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His name is Greg and he's had an extremely rough couple of days at work. Many of you know that I wait tables. For the past two days, I've had a manager berate me, personally attack me, and send me home because of extremely small and questionable instances. Both times, she deliberately pushed my buttons in an attempt to get a rise out of me and cause me to lose control. Both days, I somehow was able to maintain my composure, which of course, only infuriated her more. In 10 years in the restaurant business, I've never been treated so horribly and disrespectfully. She even went so far as to follow me through the restaurant, trying to provoke me, which many of my customers saw. Additionally, she went out of her way to remind me that she is in the position of power, not I.

I'll let you all in on a little something about me: I'm direct. Blunt. To the point. You'll always get a straight answer from me, though you may not like what you hear. I'm also very articulate and choose my words carefully when I speak. I say what I mean and I mean what I say, particularly in a work environment. My manner can be intimidating to some, and a breath of fresh air to others. But everyone, like me or not, is well aware that I don't take any sh!t from anyone- I'm not afraid to put a person in their place. Now I would never go out of my way to do such a thing. But I'm certainly not someone you want to provoke because it IS something that you'll regret. HOWEVER, being an actor and an observer, I'm well aware of people's motivations for doing things and I can tell when someone is trying to get that rise out of me, to get that reaction. And when I see someone coming at me like that, trying to razzle me, it actually empowers me. Gives me control over the situation- I'll stay calm and cool under pressure. I will calmly, pointedly, and articulately tell you what's on my mind without being overly aggressive or yelling or screaming. And the same thing happens every time, specifically with that human behavior: The person gets so angry, they are unable to even see straight and UNLEASHES on you.

That's what's been going on with this b!tch the past couple of days. The stress that her attacks have caused me have actually made me physically weak, both days. This is a person that I have trusted in the past, gotten along with and even looked out for, which is why it has hurt all the more. But her behavior is beyond reprehensible. We work a very similar schedule and I really don't want to have to change my schedule or my job to accommodate her. At the same time though, it's not worth putting myself through this just for some serving job in a restaurant.

Anyway, just needed to get that off my chest. Any comments/thoughts/suggestions/discussion would be appreciated.

BTW.....I'm not gonna post an episode today you guys. I'm really sorry, but I just can't write it today. HOWEVER, I've cut out the Saturday double for the time being so I will post tomorrow. (She's off for the weekend, so I don't foresee any problems ;) )


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You have to take time for you. Straighten out the work situation. Do you know exactly why she is acting like this? Maybe not talking about it at work is a good thing, maybe after work with a couple drinks. Go to a neutral place and talk things out. If their is anyone that can straighten relationships out, I know you can.

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I'm sorry you guys but I don't think RTSB will be back until Monday. I really hate this but I don't want episodes to suffer because of my personal problems.

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Your faithful readers will still be here. Take time for you and don't worry about us. I really hope things work out for you. PM me if you need me.

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I know they will Tish, but I feel really bad about it. I hate saying I'm going to do something and then not doing it........ it's not who I am and not how I want to be perceived by others.

It just sucks because the stress I'm under on some days can effect the writing, which is probably why I haven't posted as often lately. At the same time, I really want to move my stories along and if I don't keep posting, I can't do that......

Anyhow, I'm not going to post a schedule this week- I'm just going to take it day by day...... I'll update the schedule daily, to let you all know if & when there will be an episode each day. I still have a 4th episode I'd like to do for this week, so who knows? I may put it up tomorrow......or I may just do some kind of news item.

In any event, I sincerely apologize for not being able to post one for the past 3 days.....

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Seems like this was the story of the last two weeks for both of us. I had similar trouble at my work with about 3 people trying to screw me over and make me look bad in front of the new manager, so I sympathize with you. I am not sure if your manager is new, but the following also applies to insecure managers/supervisors. I told someone the other day that a new/insecure midlevel supervisor is a lot like a new officer in the military. They get their first taste of power and then they start creating all these hoops for you (usually the best/most knowlegeable worker) to jump through in an attempt to prove to themselves they do have power. They hope that they can create a hoop that can't jump through so jumper will look bad and they will look favorable. In reality, they look like the idiot, but the fallout can be harmful to the one jumping the hoops. I hope things look up for you soon whether it be at the current job or a new one.


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