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Episode 44





(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

---CC is pleased that Eden is already in the banquet room, directing the servers and getting things set up. She remarks that she finds it ironic that, once upon a time, he didn't want her running a restaurant. He laughs, saying he hadn't thought about that in years. Eden notices that he looks particularly stressed and asks if everything's alright.

"Sure. I just wish your mother was here, that's all..."

"I know. We all do. She would have been so happy for Kelly. I'm actually anxious to meet this mysterious Ashton that she's married. You've met him- what do you think of him?"

CC flashes back to meeting Ashton for the first time. He then flashes to his last argument with Loretta. He keeps flashing back and forth between Ashton's face and Loretta's.

"Daddy? Dad?" Eden snaps her fingers at him. "Are you there? I asked you a question...."

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry. He loves your sister, that much I can tell you. Other than that, I really don't know too much about him yet..."

They're interrupted when Julia arrives, alone. CC asks her where Mason is and she says that his guess is as good as hers. She tells them that she asked Mason to move out for the time being, until he can sort out his feelings. Eden asks Julia if she doesn't think that's a little extreme.

"Extreme? He didn't come home or call on Christmas. I think I've been more than understanding with him. I've put up with a lot more than most women would. I can't compete with her, Eden. I won't."

CC apologizes for his son and says that she shouldn't have to compete with anybody, especially after 15 years of marriage.

"18 if you count the first two times I married him.....With all due respect CC, I can't fault him for his behavior. What if you were in his situation? If when Sophia come back, if you were actually in love with your wife at the time, wouldn't you have gone right back to her?!...........I'm sorry, that was inappropriate... "

CC tells her that it's quite alright and he understands where she's coming from. Ashton and Kelly show up and Kelly introduces him to Julia and Eden. Ashton tells them that he's heard so much about them both from Kelly, especially Eden. He says that he looks forward to getting to know her more intimately as he kisses Eden's hand.

"You as well" he says to Julia, kissing her hand.

"My, he's quite a charmer. This one could be a keeper Kell." Julia says.

Kelly asks Eden where Cruz and Adriana are at. Eden tells her that Adriana is coming with Rafe, but Cruz can't make it- he's working on kidnapping case. Ashton remarks that he was looking forward to meeting Cruz as well and is sorry he won't be there.

(EXT: LONDON, ENGLAND- Edmund's creepy castle-like mansion)

---The nurse walks into Edmund's study and tells him that the patient is awake and asking for him. Edmund asks if she informed her of the progress she's made and the nurse says she hadn't, that she was going to let him do that.

"It's wonderful though, isn't it? Moments like this must make you proud to be a doctor. After next week, all traces of the aneurism will be gone, thanks to your treatment. It's such an honor to work with you...."

"Yes it is. Thanks for everything you've done- you can go home now. And I won't be needing you after next week....."

She leaves and Edmund heads toward Sophia's room. He sees her, sitting up, looking stronger than ever. He says that she's coming along nicely, but the treatment is worker much slower than anticipated. He says that due to all the trauma, certain areas of her brain aren't functioning as they normally would, which ultimately, is slowing down the process. Sophia is disappointed, saying that she's anxious to get home to her family. Though she can't remember telling them, if they think she's on a business trip, they must wonder why she's been gone for so long. Edmund fills in the holes in the story, telling her that she explained to them that it's a retreat she's on and that it could run anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on the turnout- so they wouldn't be expecting her home yet.

"Yes, but they haven't even heard from me in weeks, so they may be worried. And I actually feel up to talking to them today....isn't there a way I could call them?"

"I don't think it's a good idea. We want you to make a full recovery and I don't need you expending any strength by getting upset in any way. I know you miss them but you'll be with them soon enough...."

"But you just said it's going slower than expected........isn't there a way that we could speed the process along?"

"Funny that you mention it, because there is."

He tells her that patients in the past have undergone hypnosis with him to trigger the area of the brain he needs at high function for the treatments to be effective. He tells her that, if it's okay with her, he'd like to begin tonight, especially since she's feeling stronger. Sophia says that she'd do just about anything to get back to her family quicker and agrees to it. Edmund gives her the waiver she needs to sign before they can begin. She asks if he wants to do it right away....saying she'd like a little time to think, especially since it's the best she's felt in some time. Edmund agrees but says that they should start quickly, since it's going to be a bit timely.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

---The party is in full swing, with many guests in attendance. The focus starts with Ted and Angela, who are just being introduced to Ashton. Angela asks Ted if he'd like a drink and he says he would, though he seems kind of distant. She goes to the bar and orders him one, bumping into Warren. Angela asks him what he's doing there, saying he's not exactly the Capwells' biggest fan. He says that he's always had a soft spot for Kelly. He asks how things are going with 'Prince Harry.'

