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Episode 65





(EXT: Baja, Mexico- HOTEL)

----Eden sits on the phone while Julia, Adriana, and Steve sit around the room, all with solemn looks on their faces. Eden hangs up and informs everyone that it was the investigators on the line. The DNA test is underway as they speak and should be done in about an hour. Julia asks if they gave any indication as to whether it's a match, but Eden tells her that they have no way of knowing until the test is complete. Julia tells Eden to keep strong, but she admits to being extremely anxious.

"Mrs. Castillo, I know I don't know you very well, but for what it's worth.......I hope everything works out today..." Steve says.

"No, you don't know me very well. Or my husband. I didn't mind having you stay with us, Steve, since you were a friend of Adriana's, but with everything going on...."

"Sure. I understand- I can hit it....." Steve walks out the door.

"Why would you do that?" Adriana asks, "He was only trying to....."

"He shouldn't BE here Adriana. You really shouldn't be either, but since you ARE here...."

"He's my FATHER, mom, I'm exactly where I should be. And Steve......"

"Is going exactly where he should go..." Eden again interrupts.

Adriana looks at her mother and then hurries out after Steve. Eden asks Julia if she did the right thing and Julia tells her it doesn't matter- this is her husband and Adriana's father, she has every reason to lash out and every right to her privacy. Eden remarks that she found it odd that a total stranger would stick around as long as Steve did anyway.

Meanwhile, Adriana catches up with Steve outside and attempts to talk him out of leaving. Steve insists that Eden was right- he shouldn't be there.

"Please- according to her, I shouldn't be here either. She's just upset is all....."

"OF course she is, Adriana- her husband could be dead. I'm sure she's going through hell, which is exactly why she doesn't need some stranger around, commenting and being a nuisance...."

"You're not a nuisance....."

Steve insists that he should go and Adriana informs him that if he's leaving, she's going with him. Steve does his best to talk her out of it, telling her she should be at the hospital when the results come in. Adriana agrees she should, but says after those results do come in, either way, there isn't anything left for her to do in Mexico. She asks him if he'll wait long enough so they can drive back together. Steve tries to wiggle out of it, saying that Eden wouldn't appreciate him being around the hospital after she asked him to leave.

"Then you can wait in the car while we're inside......and she won't know the difference. Please. I'm gonna go crazy if you leave me here alone with her......."

Steve looks at her and cracks a smile. "You can be pushy when you wanna be, you know that princess?"

"Only when I really want something....."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

----Angela sits on her phone, hearing the ringing tone and hoping Ted will pick up. He does and the screen splits between the two of them. Ted apologizes for not returning any of her calls sooner, saying that he's been busy with meetings and dinners with contacts.

"Oh, sure, that's fine Ted. You're busy up there, I understand....."

"Your tone doesn't sound too understanding...."

"There is one thing that's bothering me and perhaps you could help me with it. If you're so busy that you can't return any of my phone calls, when exactly have you had time to 'entertain' Laken Lockridge?"

"Laken? I....haven't........what gave you that idea?"

"What gave me that idea? She answered the phone when I called your suite last night......"


Ted explains that she had called him earlier in the day and wanted to meet for dinner, but it was completely innocent. Angela wonders, if it was so innocent, why he didn't just tell her immediately when she called him on it. Ted insists she's making something out of nothing, but Angela disagrees. She tells him that he was distant when he left town and now he's hiding rendezvous with his ex-girlfriend from her. What is she supposed to think?

Right then, Laken walks into Ted's room and asks him if he's ready to leave. He tries to quickly cover the receiver of the phone and tells her he will be in a minute. He gets back with Angela, but she's quiet.

"Angela?!? Angela?!? Baby?"

"Oh, I'm here Ted. That was her that just walked in wasn't it......"

"Walked in where? Her? What are you talking about....."

"You really take me for a fool, don't you? GOOD-BYE TED!!!"

She hangs up the phone and looks up from her desk to see Lily there smiling.

"Lovers quarrel?" Lily taunts.

"You really need to get a life of your own Lily and back the hell off of mine!"

"He's really got you rattled, doesn't he? Lemme guess.... I was right about Laken- he was with her, wasn't he?"

"Get out of here...."

"He WAS! Oh my, my, my.......and let's see, knowing Ted Capwell, he probably tried to deny it, and made you feel guilty for even asking, since noble, faithful Ted wouldn't EVER cheat on anyone......Isn't that right, Angela?"

"Go to hell!! And GET OUT OF HERE!!!! NOW!!!!"

