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  1. Greg, how did Kel say? "This is sick, even for you..." This nightmare was really confusing, embarrassing and well, yes funny! Everything what Kieth said! And Augusta! "... how anyone could possibly find you people more interesting than the colorful Lockridge clan is beyond me..." Good start! Well done!
  2. I can't believe! I could sign in! :-D I think as well, this interview is great! Well, let's back to Santa Barbara, guys! Can't wait it! Oh! Greg! Will you give us a short flashback to remind us the new characters? And a short explanation what happened so far? (You know, I mostly remember the Soretta storyline. Oh! How did we named the doctor? Dr Creepy? Or how? o.O)
  3. Hello Greg, I'm so sorry what your daddy is going through. I know how difficult time it is. I think I can speak on behalf of the others as well: just do what you have to do. We don't urge you. We understand you don't have time to write. We'll wait for you. Bye, Viki
  4. Hi Greg, I see you're back. Well done, my friend! But I noticed something: Rafe and Sam were dating before - or at least Sam liked Rafe very much and Mason and Mary had had also a common story... o.O Just saying. Anyway: happy new year! Bye, Viki PS: This song is perfect here! Thanx!
  5. Hello Greg, I've been here for ages! Ok, not ages but very long ago! I knew you have problems that's why you can't contimue your fun-fiction. I'm sorry that. I think it's a brillant idea to speak with the actors, actresses and writers! If you will be able to do that!!! What a job! I'd like you to interview with Lionel, too. He became a very lovely old man. But do not mention I said OLD, ok? Thanx everything, Viki
  6. I see, Greg, here are only CC&Sophia fans! So do your best our lovely couple! As for me, I noticed almost in every story the same name is Ashton. He will be the key-figure? First I thought he's a nice guy but when he talked to his father didnt know what to think. That he knows Edmund very well or he is just like his father. I suppose we'll see it soon. Ok, keep working, Greg! We are waiting you. Bye, Viktoria
  7. You know what I like the most in your writings? The dialoges! Between Mason and Julia! The most beautiful declaration of love! Kieth and Gina! I always enjoying reading them joking! And at the end Lionel and Augusta! You wrote the way how my sentences came to my mind during reading! Bravo, my friend! It was really worth to wait!
  8. Okey, Greg! We are waiting!
  9. Hello dear, Quinn??? Ohh! That surprised me! I've thought everyone but not Quinn. Yes, this Augusta was more familiar! Loved it!
  10. See? Not much what I remember only the gay guy! And of course Sophia/Loretta and dr Criply... And you know what else? LISA, Eden's split personality! I think...
  11. ... almost got lost in episodes... This one was GREAT! Just, you know, CC and Elisabeth...
  12. From where do you get these young actors? Are they popular? Channing Capwell III. (I thought he, who was murdered in the first part of SB, was the II. ) Will you deal with the IV? You know, the baby. Who was his father? CC? I think.
  13. Was that shorter or just simply enjoyed so much? I had a not clear scene again but at that time I won't ask you to introduce the characters... I just try to remember. Because I don't have time nor mood to reread the previous episodes.
  14. Thanks Greg! But Lily / Samantha rivalry??? Ohhh! Lily was already a woman when Samantha was only a little child! ??? Ok. Never mind. CC slept with Santana, too. So who cares the ages? But who is gay???? Sorry I remember that one... You know what? I'll go to the next part! Bye!
  15. Welcome back, Greg! Enjoyed very much - as always. But I didn't understand one scene: when the youngs were talking. First of all: who is Steve??? I only remember he is gay. I think. Or Brandon? Dunno. Anyway. I know they grown up. Would you tell me some line about them? Kiss, Viki
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