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Ms. Walsh


I've been scoping around for internships so that I won't have to return to the simple life during the summer. There were some great opportunities, like this internship with a travel guide company that's in Prague; however, one of the essay questions was what my last travelling experience was and what I learned from it. Thus, that one was scraped very quickly.

But then there's one working for P&G in NYC, and I'm definitely going to apply because that would mean working for ATWT! Seriously, I think I have a good chance because I am a student at a prominent college and I just happen to be a devoted soap opera fan. The job also states that I'd have to work on pgpphoto.com which I already know and I'd have to alert all the soap mags about upcoming storylines and previews!! Isn't that awesome?? I think this is the ideal internship.

As for spring break, I'm thinking about doing something like volunteering in New Orleans or something, like with abandoned animals maybe. I don't know...I guess it's better than schlepping it around the house doing nothing, but that's probably what I'll do anyway since I'll definitely be needing a break from all this homework though. See, this is the downside to not being a co-ed and being able to take a vacation in Cancun and wind up on MTV's Spring Break or, better, Girls Gone Wild.

I also think that I will put my name in the housing lottery. I'm going to pick 3 or 4 houses in the Quad and 1 or 2 houses on Green Street...all of which have dining with every meal. And I'm definitely going to be looking at getting a single, which is why the Quad is more efficient.

Okay, here's how it stacks up:

The house that I currently live in has 25 singles and 23 doubles. The only people who get singles are juniors and seniors.

House A has 41 singles and 14 doubles

House B has 21 singles and 16 doubles

House C has 58 singles and 9 doubles

House D has 61 singles and 13 doubles

House E has 74 singles and 0 doubles

So I think my chances in these houses (maybe not house B as much, so that will probably be my last choice) are better at getting a single.

Again, I should have gone ahead with ResLife, but I guess it will all work out in the end...hopefully.

I'm seriously going to take a class at Hampshire or Amherst next semester. I'd rather take it at Amherst because Hampshire kids tend to be really hippy-dippy and don't shower. :lol: But Hampshire offers "alternative" classes, which could be a lot more interesting.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Vagina Monologues, which has gained a lot of hype on campus. There was a debate between the play's producers and the Smith Republicans. I attended the debate, and the Reps did SO poorly. I mean, they were clearly in the minority anyway, but this one girl kept saying the STUPIDEST things. I can't even remember them, but trust me...they were pathetic! I felt really bad! :lol:

And I might be working in the vegetarian/vegan house now. <_< Okay, it is sooooooooooo boring there because nobody shows up, but it's the only other dining hall that looks like it has a decent staff. All the "too cool for school" WS majors go to the other v/v house, so I'll just be sitting there eating tofu burgers. :mellow: But I have come to the conclusion that hummus is amazing! If I had the time and the money, I would go downtown tomorrow and buy some. Also, I did eat at the v/v house this afternoon because I was craving soup and they were serving cream of broccoli...and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!

Okay, that's it.



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