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#62 Monday, July 2




Lily's latest crisis gives Dru and Neil memories of their first marital strife

Daniel , Dru and Neil all fret that Lily has made a grave mistake in wanting the implant surgery. As Neil is consoling Dru, Daniel passes back and forth, secretly blaming himself for what Lily has decided to do. When Daniel rounds his steps, he stops when he sees

Lily coming back to the lobby area. Rushing to her, her entire family surround her asking her what happened. She admits that when she went in there and saw all that would be used to ‘perfect’ her, she grew scared. Lily immediately tells Daniel that she didn’t mean to hurt him or put her decision for a breast job on him. Daniel tells her that her apology isn’t necessary; that all he wants is the woman that he’s in love with. He tells her that he loves her just the way she is, not questions asked.

As Tim takes the stand, Gloria and Michael stare at one another. William approaches him and asks him a series of questions in regards to how he came to know Gloria. Tim admits that she contacted him, asking for something to contaminate the face cream; even giving him hush money to remain quiet. William asked him if he had any further contact with Gloria since that incident. He stuns the entire courtroom, including Michael, when Tim tells of how he taunted her to pay him more money. When he says that Gloria offered him more money to stay away, he got greedy. When she refused to give more, that’s when he threatened to tell the truth about how she was the one to take the life of Emma Gibson. Michael upon hearing this, merely glares at Gloria for yet another cover up.

When Dru and Neil return home, happy that Lily came to her senses; the two begin to take a trip down memory lane about their own lives as a newly married couple. Dru asks Neil if he remembers their first big fight with one another. Chuckling a little, Neil tells Dru he knows all too well that their first blow up was about her modeling career with Jabot. As they sit and talk, Neil and Dru talk about how while she wanted to model, his initial goal was for her to continue her ballet. As they cuddle, Dru tells Neil that when she sees Daniel and Lily, she is reminded so much of how they started off. Kissing her forehead, Neil tells her how much he loves her and how he’ll always be proud of her.

After all witnesses and deliberations have been complete, the judge announces that he will take into consideration about the offer that was presented to Tim for his testimony. Looking in Gloria’s direction, the judge tells her that her recklessness and quest for revenge was a chain reaction for the destruction of many lives; not just Emma Gibson and her family, but for all those that put their heart and soul into a company built by a man who believed in family. The judge points out that although he would like to give her a much stiffer sentence, the most he can give her is five years for second degree murder. Gloria, upon hearing her fate, sobs uncontrollably.

Amanda, not wanting to stay at the courthouse to hear Gloria’s testimony, decided to head to Newman Enterprises. Once she arrived, she saw Nick rounding the hallway. Coming up to her, he asks her how she’s doing. She tells him that she is doing fine and wanted to share her trip with Victoria and him. Leading the way, Nick and Amanda walk into Victoria’s office. Amanda immediately shares how successful the PR event went in South Dakota. Victoria, trying not to look at her as ‘competition’ tells Amanda she’s glad to hear that. Amanda’s cell phone vibrates and she looks to see that JT left a message of the verdict being in. Excusing herself, she hands Nick her presentation file and heads out.

Gloria sits with Michael and Kevin in the courtroom, knowing that their moments together will be coming to an end. The officer told them that they only had a few more moments before they would take Gloria to the state prison. Gloria sobs telling her sons that she never wanted to disappoint them. She tells Kevin that she’s truly proud of him and tells Michael to fight for what he wants. The officer comes back and ends their conversation, telling Gloria he has to take her to jail. Tears in her eyes, Gloria asks Michael and Kevin to see her. Once she is gone, Michael grabs his briefcase and without saying a word to Kevin storms out of the court room, angry at everything that has happened.

As Victoria is going through the Newman Enterprises presentation, she notices several pictures of Amanda and JT. Victoria comments that she didn’t think that it was such a wise idea to take someone on a business trip. Nick scoffs, telling her that she’s only making that comment because the person Amanda is with is JT. Victoria brushes his comment of, pointing out that Amanda was to be there on a business trip, not focusing on creating a new ‘relationship’. Rolling his eyes, Nick tells Victoria to just admit that she’s jealous that JT’s time is no longer with her, but with that of Amanda.


Victor calls on the aid of a legendary attorney to help Victoria in her divorce against Brad

Cane grows weary of Jill’s attitude

Nikki and Katherine have a bonding moment where they talk about the loved ones in their lives


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