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Episode 43




(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---CC arrives for work for the day and Kathleen gives him his messages. He asks her if Elizabeth is in her office yet and she nods that she is, though she asked not to be disturbed. CC reminds her that even though they've merged, he's still the CEO of Capwell Enterprises and can see whoever he damn well pleases.

"Of course, of course you can, shall I let her know you're coming."

"Let her know, don't let her know, what do I give a damn, just don't let anyone disturb us once I'm in there!"

"Yes Mr. Capwell."

CC bursts into Elizabeth's office and is surprised by who she's with.

"Timmons, what the hell are you doing here? What business could you possibly have...?!?..."

"Relax CC, don't go giving yourself another stroke there.... I just stopped by to visit with a friend, nothing more."

"A friend?"

"Yes, a friend, CC," Elizabeth interrupts "that alright with you?"

"Fine, fine, but I need to speak with you alone..."

"What about?"

During their banter, Keith subtly turns the two-way speaker on. He tells Elizabeth he'll be seeing her later, he hopes, and he'll give them the privacy they need. CC sarcastically thanks him for giving him privacy in HIS BUILDING! Keith smiles and says he's more than happy to. He leaves the office, heading into the hallway. He tells Kathleen that there's a delivery coming in on the 3rd floor and CC can't sign for it, since he's tied up. He offers to keep an eye on the phones for her while she goes to do it. Kathleen tells him she's not falling for it, no way is she leaving her desk without hearing from CC. Keith calls her bluff, telling her to go ahead and interrupt him then, after he sent Keith out there to avoid that in the first place. Kathleen squints at Keith and he squints back at her. Exasperated, she heads for the elevator, and, once she's out of sight, he turns on the speaker phone. He listens in as CC tells Elizabeth of the party that he's throwing for Kelly that night and tells her it would mean a lot to him if she'd come. At first, she's hesitant, saying that she doesn't know if it's right, especially after everything that's happened with Sophia and what his children obviously think of her. CC insists that they don't know her like he does and he'd like for them to get to know her, especially in light of her sister's death. Keith continues listening, not noticing someone approaching him.


"SHHHHH, I"m trying to hear...."

"Oh, don't tell me you're spying on Elizabeth again- Keith, I honestly don't see why you're so...."

"Will you Shut UP? I can't hear them...."

They listen in as Elizabeth tells CC that she'll think about it. He says she can bring someone if she like but he wants her to be there. Keith complains to Gina that they missed everything as CC exits Elizabeth's office.

"Timmons, what the hell are you still doing in the building? And Gina, shouldn't you be working? I looked at the numbers for Gina Jeans last night and well...."

"CC believe me I know, I'm working hard on taking care of it, believe me. With the campaign I have laid out, our numbers should skyrocket in Spring.."

"You'd better hope so..."

(EXT: Santa Barbara Police Station)

----Vic tells Cruz that the FBI is being brought in to investigate Marta's kidnapping. Cruz admits that he can't believe they've heard nothing from the kidnappers yet and is beginning to fear the worst. Vic asks Cruz if that means he's starting to believe that Adriana was indeed the intended victim. Before Cruz can answer, Vic gets a call from someone, saying that two incoming calls have come into the Ramirez house. Vic asks if they were able to get a trace and as he tries to listen to the answer, there's a commotion outside.

"Castillo? CASTILLO? I don't care who he's with....this is my DAUGHTER I'm talkin about.....CASTILLO?!??"

Cruz looks at Vic and opens the door, telling everyone it's alright and for Angel to come inside. Cruz asks him what's going on and Angel says that he's heard from the kidnappers. Cruz asks if they were on the line very long, and Angel says they weren't, but it doesn't matter since they're using a scrambler.

"He's right- that's what the tech guys were just telling me on the phone..."

"These guys are pros, Castillo, I'm not kiddin."

"Any idea who they could be?" Cruz asks.

Angel tells him that it's definitely related to Carlos. Cruz wonders how he's certain and Angel tells him they threatened to kill Marta if he testifies. Cruz inquires about Marta, asking if they let him speak to her, which Angel says they did. Angel tells him they don't want the FBI involved. If they get wind of any involvement from them, Marta's dead. Angel says that he can't possibly have the resources for everything they need. He says that the kidnappers then told him that they already know that the SBPD is involved with the case, especially since Angel had done undercover work for them.

"What do they want Angel?"

"Isn't they obvious? They want the charges against Carlos dropped, they don't want me testifying, etc..... It's all to protect him..."

"They have to know we're not gonna go for that...."

"What do you MEAN we're not gonna go for that?" Angel exclaims "This is my daughter we're talkin about- we're gonna do everything we can for my baby girl and her safety, D.A.'s office be damned..."

"We're gonna get her back man, we are, but you gotta trust me..."

"Look Castillo, you got me into this mess. It's because of you and Boswell there that my daughter is in danger in the first place. Now if you're not gonna help...."

"I didn't say that.....look, we'll get em, I promise. I'm comin over right now and I'm stayin with you and Carla until they call again. We'll get em Angel, you got my word...."


---Adriana and Rafe sit in the waiting room while Samantha gets her casts removed. Adriana gets up and starts pacing, asking how long it could possibly take for them to remove some casts. Rafe walks up and puts his arm on his niece, trying to get her to calm down.

"CALM DOWN? How can I? I was almost kidnapped and because of me, Marta could be dead right now..."

