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  1. Excellent job Greg! Glad you are back! Mel
  2. REVOLTING, simply REVOLTING :wacko: :angry: Hey Junior, Now would be a great time for you to post that backstage article with Jed Allan. You know, the one where he says working with Deborah (Lizzie Borden) nearly killed him and he can't wait for his storyline with Judith (Sophia) to heat up again! That MIGHT deflect the fireballs!
  3. "If you don't mind, I suggest you march up there and break apart Dr. L and the Loretta:2007 and tell him that Augusta Lockridge is here to speak with him....' Loretta 2007.... :rolleyes: :lol: :lol: Very funny episode here Juniorz! In fact, it may rank as my favorite yet. The comedy provided a nice balance to the post funeral stuff!
  4. WOW!!!! :blink: :wub:
  5. After giving it further consideration, I believe the pairs are: Soretta (Sophia/Loretta) + McCreepy AND Mason + Mary I revised my earlier guess because that old BATTLEAXE Pamela will need a day to fly back to Santa Barbara on her BROOMSTICK!
  6. ----Two unexpected pairs make love! Hmmmm, who could they be.... let's think.... Quite the contrary- this is the beginning for Edmund and I. Actually, I'm hoping that tonight will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in our relationship and our marriage." 1. "Soretta" (Sophia/Loretta) and McCreepy Pamela lights up, noting the irony of what she's saying. "And if I wanted him right now, I could have him. Without question, without hesitation. 2. Pamela and CC
  7. :lol: That's part of Judith's greatness. She does not realize that her talent and sparkling personality could never REALLY be upstaged by anyone! She might be enthralled with Mr. Keating too!
  8. Greg, Please tell Judith her bouquet is on the way. No matter what happens on April 25th, she WILL ALWATS BE A WINNER with us! :) Melissa
  9. LMAO Greg! Sometimes I love the behind the scenes fodder as much as the show!!! Thanks for bringing us this interview with our dear Judy!!!
  10. CC lays in his bed, tossing & turning, apparently having a nightmare. He dreams about Sophia confronting Elizabeth about their affair. He looks into Elizabeth's eyes, seeing the pain on her face. He then glances toward their father, angrily looking down at his youngest daughter. Elizabeth tries to defend herself but Sophia slaps her across the face. Lizzie B should be slapped HARD and OFTEN and learn to LIKE IT! With any luck this scene WON'T be a DREAM come Springtime in LONDON! If their is ANY doubt as to who will be doing the SLAPPING, please refer to my AVATAR located directly to the LEFT of this post!
  11. Is that you & Judith in your picture Mel? You little devill.....

  12. I was thinking the same thing Shannon! I held my breath for the whole last paragraph wondering how far that shower scene might go... Great Show Greg!
  13. Say what you will about Dr. McCreepy, he does have excellent taste!
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