"Alright, I'm going, I'm going. Oh.....and Angela........it couldn't have happened to a more deserving whore."


Lily walks out, shutting the door behind her. Through the window, she sees a distraught Angela pick up her phone and start dialing. She hurries to the break room, and listens in on the call.

"Warren- it's me........Yeah, well, you don't know the 1/2 of it..........can you meet me at the Lair for a drink tonight?.......8 o'clock.....sounds good.......bye......."

Lily slowly hangs up the phone and smiles. "The Lair huh? Classy, Angela.......Real classy...."

(EXT: Baja, Mexico- Hospital)

----Eden, Julia, Adriana, and some of the investigators sit in the waiting area, anticipating the results. Eden looks at the clock as it ticks closer to 4 PM. She is completely unnerved when she sees Kirk Cranston approaching. She gets up out of her seat and walks toward his line of direction.

"Eden....Eden don't do anything you'll...." Julia says, but Eden begins talking over her.

"STOP. You stop right there. What exactly do you think you're doing? Why on earth would you possibly show up he..."

"I have as much right to be here as anybody- It was MY Yacht that exploded, remember?"

"How could I forget?"

"I don't like what you're insinuating- I'm as much of a victim in this as you are...."

"As much of a........ I knew you were low Kirk, but THAT's low even for you. You lost a yacht- I may have lost the LOVE of my LIFE! How can you even compare the two....."

"I didn't mean to be insensitive, Eden- Look, I just meant that I'm being set up for this whole thing by a real pro......It's just as important to me as you that we find out who did this........and that we know for certain who was killed on my yacht....."

Eden tells him that there is no "we". She'll find out who did this and he'd better pray that he's as clean in all of this as he claims. She coldly says that if she finds out he's been lying to her and had anything to do with Cruz's......disappearance, she'll make him wish he was never born. The investigator walks up and tells Kirk there were a few more questions he wanted to ask of him and Kirk happily complies.

Julia comforts Eden, who's obviously beside herself. Santana comes flying down the hall and sees how distraught Eden looks. She looks around and sees Kirk talking to the head investigator. She asks if there's been any word yet and Eden says there hasn't.

Suddenly, the lab technician comes out with the results. Eden, Santana, Julia, Adriana, Kirk, and the investigators all gather around him to hear what he says.

"After a thorough comparative analysis of the DNA of the body found and the DNA of Commander Cruz Castillo, we have come to the conclusion that they are a..................................99% match, the highest possible probability....."

"No.....It can't be..." Eden cries "No...........Not Cruz, not my.....my Cruz....."

Julia walks up and tries to comfort Eden but she pulls away. "No, Julia, it can't be. They're WRONG! THEY'RE WRONG!!!"

"Mama," Adriana says, trying to get a hold of her mother, "Mama, please"

"No baby, NO, he can't be gone, HE can't. THAT'S NOT YOUR FATHER!! HE wouldn't die on me like this, he wouldn't leave me like this, Please, PLEASE- TELL them You MADE A MISTAKE! DO THE TEST AGAIN!!!"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Castillo, but we run the test 3 times to ensure accuracy.......all 3 times, the results were the same. I'm very sorry ma'am"

"No! NO!!!!!" Eden flings the door open to where Cruz's body lays, burnt beyond recognition. "CRUZ!!!! CRUZZZZ !!!! NOOOO!!!" she says as she wraps her arms around the massacred body. "PLEASE- GOD - NOOOOO!!!!"

Adriana, Julia, Santana, Kirk, the investigators and the technician all look on as a distraught Eden rests her head atop the sheet covering her dead husband's body. Santana tears up watching her, and then gives Kirk a pained look. Kirk stares right back into her eyes, and then they both again turn their attention to Eden.

THE END......................FOR TODAY

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Great episode! Kirk gets around, he has something on everyone. I love that Eden and Cruz are going through some angst. If they were always lovey dovey, that would be boring.

I also love that you have Julia helping her. Julia's life is in a shambles yet she will always be there for Eden. Great job portaying their friendship

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Another great episode. Tishy is right on about Julia being there for Eden (and Cruz) no matter what. Kirk continues to be a thorn in everyone's side including mine because I have no clue as to what he is up to besides hiding Cruz and trying to win Eden back. I just have a feeling it is so much more than that. Also liked Ted and all the women. I never remember Ted having many guy friends. He always had girls around him fighting for his attention. Ted sure hasn't changed much since we saw him on our TV screens, but maybe the girls have. It will be interesting to see what these women do to each other to win Ted. And all the while, Ted will just hang back and watch.


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