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  1. OMG........I can't believe some of the comments they made about Santa Barbara. I would love to say “Go get them Greg”....but sb34 is right....I bet nothing will change their minds about Santa Barbara. That's too bad for them since it was one of the best soaps on TV.
  2. Hi Greg, So glad to hear your Dad is doing better.....and you know we will all be here when you are ready to start up again. In the mean time you take care. Wendy
  3. Can't wait to see CC as the hero he should have been before they canceled the best soap on the air. It all sounds great....keep up the great work.
  4. Loved episode 100....CC not giving into Elizabeth....Marcello helping Sophia remember the the past....this was awesome! I can't wait for episode 101. And Congrats on episode 100!
  5. YAY....Welcome back and I can't wait to start reading "Return to Santa Barbara" again. Wendy
  6. Gee, I wonder why SON crashed???? Could it be this episode???? Okay guys let me know when it is safe to read RTSB again. And congrats on the SON Emmy win for RTSB.......it is well deserved.
  7. I have to say that I love these interviews. Can't wait for the one from Jed, Lane and Nancy.
  8. I agree with Tishy....Eileen Davidson that is my guess too. So now it is a waiting game.
  9. "See? See? No ponytail......Not your father...." This is so funny and I can just see CC saying this. Great episode. And this is the first time we ever see this side of Rosa. ....could be interesting.
  10. Shhh........don't tell anyone......but I am starting to warm up to McCreepy. Don't get me wrong......I am glad he stopped and I believe that Sophia does belong with CC....but at long last we see someone who is treating her special. Sure he did brainwash her into thinking she was his long dead wife but we can't all be perfect.
  11. I love Gretchen Oehler as Christine Gorrow. She was one of my favorite characters in AW in the 80's. I am sure with Christine in the mix it will be a very funny scene. If Judith/Sophia is not careful she will think she is in Another World.
  12. I just love your interview with Judith McConnell. It seems she loves working with you as much as we love reading RTSB. I agree with Mel, these extras you post are a great addition to RTSB. I can't wait to read the interview with Jed Allan.
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