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#61 Friday, June 29 (Part 1)




Gloria's trial begins and Lily's family rush to stop her from making a grave mistake

Genoa City Courthouse

REPORTER: Today is an intense day here in Genoa City, as those await the trial of Gloria Fisher Abbott.

As many may remember, Jabot Cosmetics faced a big lawsuit when a product of facial skin cream went out, only

to be discovered to be tainted. During that time, employee, Andrew Gibson’s wife, Emma Gibson died after using

some of the cream. At the time, it was believed that justice was served, only to discover that new developmentspoint in the direction of Mrs. Gloria Fisher Abbott as the mastermind behind the tampering. Today is her day in court

and the people of Genoa City will await to see if true justice will be served.

As jury members find their spots to sit, and citizens of Genoa City make their way into the courtroom, Michael, Gloria and Kevin attempt to find seclusion from the rabid media that are awaiting to pounce on them with heated questions.

GLORIA (smoothing her over the top dress): Michael, you’ve got to win this case. We’ve got to win this case.

It never was supposed to happen like this. I didn’t mean for anyone to die (breaking into tears).

MICHAEL: For God sakes, Gloria, get a hold of yourself. We can’t have you breaking down before the trial even

gets underway. (Looking around) Listen, when you take the stand, you are going to do whatever,

I don’t care how, but you are going to do whatever to get the jury to side with you. Do you understand me?

KEVIN: Michael’s right, mom. You’re going to have to do a performance of a lifetime in hopes of getting out

of this. Especially if William has that surprise witness.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Michael clearly is not pleased to know that he’s not on top of his game as to finding out who William’s witness is. Sighing, Michael goes to a door and peeks out to see who all are still arriving.

MICHAEL: We better head into the court room. As much as we want, we can’t avoid our fates now.

Jabot Cosmetics

BRAD: Jack, before Sharon gets here, we need to work on a way to get her to reveal some key information

regarding NVP if we can.

JACK: I am way ahead of you, Junior. I was thinking the same thing. It shouldn’t be too hard to get her to open

up about NVP. Look at it this way, Sharon’s been scorned by the Newman clan just as we have, so, I think

she’ll be willing to share.

(Sharon enters the office, greeting both Jack and Brad)

SHARON: I hope I’m not late. I was catching a bit of the news before coming here. I hear it is a madhouse at

the courthouse for Gloria’s trial. Jack, why aren’t you there? I know you want to see justice served

regarding Gloria.

JACK: Well, Sharon, at this point, I really could care less about Gloria Fisher. I think Amanda Gibson is doing a

good job at making her pay.

BRAD: (briefly looking at Jack): Sharon, I was curious about something. Before you were removed from NVP,

did you have any hands on knowledge about any of their plans to shape the company?

SHARON: Yeah, I did. Why do you ask?

BRAD: I was curious as to know just how much you were involved with NVP duties.

SHARON: Well, because I was the spokes model, I would sit in on their meetings about new product ideas they

compiled. I know that they have a new product idea that they are working on now. I know at the time they

didn’t have anyone heading it up.

Both Jack and Brad look at one another, realizing that the hiring of Ji Min Kim was to head up a new product for NVP.


COLLEEN: Lily, I wanted to apologize for blowing up at you the other day. I shouldn’t have. I guess I’m just

worried about my best friend.

LILY: No. No, don’t be sorry. I was way out of line for making some of the comments that I did about you;

especially after how hurt you were that Adrian was giving you a hard time.

COLLEEN (extending her hand): Friends?

LILY: Definitely, Colleen. You’ll always be my best friend. (Checking her watch) You know, I should be going,

I have a lot to do before Daniel gets home.

Lily grabs her cell phone and bids Colleen good-bye. Minutes after Lily leaves, Colleen’s cell phone rings. Turning it on, she begins to talk.


RECEPTIONIST: Mrs. Romalotti, I just wanted to call to confirm that your operation is scheduled for one

o’clock this afternoon. See you then.

COLLEEN: WHAT?! Wait! Hello? Hello? (Looking at the phone, realizing it’s not hers, but Lily’s). Oh, God.

Colleen immediately dials Daniel’s number

COLLEEN: Daniel, thank God you answered. Lily’s going through with the surgery. You’ve got to do something.

DANIEL: Are you sure? She’s supposed to be meeting me this afternoon.

COLLEEN: Well, Daniel, she lied. Look, you’ve got to tell Dru and Neil. They need to know.

DANIEL: You’re right. I better call them now.

Newman Enterprises

Nikki, Drucilla and Phyllis are looking over the possible photo shoot plans for Chaos. Drucilla, for once, actually likes Phyllis’ photo concepts.

NIKKI: I must admit, I never thought I would see the day when Drucilla Winters and Phyllis Abbott Newman

would agree on something. Utterly amazing.

DRU: Relish in it for now, Nikki, cause you know that it ain’t gonna last.

PHYLLIS: Anyways…. I think the whole name, Chaos alone screams many possibilities for us. Today’s woman has

so many things that bring chaos into their lives; work, family, relationships. Those three are excellent

photo shoot concepts.

NIKKI: Oooooh, I am seeing such possibilities with this, ladies. We definitely have to thank Ji Min for such a

brilliant formula.

DRU: Mmm hmmm. Ji Min is definitely our gain, honey. We should be thanking Mr. Jack Abbott for firing the man.

As Nikki and Phyllis are talking over more ideas for the three concepts, Dru’s cell phone rings. Stepping to the side she answers it.

DRU: Drucilla Winters. Daniel, what’s up? Hold on, Daniel you have to slow down. What’s going on?

DANIEL: You need to get to Memorial Hospital right away. It’s Lily.

DRU: God! What’s happened to my baby?

DANIEL: Nothing yet, if we can get to her in time. Colleen called and said that she’s on her way down there for surgery.

DRU: Say what. Surgery for what? Lord, Daniel ,you better start talking and fast, boy.

DANIEL: Look, get Neil and meet me down at the hospital before one and I’ll explain everything.

Dru grabs her things. Phyllis is first to approach Dru with what she’s heard.

PHYLLIS: What’s going on, Dru? Did something happen to Lily and Daniel?

DRU: No, but I got to get out of here and down to the hospital now so I can find out what’s going on with my baby.

PHYLLIS: Go. Nikki and I will handle everything, Dru. I hope everything is alright with Lily.

DRU: Girl, so do I.


Nikkie and Phyllis discuss if Sharon has told NVP business to the enemy

Dru, Neil and Daniel try to talk a determined Lily out of breast implant surgery

Gloria gets the shock of her life when William reveals his key witness


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