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Episode 64






(EXT: West Palm Beach Airport)

---Mary is completely stunned when she realizes that Maureen is very much alive. She explains that Mark had always told her that he had no family, that both of his parents died in a tragic accident when he was young and that he had no siblings. Maureen tells her that this is partially true- Mark doesn't have any siblings and his father died when he was very young. But she's always been very much alive and raised Mark....up until he left home and never looked back. Mary wonders why he would have no contact with him.

"You must understand, Mary, that our relationship......was strained at best, especially as he got older. Mark always wanted and needed my attention- attention that I couldn't always give to him. His father........(she pauses a bit, getting herself under control) His father treated me like a possession. Told me what to do, what to wear, who I could spend time with. He was a very powerful, influential man at the time but he had this dark side that only I knew about it. He was cold.....violent and threatening. Mark was so young, innocent and his father was quite proud of his son. But even as such a little boy, 4 or 5 even, Mark saw how I was treated. I was uneducated and though I wanted to pursue college, I married Jim......that's Mark's father....instead, with the intention of going back. But Jim..... He liked me where he had me, he was the educated one, he was the one with career and money and in those days, it wasn't exactly abnormal. He wanted to keep me under his thumb and that's exactly what he did......for a while...until....." Maureen stops herself.

"Until what, Ms. McCormick? What happened?" Mary questions.

"I became......restless. Jim was an extremely busy man and Mark had started pre-school, so I found myself with a little time on my hands. I began taking courses at the community college..........only 2, as I had to be sure they were scheduled at times where Jim would be tied up with work and Mark with his pre-school. I was beginning to feel good about myself when.....He found out. I had left one of my books out in my nursing room. I had always been so careful to put them away, but not that day....and he found it. Needless to say, he hit the roof, only this time, he became violent. He hit me so hard I went right over the changing table- he eventually beat me so badly that I blacked out........Mark......Mark found me I guess, I barely remember as I was in and out of conciousness at this point.......but Jim.....Jim had fallen asleep. Mark went into the study where he kept his gun........(she chokes up, trying to hold back)........I would've stopped him, I had no idea........I walked into the family room and there was Jim, dead, bleeding profusely from his head. And my Mark, my little Mark, sitting on the floor with a gun in his hand......I of course, called the police, and tried as best I could to explain everything that happened.....they interviewed Mark and had 3 different psychiatrists check him out, all of which reached the same conclusion, after speaking with him: He'd witnessed the entire thing, Mary. He watched his father beat me to a pulp from beginning to end. He ran for his father's gun, taking it and hiding, thinking Jim would use it on me to kill me. And the second he felt safe and Jim fell asleep........he shot him............."

Mary tries to comfort Maureen. She then tells her that she doesn't understand how this relates to her in any way. Maureen tells her everything will make sense soon enough. Mason and Pearl begin to approach the two women. Maureen notices this and tells Mary she has to go, but gives her the name of the hotel and room that she's staying in. She urges her to come see her that evening and she'll answer all of her questions, hopefully shedding some light on a few things. Maureen takes off as Mason walks up.

"We're all checked in. Who was that woman you were talking to?"

"I'm not going anywhere, Mason." she replies.

"What? What's going on? Who was that?"

"Nevermind. You and Pearl go home, go ahead. There's something I need to do before I leave here."

"I'm not leaving you here, Mary. "

"Mason, please! I'll be fine....."

"I'm sure you will.......because I'll be right here with you....."

Mary tries to talk him into going, but Mason insists. They both agree that Pearl can go on ahead, as Mason wants him to start working on finding Mark. Pearl heads toward security as Mason and Mary leave the airport.



---Pamela finishes putting her things away in her room. She skulks down the hallway by Sophia's bedroom. She hears the water running in a nearby bathroom and realizes she must be showering. She hurries down the back staircase, always checking behind her to make sure nobody is following or can see her. Pamela finally arrives at her destination: the kitchen. She finds Christine furiously chopping vegetables, in preparation for the soup course of the meal. Pamela quietly walks up behind her.

"Hello Christine!"


Both women scream.

"Will you BE quiet?!?" Pamela says to her.

"Sorry Mrs. C- I didn't know it was you- How you been? Welcome to London- you look fantastic by the way..."

"Nevermind, how I look, Christine, just what the hell has been going on here? I thought you were supposed to be my eyes and ears in this.........relic....."

"Still am Mrs. C, still am?"

"Then why is it I didn't know anything about "Loretta"?"

"Isn't it wonderful Mrs. C? Dr. Lavery got his wife back, I have my old friend back......"

"Has this whole emporium gone mad? SHE'S not Loretta- he's brainwashed SOPHIA, but make no mistake...."

"I know what you're sayin, but I'm tellin you- she's the real deal. Loretta Mathis Lavery- there's not a shred of SO......Oh, Mrs. L- How are ya?"

"Hello Christine. Ms. Lowell. What exactly is going on here, if you don't mind my asking?"

Christine gives Pamela a look and Pamela innocently smiles at Sophia.

(EXT: Mexico- CLINIC)

----Santana peeks in on the patient, bandaged up in intensive care and resting. She looks around her and heads back to the lab. She walks in and looks at some of the samples lined up. Suddenly, she feels a hand on her shoulder and whips herself around.

"Relax, Santana, it's only me. No need to be afraid...."

"Tell that to Cruz....."

