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PCE: Episode 57



Endgame- Episode 57
Friday, June 29, 2007

Robin was doing rounds when ahead of her she caught sight of Sarah sitting on one of the couches by the Nurse’s Station. Robin sighed, she really didn’t want to deal with Sarah right now. In fact, Sarah was the last person she wanted to see. She was tired of seeing her, tired of hearing about her and tired of thinking about her obvious ploy for Patrick. Robin squared her shoulders and walked purposefully over to Sarah. “If you are looking for Patrick, he has the day off Sarah.”

Sarah looked up at Robin, a bemused expression on her face. “Wow Robin, you assume I am here to see Patrick? You really are the paranoid one. My entire family works here and you know, I could be here to see them or better yet, have a doctor’s appointment?”

Robin stood her ground. She got in Sarah’s face and told her to leave Patrick alone and to stop throwing herself at him because he wasn’t interested. She and Patrick were very happy together and that there was no way Sarah was going to have him so she may as well stop her flirtation with him because it wasn’t going to work.

Sarah stood up, telling Robin she had no time for her paranoia. She attempted to walk past Robin when Robin stops her. “You are never going to get Patrick, so stop it Sarah. He’s out of your league.”

Sarah scoffed, “Oh Robin, I can get him anytime I want. All I have to do is snap my fingers.” With that, she sailed past Robin, leaving Robin fuming.
In the hospital break room, Lainey was pouring herself a cup of coffee when Steven walks in. She offers him a cup, which he happily takes. Over the cup, he can't help but check out Lainey. He has noticed her many times before and hasn’t really had a chance to talk to her. He watches as she gracefully moves over to the table and sits down. Steven nonchalantly follows her and introduces himself. Lainey smiles up at him and invites him to join her. As the two make small talk, Steven decides he definitely likes what he sees. He is startled from his daydream when she stands up and tells him it was a pleasure meeting him. Steven watches as Lainey walks away and decides he definitely wants to get to know her better.
Elizabeth was picking up takeout at Kelly’s for her grandmother. Since it was a nice day outside, she decided to go outside to make a phone call. She wasn’t paying attention as she fumbled in her purse for her phone and didn’t notice that the door had opened. She walked straight into Blake Barrington’s chest and dropped her purse. “Oh I am sorry. I am such a mess.” Elizabeth bent down to pick up her bag. “Are you ok? It’s Blake right.”

Blake snapped his fingers, “You are that cute nurse from the hospital, right? Eliza or something.” Blake knew what her name was; he made sure to remember it. He just didn’t want her to think he remembered her. Elizabeth corrected him and asked if he had gotten his wallet back. He raised his eyebrow and smoothly replied that he had and thanked her for her concern. She replied that it wasn’t a problem. He offered to buy her lunch just as Mike called her. “Sorry Blake, I have to go.” She said sweetly as she walked towards Mike. She grabbed the takeout bag and left, never looking back at Blake.
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***Luther Vandross' "Secret Love" used as a montage song***
Press play to begin

“Monica, are you almost ready! We have to leave soon!” Alan called up to her. Monica was upstairs in their bedroom packing for their trip. She felt guilty even going, knowing that she was going to end their marriage in a few short hours. Next to her purse, her cell phone rang. Monica looked around before she answered Kevin’s call.

Downstairs Alan was pacing impatiently. He was so excited to go away with Monica. He wanted to reinvigorate their marriage and going away was just the perfect idea. “Father, do you have that ring?” Edward frowned. He had the sapphire and diamond ring that Alan wanted to give Monica. He suspected that something was up with Monica and he wasn’t sure what it was. He asked Alan if he was sure he wanted to do this. Alan responded that he wanted to give Monica a special gift. This trip would be perfect for them. Again, Alan walked to the stairs and bellowed to Monica.

“Kevin, why are you calling here? You know I am about to leave.” Monica hissed into the phone.

“I had to talk to you Monica. I don’t want you going away with Alan. You should stay here, end your marriage and move in with me.” Kevin demanded.

Monica sighed and sat down next to her suitcase. “You know I can’t do that Kevin. I intend on ending my marriage and I owe it to Alan to do this away from the family. Then I will be with you Kevin. Please understand Kevin, and give me this time.” Kevin finally accepts and asked that she call him as soon as possible.

Monica hung up her phone as Alan walked into the room. “Are you ready?”

Monica smiled wanly and nodded her head. Alan came over to her and took her in his arms. He kissed her lightly on the lips and hugged her tight. “Monica, you won’t regret this trip. This will be like another honeymoon for us.”

Monica and Alan grab the last of their belongings and begin to head to the car. As she's walking, Monica flashes back to her night with Kevin around Christmas:

<i>Monica walks into Kevin’s hotel room and is surprised to see a very romantic setting. In the spirit of Christmas, Kevin has red & green candles lit and requested that silk blue sheets be placed on his bed. He greets Monica with a gift. Inside the box, she finds a pair of gold earrings with diamond jewels. Kevin tells Monica that even though they can’t be together openly, he wants her to feel special. He doesn’t want her to feel like she’s his dirty little secret. Monica hopes that Kevin doesn’t feel that way about her. She says that once everything is set up, she can be with him. Kevin feels bad about having the affair with Monica, but cares about her entirely too much to let Alan have her. Monica shuts Kevin up with a kiss when he keeps bringing up Alan’s name. She says this night is about spending time with the one you love, which means not talking about those you don’t.</i>

Kevin reaches inside his desk and picks up photo of him and Monica. He leans back in his chair dreams of a time when he will no longer have to love Monica in secret. Meanwhile, Monica's dream is interrupted when Alan asks her if she's ready. She forces a smile and kisses her husband. Her life with Alan is her past….Kevin is her future…..
On the next Port Charles….
-Anna and Robin's lunch date is interrupted by Lorenzo
-AJ and Sonny clash over Michael
-Carly and Nikolas announce to their friends they're expecting

-Liz is served with divorce papers


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i like so far. but please have emily come soon and have her it alot please

thank you


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