"If you're referring to Ted.....he's been kind of tense lately. He did just lose his mother...."

"I guess that would make anyone a little tense. How about you? How are you doing?"

Angela claims she's fine but Warren can tell she's not. She says that Ted has been kind of distant lately and she's beginning to wonder it's something more than Sophia's death. She asks him for his complete confidence and he agrees, so she tells him about the conversation she overheard between Ted and Kelly earlier in the week. Warren tells her she shouldn't worry, that he loves her- anyone can see that.

"But he was right Warren- I don't know how to comfort him sometimes. And I'm not Sophia and I never will be. If that's the kind of woman he wants......It's not who I am and it probably never will be."

---The focus shifts to Mason arriving and Kelly introducing him to Ashton. CC asks him where Mary is, saying he fully expected she'd be coming. Mason says she was grateful for the invitation but she didn't think she should be there. Mason says that he tried to convince her otherwise but she wouldn't have it. CC says it was probably best, since Julia is there and remarks that Mason should be putting his energies into his marriage and family. Though it's wonderful Mary is alive, he's committed to Julia. Kelly sees that Mason is about to go on a rampage and asks him if he came alone. Mason guiltily looks at her and says he did not. Pamela walks in behind him, taking her son's arm.

"Hello everyone. Kelly, congratulations."

"Why would you bring her here?" CC says, looking at Mason "You know her history with your sister- it's completely out of...."

"It's alright daddy" Kelly interrupts "She's Mason's mother. He should spend all the time with her that he can. Pamela, this is my husband, Ashton Lavery...."

"Lavery......Lavery......Oh goodness, Edmund Lavery's son?"

"Yes. You know my father?"

"He's quite a prestigious man back in London- a very talented neurologist and psychologist. I've read a few articles about him. He actually lived in Santa Barbara for a while- fell in love with some American girl while in med school and married her....."

"That was my mother. I actually was born here."

"I'm so sorry," Pamela responds, "I should have realized- I read that she died when you were born. How tragic...."

Ashton remarks that it was and thanks her for the sympathy as CC looks intensely at him. Gina, Lily, and little Channing arrive and offer Kelly their good wishes. Ashton asks his wife who this lovely woman could be and Kelly sarcastically remarks it's Gina, her father's three time ex-wife. Ashton says he's pleased to meet her and her lovely daughter (and son). Gina is quite charmed by him. Lily looks around to see if Rafe has arrived. Julia descends on the group and mentions to Mason that Samantha called and she's on her way with Rafe and Adriana. Julia tells him that she finally got the casts off today and that she sounds very relieved. Mason says that he can't wait to see her and Julia asks if Mary is coming. Mason tells her she's not and that he was hoping they could spend some time together. She says maybe later and excuses herself to talk to Warren at the bar. Everyone begins dispersing and mingling with the party guests.

Gina bumps into Joann and asks what she's even doing there in the first place. Joann says she could very well ask Gina the same question. She tells her that CC wanted her to meet Kelly and her new husband and she wasn't about to disappoint her boss. Gina reminds her that he'd be awfully disappointed if he knew she was involved with Kirk and the takeover.

"And I'm sure he'd be more furious with you, especially since I'm the one that saved the company from Kirk. We've been through this already, Gina, it's getting quite tiresome." She spots Keith arriving with Elizabeth. "Isn't that Keith over there? And wow, Elizabeth looks stunning, moreso than I've ever seen her look. Perhaps you should worry about holding on to your twisted boyfriend instead of taunting me...."

She walks away as Gina immediately goes up to Keith when she sees him going to the bar. Gina asks him what he's doing there, since he wouldn't come with her. He says that he didn't come with her because he was coming with Elizabeth. He tells her not to worry about what he's up to, she'll know soon enough. In the meantime, he asks her to play along and behave while he's with Elizabeth. He tells her that it's very important that CC see him with Elizabeth.

Kelly notices Elizabeth waiting for Keith and asks CC what she's doing there. CC says that he invited her, though he's regretful of it after what happened with Keith earlier. Kelly asks what he's talking about and he tells her it's unimportant. He says that, even though there was much tension between them, Sophia loved her sister deep down and would want her family to know her now. Kelly says she isn't so sure of that, especially in light of everything Elizabeth did before she died. CC does wonder if she is indeed right, as he stares at Elizabeth. Elizabeth notices him looking and stares back. Just as he's about to approach her, he spots Keith bringing their drinks. An angry look takes over his face and he begins to walk....but gets a phone call and excuses himself to another room.