"Santana, when are you going to start listening to me? I had absolutely NOTHING to do with what happened to Castillo....couldn't be further from the truth. But I'll tell you- the people that did.....they're out there and they're dangerous. Extremely dangerous.....'

"Why should I believe you? Why are you telling me this Kirk? What's your motive?"

"If, and I mean IF, Cruz IS alive, and these people get wind of it..........there's no telling what they'll do.....actually, there is- they'll hunt Cruz down and they'll finish what they started. If they were to find out you were helping him.....I'd hate to see the look on your poor mother's face if that happened...."

"Is that some kind of threat?"

Kirk corrects her, telling her it's more of an ultimatum. The DNA tests are about to go down and if Cruz's DNA doesn't match, he'll be hunted down in no time, no question- whether it be by Eden, or by whoever tried to kill him. Either way, she stands to lose plenty if that happens. Santana asks him how she can be sure they won't be caught and how she can be sure she can trust him in the first place, considering he may be the one who wants Cruz dead. Kirk reminds her that he's known for a couple days now about this mystery patient who may or may not be Cruz and has yet to make any attempts on his life. He also tells her it does him no good with Eden if Cruz turns out to be alive and it turns out he knew about it.

"I should have known. That's your motivation for involving yourself in all of this- Eden!"

"Of course. Eden's.......very special to me....she was my wife once.....some of the happiest days of my life.....I'd be lying if I said I didn't want her back...."

"Badly enough to kill her husband to do it...."

Kirk grabs Santana by her arm. "I've done NO SUCH THING! And you of all people can attest to that, can't you Santana? So why don't you just do us both a favor and stop playing games and give me What I CAME HERE FOR!!!!"

Kirk and Santana exchange in an intense stare-down.

(EXT: London, England)

----Sophia again asks Pamela and Christine what's going on. Pamela apologizes, explaining that she was just astonished to visit her old friend Edmund and see that his wife was back on her feet, since she'd been comatose for years. Sophia says that it doesn't explain why she's in the kitchen, commiserating with Christine.

"I was just asking Christine some questions about you is all. I admit, I'm quite curious...."

"I can understand your curiosity, Addie, but I'd prefer it if you took the more direct approach: any questions you have about me should be asked of me, not Christine." Sophia says.

"You're absolutely right, Loretta, I apologize. I just didn't want to bombard you with all sorts of questions is all. I didn't want you to think me to be rude in any way....."

"Not at all. I'm sure we'll have plenty of conversation at dinner tonight. In any event, I was looking for you because Edmund would like to see you, in his study."

"Well then I won't keep him waiting....."

"I'd be happy to continue this talk with you, perhaps over a cocktail before dinner..."

Pamela looks at her. "Sure. I'd like that." Pamela heads out, but not before shooting Christine a look.

"What was she asking you?" Sophia/Loretta asks Christine.

"Just about you, Mrs. L- what you've been like since you've been awake, if you're the same as I remembered ya...."

"Am I? Am I how you remembered me Christine? I feel as though I've slept an entire lifetime away......sometimes I'm not sure what I'm supposed to act like, to be like...."

"You're not supposed to act like anything, Mrs. L. You're just supposed to be you, best as you can. I think you've had a remarkable recovery- and it's good to have you back. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, yes it does......This Addie Lowell, I don't know that I trust her though......She seems a little too.....interested in the situation. I actually think she's a little too close to my husband....."

"Dr. L? No way....He wouldn't be interested in someone like her......Besides, I happen to know that he's very much in love with you....."

"I hope so Christine. I hope so....."

(EXT: West Palm Beach, FL)

----Mary and Mason sit in a restaurant as she explains everything that Maureen told her. Mason cannot believe the story so far, but wonders how much it could be related to their child and everything Mark has done. Mary tells him that Maureen insisted that everything would make sense once she explained. Mary pulls out the paper with Maureen's information on it and dials her phone. Maureen picks up and tells Mary to meet her in her hotel room for dinner. Mary agrees to be there at 6 PM. She hangs up the phone and Mason insists that he's going with her.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Mason. I don't want her to clam up on me- I think it's best if I do this alone....'

"You're not even sure who you're dealing with, Mary. She could be dangerous....."

"She's not dangerous, Mason, believe me. I'd know it. She is cautious, however, and certainly reserved. For whatever reason, she opened up to me, which means she feels comfortable with me, for some reason, even trusts me. I'm not going to close down those lines of communications by having skeptical you in her face, questioning everything she says, arguing with her....."

"Would I do any of that?" Mary gives him a look. "Alright, alright, I'll stay put. Just promise me you'll be careful and that you'll call me AS SOON as you leave there...."

"I promise...."

She begins to walk away when Mason turns her around and surprises her with a passionate kiss. They pull back and she, uneasy on her feet, stumbles her way out the door, as Mason playfully stares at her, keeping her off-balance.

THE END...............for today

Sorry it's so late- took an extended nap during normal people time. :lol:

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Love this episode!!!!! Interesting backstory for Mark and his mom. I can't wait to see where that goes. The kiss Mason gave Mary took me by surprise as much as it did Mary. :o Love the Pamela/Christine/Sophia-Loretta bit. Christine seems happy as a clam to have Mrs. L back. LOL Kirk is such a great villian and I am trying to pick apart everything he is saying to pick up any clues about his plans. What a great character to bring back to the canvas. Keep up the great work and I hope things are getting better for you on the work front.


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