell you a lot about Gloria, none of which is favorable.

Michael stands to object based on unnecessary slander against his client. The judge waves it off and lets the statement stand.

ASHLEY: Gloria was primarily given a job by Jack and myself to keep her busy. She found it in her nature to

insinuate herself not only into the life of my father, but also into the very company that my brother and

I have much success in running.

WILLIAM: When did you learn of the contamination of the skin cream? How did you first discovered it?

ASHLEY: I had my daughter, Abby with me at the company and she tried some of the cream. Shortly after,

I notice a deep red rash on her legs where she put the cream at, and she started crying that it was

burning her. That’s when I rushed her to the hospital.

WILLIAM: When you found out that the cream could have been contaminated, what did you do?

ASHLEY: I called Jack and told him, telling him that I was at least glad that only a few samples went out.

I suggested that we retrieve those and investigate what could have happened. Unfortunately, Jack

and I couldn’t get them in time.

WILLIAM: You couldn’t get the product in time? What prevented you from doing so, if only a selected few went out?

ASHLEY: We found out that a batch of the contaminated cream had been shipped out. A shipment to Fenmore’s,

several to other store locations. It wasn’t until that evening did we discover that Emma Gibson was

rushed to the hospital after getting a container of the cream.

WILLIAM: To the best of your knowledge, Ashley, did either you or Jack ship that merchandise out?

ASHLEY: No, we did not. The containers that we had were packaged, but they were not to go out. To our

knowledge someone arranged to have the product picked up. Jack at first thought I might have,

while I thought it was he.

As William continues with his deliberation, Michael watches on, getting a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Memorial Hospital

Neil and Dru both rush into the waiting area of Memorial Hospital and immediately interrogate Daniel about Lily.

DANIEL: Look, I don’t know how to explain this to you, but Lily came here to have surgery done.

NEIL: Daniel, what’s going on? You have to give us more information other than Lily’s having surgery.

What kind of surgery?

DRU: You better get your lips movin Daniel. I wanna know what’s happening to my baby.

DANIEL: The money you gave Lily, Neil? It wasn’t for any summer classes. She used that money to put a down

payment on breast enhancement surgery.

NEIL: What?!? Are you standing here telling me that Lily is getting breast implants?

DRU (pointing @ Daniel): This is your fault. If you weren’t Googling the ‘hotties’ on your computer, she wouldn’t

be trying to compete for your attention now.

NEIL: Dru, this isn’t all Daniel’s fault. Lily’s got a mind of her own. We’ll wait for her when she come in.

Shortly after Dru’s outburst, Lily walks in and is stunned to see her entire family there.

Newman Enterprises

NIKKI: I pray everything is alright with Lily. That family has been through enough this year.

PHYLLIS: Yeah, they have. Nikki, I was thinking on something.

NIKKI: What’s that? Please tell me that you aren’t going to change things with the Chaos photo concept.

PHYLLIS: No, no. Nothing like that. I was thinking that now that Sharon is over there as spokes model for Jabot,

if we should scrap some of our proposals.

NIKKI: You think she’s going to tell Brad and Jack about some of the concepts she sat in on?

PHYLLIS: Um…yeah… We canned her, Nikki. You know she’s going to sing like the blonde-headed canary that she is.

NIKKI: I have a better idea. Let’s give Jack and Brad exactly what they want.

Nikki fills Phyllis in on how they can set up some dummy campaigns to trip up the competition.

Memorial Hospital

LILY: What are you all doing here?

DRU: Uh uh, what we want to know is what the hell you’re doing here? And before you even get ready to form a lie,

I got the 411 already, baby girl.

LILY: Daniel, you told them? How do you even know about the surg…

NEIL: So, you are here to have cosmetic surgery. Lily, you stood in my face and lied to me. You took my

money, knowing all along that you were going to have surgery.

DRU: Scratch that. Lily, I don’t care if you can get the money back or not, but you’re not having surgery.

That’s for sure.

LILY: You can’t tell me what to do. I’m an adult and I am making this decision; not for you, but for me.

DANIEL: Lily, don’t do this. I showed you the downside of all of this. You saw those pictures; how can you still

want to go through with it.

DRU: Baby, he’s right. You don’t know what side-effects and repercussions this can have.

LILY: Stop it! I’m having this surgery and there’s nothing you or anyone else can say that is going to change my mind.

Everyone watches in dismay as Lily brushes past them and makes her way to have her operation.

Genoa City Courthouse

JUDGE REYNOLDS: Do you have any more witnesses D.A. Bardwell?

WILLIAM: As a matter of fact, I have one more witness.

Michael and Gloria are murmuring to themselves. In an attempt to block William’s witness from being presented, Michael objects.

MICHAEL: Your honor, with all due respect, I was not made aware of this witness. It was never mentioned as to

this latest person coming, therefore, I think that he should be omitted from taking the stand.

WILLIAM: Come on Attorney Baldwin, the fact of the matter is that I have solid witnesses that can place your client

as the primary person that orchestrated the crime at hand.

JUDGE REYNOLDS: I am going to allow D.A. Bardwell to present his witness. D.A. Baldwin, please sit down and

refrain from making unnecessary outbursts in my court.

WILLIAM: I would like to call Tim Douglas to the stand.

The entire courtroom is silent as surprise witness, Tim Douglas takes the stand. Gloria watches in horror as the very man she paid to keep quiet sat across from, more than ready to tell the truth.


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I see you added Dialog. Nice. ;) Is this temporary?

It won't be everyday, because it takes a lot of time... but for this episode I did it mainly because it seemed right.

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