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SONBC Interview w/Judith McConnell




Is she Loretta? Is she Sophia? Just what is going on with RTSB's matriarch, Sophia Capwell, and will she ever return home to her loved ones? We sat down with Judith McConnell and got into all of this, including her SONBC Award pre-nom.

SONBC: Welcome Judith. It's such an honor to get to meet you like this.

Judith: Thank you very much. What a nice thing to say?

SONBC: You've been a very busy lady over on RTSB since its inception.

Judith: I sure have and I couldn't be more pleased by that. I'll admit that, like many others, I was skeptical when I heard the idea and was approached about it. Of course, I was dying to revisit Sophia, but I wasn't sure I'd want to go there if the writing was going to change her or possibly ruin what we accomplished on 'Santa Barbara'. But after having met him and seeing how enthusiastic he was about the characters of CC & Sophia, how could I not sign on?

SONBC: I can see you feel you've made the right decision.

Judith: Positively. I couldn't ask for a better storyline- Greg has actually set up multiple things for Sophia, all of which I couldn't be more excited to play. Right now though, I've gotta say, I'm having a blast kicking up my heels and playing an entirely different character. I love Sophia, but this thing with Loretta has been a nice break and challenge for me.

SONBC: It's strange what's happened to you- we've actually had to watch the process of Sophia being manipulated and then hypnotized into thinking she's Edmund's late wife Loretta....

Judith: Actually, I knew this was coming. Greg warned me about it upfront and I loved the challenge of it. I did mention to him that the timing of it seemed a little odd, since things were just starting to cook with the introduction of my sister, Elizabeth, but I get what he's doing, I really do. Because of this middle area, this little Loretta adventure, my storyline will be that much stronger when Sophia does get her memory back and returns to Santa Barbara....

SONBC: So you're saying this Loretta/Edmund thing isn't gonna last forever ? Thank God....

Judith: I don't see how it can- Sophia will have to get her memory back sometime no? Actually, we've got a little ways to go but long-time SB fans will enjoy how it all plays out. A character from the past will return for it, someone they may not expect, but will surely enjoy.

SONBC: We heard about the SONBC pre-nom. Congratulations!

Judith: Thank you very much. Back in the 'SB' days, it was always the other girls competing and I was always more than happy for all of them. However, I will say that it was nice to be recognized this time around. Marcy and A were both so happy for Jed & I. Oh, how I missed all of them the past 14 years. It's such a joy to be reunited with them like this, to be taking this ride with them again, yet it's all new again for us. We're all so lucky and grateful for what we've been able to regain.

SONBC: They re-cast Elizabeth right around the time of Sophia's "death". How do you feel about Deborah Adair?

Judith: I'll admit that I really enjoyed working with Christine (Tudor Newman, ex-Elizabeth). She was someone I'd always admired as an actress and we worked well together. With that said, I think Deborah is wonderful and I can't wait to work with her more. We've re-shot the scenes of Elizabeth's abortion and those leading up to it, but that's all that we've really worked together.

SONBC: Interesting that you mention the abortion development.....Color me STUNNED.

Judith: Again, I knew it was coming. Greg was forthright with me about the bible he had for Return to Santa Barbara and I had no problem with this or anything else we talked about. It adds another layer to Sophia. She wasn't a very nice young woman in her day and did whatever she had to to get what she wanted, not caring who she stepped on along the day. I was a little concerned at first, but I really do get it. Plus, I absolutely LOVE that we're finally seeing some of what Sophia's home life was like. As I said, they're doing A LOT of exploring with my character, which is more than I can say for the last writer we had on SB

SONBC: Anything you've particularly enjoyed so far?

Judith: I've really enjoyed the relationship between Rosa and Sophia. Before, it was always implied, but not really shown. Margarita is a wonderful actress and those scenes come so naturally for the two of us. I also have got to say that they've really gotten it right with the casting of Carmen Duncan as Pamela Conrad. Don't get me wrong, I loved Shirley Anne and Marj, but Carmen's Pamela is someone that really can go toe to toe with Sophia. Though I didn't submit much with her for the pre-nomination, if I do indeed break through and get a nomination, I'll definitely submit an episode with her as my second.

SONBC: Can you give us any tidbits on what's coming up?

Judith: Sure. Loretta is going to continue on with Edmund and they will grow much closer, acting more like husband and wife than they have been. Also, some more familiar faces will be seeing Sophia in action as Loretta, which I'm looking forward to.
And I happen to know for a fact that May is going to be HUGE. There's a remote planned in London involving many characters in the cast that we're all really looking forward to. It's going to be a lot of fun, and a reunion of sorts, when that surprise character I've been telling you about makes their way back to RTSB.

SONBC: Can't wait! Thanks so much for the interview. Hope we can do it again sometime! Look for this series to continue next Sunday, as each week, an interview with a SONBC Award pre-nominee will be posted!!!!


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LMAO Greg! Sometimes I love the behind the scenes fodder as much as the show!!! Thanks for bringing us this interview with our dear Judy!!! :P

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I just love your interview with Judith McConnell. It seems she loves working with you as much as we love reading RTSB. I agree with Mel, these extras you post are a great addition to RTSB. :)

I can't wait to read the interview with Jed Allan. ;)

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By the way, she mentioned, off the record of course, that she misses all the letters and would love to hear from you both. She also joked that she'll be looking for her bouquet of flowers on April 25th, when she doesn't receive her SONBC Award nomination.....

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Please tell Judith her bouquet is on the way. No matter what happens on April 25th, she WILL ALWATS BE A WINNER with us!

:) :) :)


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Funny that she doesn't really mention Jed. Perhaps he's been 'upstaging' her again....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That's part of Judith's greatness. She does not realize that her talent and sparkling personality could never REALLY be upstaged by anyone!

She might be enthralled with Mr. Keating too! :rolleyes:

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