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Port Charles

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Endgame- Episode 56
Sunday, June 24, 2007

Port Charles begins in at Deception Inc. Lulu has just started her internship with the company and is enjoying the privileges of being related to the owner. Her mood perks up when Lucas stops by to see Carly. Lulu explains why Carly isn't in the office today, but Lucas knows the real reason why. He's tempted to tell her about Carly's pregnancy, but that's her news to tell.

"How are you holding up?" she asks with much concern. "You and I haven't really hung out much since….you know." Lulu gently alludes to the hit and run accident that killed Brandon. "I like miss hanging out with you."

Lucas can tell that she's worried about him, but he tells her he's holding up just fine. "I've been keeping my mind on trying to move forward. It still hurts that he's not around, but I'm trying not to dwell on it." Lucas sneaks a handful of her popcorn. "Anyways, what do you do here?"

"Well, I'm Carly's assistant at the moment. I do all the things that an assistant does….except I get paid a lot for it," the blonde one replies. From the corner of her eye she notices two people that she really doesn't feel like seeing at the moment. "Oh god….look who's here."

Lucas turns to see Maxie and Dillon walk into the waiting area of Carly's office.
Lorenzo’s plane touched down in Miami little past midnight. If he didn’t hurry he would be late for the meeting with the 5 families. The plane pulled into the hanger and a limo was waiting for him to take him to the secluded meeting place. Lorenzo debarked from the plane and climbed into the backseat of the long black limo, he was in a hurry to get to the meeting.
Lucky and Mac walk with a purpose towards Sonny’s office and are stopped by one of Sonny’s body guards. Mac and Lucky both flash their badges and are detained until Sonny emerges from his office. He gives the guard a nod and invites them in.

“What do I owe this pleasure, Mac?” Sonny asks playfully.

“You know why we’re here, Sonny.” Lucky speaks up. “You know, that shootout you ordered as retaliation against Lorenzo could have ended badly. This little war the two of you have going on needs to stop.”

“A war between me and Lorenzo? I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Don’t play games with me , Sonny! We know that the truce between you and Lorenzo ended the night Courtney was murdered. You ordered that shootout, forcing Lorenzo to flee the country! I'm sure you know that he's returned and is in a very foul mood.” Mac said getting frustrated with no answers from the town mobster.

“I’m sorry Mac, but you know the drill. No lawyer, no questions answered.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe you’d feel more comfortable talking about this downtown?” Lucky suggested since they weren’t getting anywhere by playing nice with Sonny.

Sonny shrugged his shoulders and Mac was getting more and more disgusted with the direction the meeting was going.

“Fine. We’ll be back with a warrant. I’m sure there is something we can arrest you for.” Mac said before he stormed out of Sonny’s office, leaving Lucky behind.

Sonny stood up from his seat and came around the desk to show Lucky the door, but before he left the office, Lucky made one more point very clear.

“Just so we’re clear, you and Jason are going down…one way or another. Either Lorenzo will kill you and we'll be forced to attend your funeral while my cousins grieve for you, or Commissioner Devane is gonna make sure you're both locked up for a very long time. Either way Sonny, you’re living on borrowed time!”

Sonny walks from behind his desk and gets in Lucky's face. "You know….I have a lot of respect for your father. He and I were good friends as you know, and for that reason alone is why I'll give you this warning." Sonny pats Lucky on the shoulder. "If you get in my way….I will not hesitate to take you out, do you understand me? Your father only has so many favors with me, but I will NOT let that stop me from doing what I have to do."

With that Lucky left Sonny’s office, and Sonny slammed the door shut behind him. He quickly picked up the phone and called his attorney. He needed to nip this situation in the bud before he was sitting in a 6x6 cell or worse, 6 feet under pushing up daisies.
When Lorenzo arrived at the meeting, he was shown inside by two body guards. Once inside, he was greeted by 5 representatives of the 5 families. He took his rightful place at the table amongst the others and they got down to business.

“We are surprised to see you made the meeting, Alcazar. We heard you were going to be out of the country, indefinitely.”

"I don't know where you are getting your information from, but maybe you should find a new source," Lorenzo says dryly. "This meeting is important to my business and I wouldn't miss it for anything. "

Each member read their report for their territory, filling in each member of the families as to what has been happening in each sector. The meeting about to come to a close, Lorenzo asked to speak freely and he was given the floor to say what he wanted.
Back at Deception, Lulu immediately orders Maxie out of the building. Dillon stands up for Maxie, feeling that Lulu has no right to attack her for no reason. Dillon attempts to say hi to Lucas, but is coldly brushed off. Dillon tells Lucas that he can't stay mad at him forever; Lucas thinks otherwise.

Maxie kind of feels bad. She knows that if she hadn't drugged Lucas and Dillon, they would have never almost had sex, and Brandon wouldn't have seen them. They can't learn that she had any involvement in that night. Lulu explains to Dillon that she's still upset that he tried something with Lucas, but won't hold that against him. What she will hold against him however is his insistence to hang out with that uber bitch Maxie. Lucas and Lulu ask them to leave one more time, or else they'll call security. Dillon tries to reason with them, but to no avail. Maxie decides to be the voice of reason and pulls Dillon towards the door.
Meanwhile in Miami……Lorenzo is about to address the 5 families.

"As most of you well know, there have been movements between myself and the Corinthos organization that has some of you a little worried about what's going on. I can assure you; this will not affect my business. Shipments will continue to be made on time. The only problem I may have to deal with is former WSB Agent Anna Devane. The beautiful, yet deadly Commissioner is determined to bring me down. Things are going to get worse before they get better. I just want to make sure I have the support of the families."

The representatives agree to discuss this with their respective families for an answer. The meeting was interrupted by a group of unannounced guest. Those in the meeting quickly drew their weapons and point them at the guest who dared enter the room. The person stands in the shadows, but orders the guards up ahead. The person speaks through a voice modifier asking them to stand down. The mysterious guest pledges to help Lorenzo in his battle for the Port Charles territory and promises to contact him when the time is right.


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No more mob! No more mob! Lol.

Loved the confrontational scenes between Sonny and Lucky.

Interesting happenings at the meeting of the five families...wonder who's arrived.

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Great episode! Love the interaction between Sonny and Lucky as well. The meeting of the 5 families is proving to be interesting, especially with the mysterious person...

Great job! Loved it!

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The mystery person is intriguing!!! I can't wait to see who it is. Great Job, I love what your doing.

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Loving the 5 families story. However, I'm really drawn into the Lulu/Lucas/Dillon/Maxie storyline (I guess I still have my own personal reasonings for loving this storyline)...I just want to see Maxie's resolve crumble and her to be exposed for what she did. I hate that Dillon and Lucas are still estranged in their friendship/

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