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  1. Keith Timmons = Think I'm in !!! Interesting to see elevator 'stickages' in SB are still so...(ehem) eventful. Now, JR, let's see if you're fast enough to outrun that fireball from the CC/Sophia connoisseurs! **grabs popcorn from Keith**
  2. Short but sweet!!! Wow, A is so elusive here, it's almost as if his answers were coming right from Greg himself! Anyway, VERY anxiously awaiting the return of ??Cruz?? - either way, glad to know the "end" (of "Mr. Martinez's" absence of course) is soon to be in sight!
  3. Of course word on Keith & his fledgingly harem is always welcome, yet was loving the interview none-the-less - RIGHT UP TO... <grumblings in progress> p.s. Happy, HAPPY Birthday+2 to our fearless leader!
  4. What a trip! HATE that Kirk guy, but the "beloved Robocop" reference still has me cackling. Like that Warren is keeping an eye ON Ashton and OUT for Kelly in all this. And love, love, LOVE Augusta's hutzspa - "faster than you can say Sophia Wayne Capwell" and of course, "consider them disturbed." HYSTERICAL!!!
  5. Just WOW! This one sure had some great moments. Loved that so many people came to show their respects (esp Pearl, Cain & even Brick!). Also the Carmen/Eden scene was particularly touching. And as for Eden's eulogy...can you say sniff? The line about Cruz touching everyone's lives was a nice throwback to his own words at Eden's memorial service before Eden herself called attention to it. And she's quite right that words just don't do Cruz justice. My heart truly breaks for her. Must admit to taking perverse pleasure when Eden socked Kirk and had Mason & Ted bounce him. Just hope her resolve remains and is rewarded in time.
  6. Personally, wouldn't at all mind if the bandage-wrapped corpse in Mexico turned out to be Victoria. However, if you MUST bring her back, how about an actress that could make us care about the character. Maybe Margaret Colin would consider a stint now that her husband has returned to the show (frankly she's too good for Victoria, but would be a wonderous addition to RTSB in any capacity). Loving the Jesse Metcalf suggestion for Chip and would vote for him over Mario anyday for that role (but hey, if Chip needs a cousin and there's room left on the casting couch...). BTW Greg, loving your new banner!
  7. Rouse or not, totally digging this whole Keith & Elizabeth 'marriage' (watch out Cruz & Eden - you have some serious competition here)! From the 'disturbing' "OPERATION CONSUMMATION" (bwahahahaha!) to Gina's 'blessing' - pure comic genuis!!! Still wary as all get out of the Ashton character (love CC's comment about courtship, not marriage, being when you're supposed to get to know a person...when will his "Pumpkin" ever learn?!?). Interesting point (one you should definitely call into the RTSB radio show again to discuss). It would make sense given he would KILL (literally!) to have Eden be an iota as taken with him as she is with her father. However, he is NO CC Capwell and has tried the whole uppity, business shark tact before...and failed...miserably. His over-the-top psychotic route was not so successful either. Perhaps he should give the whole morals/conscience/soul thing a shot along with dark hair & eyes, skin-tight jeans, and sprinkling some sexy Spanish into his conversation...that sounds like someone Eden might go for.
  8. MADE - MY - NIGHT! Love resolved, spirited Eden! Curious tact Jerk (that's C&E fan code for "Kirk") seems to be taking here (showing his face so soon is not in line with his usual style) and Santana's involvement in this whole thing is entirely too odd. What an enigma is this story! Any chance Pearl will take a slightly southern detour on his way to unruffle Mason and pop up to help straighten this conundrum out for us? Also not sure what to make of the 3M (Mason, Mark & Mary) developments yet...or that Sherri girl. Of course, the Dr. McCreepy & Loretta reincarnate story is just as surreal and compelling as always!
  9. As sad as these latest happenings in this kidnapping storyline appear, the scenes where Eden was running the gamut of emotions on the dock were exceptional - very vivid and heartstabbing (with the accompanying C&E theme music twisting the knife quite nicely ). p.s. Suggest earmarking this episode as a possible submission for Marcy Walker's 2007 SONBC Emmy nomination.
  10. ...and such a MODEST folk! Great interview, however there's one question that wasn't really touched on that perhaps you can address now: IS CRUZ DEAD?!? - Your favorite Sierrah
  11. Same ole Kirk! It's been twenty years already - the guy really needs to get over it and move on already! .I share Tishy's hope & feeling here. Now we have Eden, Julia and Santana in on the action and Angel's loyalties in limbo. And where's Joann in all this? Can't wait to see what happens next but almost afraid to know!
  12. Oh Goodie - Another unstable ex-husband* is back on the scene to stir up trouble! *Wait a minute - he may not be an "ex" at all!
  13. Despite being a CC/Sophia believer, Dr. McCreepy is growing on me. At the moment, I'm much more wary of that Creepmaster son of his.
  14. The whole Keith & Elizabeth exchange had this Keith & Gina fan rolling! From the whopping $40 Elvis wedding to his pet name for his new bride to one of the best lines yet: Can hardly wait to see what's in store for them! Also anxiously awaiting any reveals in/on the Sophia/Edmund storyline, that Ashton guy, and who's behind the kidnapping plot.
  15. Sorry to say I'm not too familiar with Adair's work, but Deas is dynamo with anyone! SOME of us not named Gina anyway! Looking forward to her wedding 'present' for the blissful couple!
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