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  1. Dawn

    Episode 58

    Just got caught up on the last 3 episodes. Lots of action going on with all the characters. Can't wait to see what Sophia says when she starts to speak to Edmund. I can't remember the timing for Mason and Mary exactly either. They were together in there fantasy land tent before the rape so that would go along with the baby being further along than Mark had been saying. Question now is where is said baby girl?
  2. Dawn

    Episode 54

    I have that poem What a tangled web we weave running through my head now. Even if Santana gets to Angel which map will he give to her? Our boy Cruz is in a lot of trouble. Kirk is crazy.
  3. Dawn

    Episode 53

    Good I hate to see things left undone. Thanks!!
  4. Dawn

    Episode 53

    So if Mark is still living and breathing who died at the church all those years ago? I hope they get to Cruz before the kidnappers get him.
  5. Dawn

    Episode 47

    Funny the famous dinner scene should be mentioned. I was just watching it this evening. Pamela never has been a character I liked because of her extremes. I think she was important to the show at various times but I am glad she wasn't part of the day to day show for an extended period of time. Love to see Julia supporting Mason in this dealing with his mother.
  6. Dawn

    Episode 44

    I'm not even sure what I want to see happen at this point so much is goin on. I hope we get to see more of Sophia sooner rather than later. After Mason and Julai, CC and Sophia were my favorites. Whatever Ashton has in mind for the Capwell clan I have no doubt it is bad news all the way. He will cause pain and heartache.
  7. Dawn

    Episode 40

    That was hilarious. You took what was a painful time for all of us and made it something funny. Thanks for that. You can tell the die hard soap viewers when we catch all the clues to the characters they have played on other soaps. Gotta say Justin Deas is Keith for me. During SB's run I had troubles seeing Marj Dusay as Pamela as well. I saw her version of Pamela as being to strong to be run over by CC.
  8. Dawn

    Episode 34

    You knew Sophia couldn't be dead. She's the mother. So as long as the family think she is dead they won't go looking for her. Sophia doesn't want the family looking for her so she won't realize she has been kidnapped and is presumed dead for a bit right? Pamela needs to have an anvil fall on her. Elizabeth I still am reserving judgement on. She may surprise us yet.
  9. Dawn

    Episode 33

    Oh that was so incredibly sad. Beautifully written but still so sad.
  10. Dawn

    Episode 32

    No Sophia can't be dead. Pamela made that phone call when everything started. Those drugs were to induce just this result so she and the doctor can take Sophia away right? Sophia can't die. Love that Julia can't stay away from Mason when he is in pain. She is still the one he turns to in a crisis.
  11. Dawn

    Episode 31

    Well I must say Pamela is just as messed up now as she was back then. Good stuff. Granted Sophia didn't make the best choice by not helping her sister but Elizabeth has taken her revenge to a much deeper level than a normal person would consider necessary. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  12. Sad to say the last movie I saw was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I found it very funny and plan on buying it when it comes to DVD. I have an extensive video collection just no time to watch them lately. Haven't had time to go to the movies either.
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