"You can't think like that- none of this is your fault. Like your dad said, they don't even know for sure that you were the target, so just take it easy..."

"I don't care what they say. I'm telling you, they were after ME!"

Rafe asks how she can be sure and she tells him it was the way the guy was acting. She doesn't look a thing like Marta and he was well aware of what he was doing when he grabbed her. Though she says she only remembers bits and pieces, the guy was almost trying to make her comfortable the whole time, saying she wouldn't be hurt if he just did as he asked. She reminds him that the only time that what he was doing was unclear is when Marta sprayed him with the mace. Rafe reiterates that if he wanted Adriana, he wouldn't have let her go and taken Marta instead.

"You're as bad as they are. Well NONE of you were there. I was..."

Rafe asks her if she can remember anything specific, anything that would absolutely confirm the kidnappers were after her. Adriana thinks hard, but says everything she's told him is what she remembers. She gets angry with herself that she can't trigger her own memory and grunts in frustration as Samantha walks out. Rafe walks up to her, asking how she is.

"My balance is going to be off for a little bit & you and I are still gonna have to do some physical therapy. I have to walk around with this stick for a while" she says, lifting her cain, "but Dr. Normandy said with the right amount of exercise and rest, should be good as new in no time.... Isn't that great A? I'll be able to actually get around like a normal person at the reception tonight.....A..."

"Yeah....great....excuse me you guys, I'll be right back."

She exits to the ladies room and Samantha asks what's with her. Rafe says that there's still no word on Marta and she's pretty upset about it.

"Poor kid. I swear to God, something nuts is always happening to my aunt & uncle, I don't know how Adriana keeps up......I'm sorry, I forgot he's your brother..."

"Nah, it's alright. It's true...."

Samantha asks him if he's going to dance with her tonight at the party. Rafe says that he thought she was supposed to be taking it easy and slow.

"And EXERCISE, Rafe, exercise. Don't be such a stick in the mud- I know you latino guys know how to move....."

Rafe smiles at her and suggests he might, if she can behave herself.

"I'm not promising...." Samantha smiles.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises- CC's office)

---CC sits at his desk, talking urgently to someone on the phone. He asks if they have the DNA results ready yet and the person tells him they won't be ready until later in the day, possibly tomorrow.

"You listen to me, I've donated a lot of money for research at that lab over the years. This is an urgent matter and I expect the results no later than the end of the day today.........Listen, I don't care HOW backed up you are..........Then you tell him that he has to work late, I don't care what you do, I WANT THOSE RESULTS TONIGHT!!!!"

He slams the phone down and grabs his head in frustration.

"I feel sorry for whoever was on the receiving end of that" Keith says, from the doorway, "then again, CC Capwell is a man who gets what he wants...."

"How the HELL did you get in here?"

"That cute little secretary of yours had to powder her nose......"

"I thought you left earlier...."

Keith says that he had, but he actually wanted to come back and thank CC, especially after what he learned in his conversation with Elizabeth.

"Thank Me? Timmons, I wouldn't do you a favor if my life depended on it.......So whatever it is you're talking about, you're way off-base...."

"I don't think so, CC. Not about this. And I'm not thanking you for me..........I'm thanking you for little Channing of course...."

"Channing......what's Channing got to do with......"

CC stops himself as he realizes that Keith must be talking about the amendment to the will.

"What? Go on, finish CC......You where saying what's Channing got to..."

"You're bluffing Timmons, Elizabeth trusts you about as far as she can throw you....."

"That may be true, but she did trust me enough.....as a lawyer, of course.....to give me a copy of this......" he hands CC the paperwork. "Those are the contracts the two of you had drawn up, no ? The ones where Elizabeth stipulated that none of Sophia's children could inherit Capwell? The one you SIGNED and AGREED TO? Oh and here...." he hands CC another document "This is the amendment to the will.......go on, page 2, paragraph 5, you know where I'm going, keep up with me......Ahem......To my son, Channing Creighton Capwell IV...... I bequeath all shares in my company, Capwell Enterprises.......all of its subisidaries......I'm paraphrasing of course, but you get the idea no? I thought it was strange that Sophia was barred from the company, but now, I can't help but ask myself, why, WHY would CC Capwell agree to such a demand... and WHY would Ms. Elizabeth Wayne insist on it?"

"Get out."

"Care to comment, CC"

"Get out, Get OUT, GET OUT!!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!! NOW!!! GO!!!!"

Keith smiles his smug smirk and waves CC good-bye. He shuts the door and the camera zooms in on CC's beat red, angry face.

THE END...............for TODAY!!!!


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Juniorz, I have been so far behind on reading and not making as many comments as I should. I do love every episode you do, but this was one of your better ones - at least for me. I loved picturing Justin Deas and Jed Allan in my mind acting out that final scene. Man those two were great together.

As you know I have both of them in my blog and wrote some stuff for the two of them this week, and also for Jed & Lane Davies - as their characters in my blog of course. I love the chemistry between both Lane & Justin with Jed. They seem to bring out the best in each other.

Anyway I could just see Justin and Jed playing off one another in my head, and it was great. Thanks for the visuals.

Loved CC and Elizabeth too.

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Loved it! I can picture Keith with those documents and CC's face just turning beet red. I love how you write Keith, it's perfect. Steve is so correct, the chemistry between the characters on RTSB is amazing. It is perfect. Excellent, excellent job

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