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RTSB returns with 5 brand new episodes this week, beginning TONIGHT!!!!! Lots is going to be happening this week- by week's end, expect to have seen most of the cast appear!!!! Here's some previews of what I have in store for RTSB this week!

----Two unexpected pairs make love!

----Kirk returns to Santa Barbara!

----Augusta re-appears.......and she AIN'T in London!

----Maureen has some SHOCKING information for Mary that will directly effect Mason

----CC & Ashton have a revealing conversation.....

----Keith steps up his game with Elizabeth, which couldn't please Gina less

----Edmund, "Addie"(Pamela), and "Loretta" (Sophia) sit down for an unusual dinner.

----Santana's patient's condition takes a turn for the worse....

----Samantha & Julia have a heart to heart

----Lily ups her game!

----A whole new Eden emerges!!!!

In other news- RTSB is putting out an official casting call for Brandon Capwell!!!! We're looking for a blonde actor in his mid-to-late-20s. The actor should be believable as the son of FauxChanning and Santana. Expect to see Brandon get involved with the intrigue at Capwell Enterprises......... The role is contract.

Additionally, look for Peter Love (Ric), Carmen Zapata (Carm), Henry Darrow (Rafael), and Marisol Rodriguez (Carmen) to return sometime NEXT week for Cruz's memorial services. RTSB is in serious talks with Kristen Meadows (Victoria) about a short-term stint as well. And we're thisclose to hiring Mario Lopez as Chip Castillo-----but nothing is official yet. If anyone else has an idea for Mini-Cruz......er Chip- Please Feel FREE to send it in. He will be cast sometime this coming weekend


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Please not Kristen Meadows. I cannot stand her. Give me time to think who would be better.

Mini Cruz....I kinda like Mario Lopez for that one. Surprisingly. First I immediately thought no, now I am warming to that idea.

Can't wait to see the new episodes this week!

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I agree with Tishy-Please no Kristen Meadows. Do you even have to bring Victoria in at all? Can't she be out of sight out of mind?

As for Chip, I was thinking Jesse Metcalfe. I know he's a little young but he sure is cute!

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Personally, wouldn't at all mind if the bandage-wrapped corpse in Mexico turned out to be Victoria. However, if you MUST bring her back, how about an actress that could make us care about the character. Maybe Margaret Colin would consider a stint now that her husband has returned to the show (frankly she's too good for Victoria, but would be a wonderous addition to RTSB in any capacity).

Loving the Jesse Metcalf suggestion for Chip and would vote for him over Mario anyday for that role (but hey, if Chip needs a cousin and there's room left on the casting couch...;)).

BTW Greg, loving your new banner!

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Jesse Metcalfe would be perfect. I still see Saved by the Bell when I think of Mario.

Margaret Colin would be good. I would say Jensen Bucananan but I know you hate her. Anyone would be better than Kristen Meadows. Cynthia Watros?

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