(EXT: Edmund's creepy house)

---Alone, Sophia tries to remember talking to her family, but is frustrated when she is unable to. She opens the door from her room and, seeing the coast is clear, walks the halls, looking in each room. She finally comes across a room with a phone in it and walks up to it. She dials CC's cell phone number, checking behind her to make sure nobody is coming. The phone begins ringing.....

FLASH TO (The Party)

CC asks the person on the phone if they have the test results. They tell them that they do and as they're about to give them to him, he hears his call waiting. He checks the phone number and doesn't recognize it, so he continues with his conversation, again asking for the results.


Sophia sitting on the phone, impatiently waiting for him to answer.

"C'mon CC, pick up.........Voice Mail.......damnit..........I should say something, let him know things are okay......"

The phone goes dead and Sophia begins saying "Hello" repeatedly into the phone. She looks up and sees Edmund standing with the cord in his hand, staring at her.


CC asks the person if they're positive it's not a match. They say they re-ran the test 3 times and it proved conclusively each time that CC and Ashton could not have come from the same gene pool. CC thanks them for their help and hangs up. CC walks back into the party and sees Elizabeth dancing with Keith. He walks directly up to her, breaking them up and taking her by the arm.

"You and I need to have a little talk...."

"Ow, CC, you're hurting me....."

CC ignores her and leads her to another room. Keith looks at Gina across the room, watching the action. He raises his glass to her.

THE END.................for the week


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Thank You for keeping Sophia awake for longer then the paragraph. Now the best thing would have been if she walked into the party and slugged Elizabeth and Pamela. But I will take what I can get. :D

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Thank You for keeping Sophia awake for longer then the paragraph. Now the best thing would have been if she walked into the party and slugged Elizabeth and Pamela.

:lol: Sophia actually ate up some of Elizabeth's airtime today- so I ended Lizzie's story with a cliffhanger instead. Monday is going to be HUGE for CC/Elizabeth though.

Poor Sophia though. She probably rues the day I ever started writing this thing! :lol:

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Loved this episode! I can't believe CC didn't pick up the phone! I truly wonder what Ashton has in mind for CC and the Capwells. This will be intense. Excellent job!

I will try to be there tomorrow for your show!

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I'm not even sure what I want to see happen at this point so much is goin on. I hope we get to see more of Sophia sooner rather than later. After Mason and Julai, CC and Sophia were my favorites. Whatever Ashton has in mind for the Capwell clan I have no doubt it is bad news all the way. He will cause pain and heartache.

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How many kids did this dog sire, anyway? Everytime he turns around, one of C.C.'s supposed children come out of the woodwork. I know it said she wasn't his, but I wonder if the test results have been changed?

Aye.....what am I saying?! This isn't Days Of Our Lives!

Great, great work, Juniorz. I will be looking forward to Monday indeed.

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Thanks for the scenes with Sophia!!! I can only imagine what you have in store for her now that Edmund caught her on the phone. :blink: Great job with all the party scenes I could just picture CC's expression when he saw Keith with Elizabeth!!!

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Thanks for the scenes with Sophia!!! I can only imagine what you have in store for her now that Edmund caught her on the phone. :blink: Great job with all the party scenes I could just picture CC's expression when he saw Keith with Elizabeth!!!

I have a feeling that Sophia's troubles are just beginning...but remember what happened the last time Sophia lost her memory, regained it, and came back to Santa Barbara??? All I can say is, PAYBACKS ARE HELL! :D

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I have a feeling that Sophia's troubles are just beginning...but remember what happened the last time Sophia lost her memory, regained it, and came back to Santa Barbara??? All I can say is, PAYBACKS ARE HELL! :D

Elizabeth and Pamela better watch out!!!! When she comes back she is going to be going for their throats!!!! :o

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Elizabeth and Pamela better watch out!!!! When she comes back she is going to be going for their throats!!!! :o

Lets hope it does not take her as long to get to SB as it did the first time...what was it...more then 10 years? I am not sure we could wait that long. :lol:

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16 years I believe it was. So you girls better not get on my bad side! :lol:

Kidding, of course. You know I love you all. See you tonight!!!!!

By the way, no time for a news item. The news will be announced on the radio show. :)

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Another great episode. The mystery is really getting good with all the storylines. Don't forget Roman, that Ashton was the one that handed the hair to Rosa to give to CC. No one said he gave her his hair. I do wonder if Edmund's plan includes letting CC find out what he did or if he just wants CC to think she is gone. I also wonder how long Gina will be able to "behave" while Keith pretends to be interested in Elizabeth. If memory serves me right, Gina was never had a lot of patience.

Gotta get back to work. Can't wait to catch up.


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