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i'm a nerd (photos included)

Ms. Walsh


Okay, I woke up at 9.30 today to go to the library to do my homework (and will probably do the same tomorrow). Oh, it gets better. Last night (Friday, mind you) I went to the library at 8 until 11 doing Women's Studies and internship research. I swear, I must be the world's biggest loser because who the hell wastes away her weekend doing school work??

I'm on a procrastination break right now until 1, but I'm hoping to finish my Women's Studies (one more articulo!!) and History by 3.30-4ish so I can go make my bed, shower, and do some laundry (because I'm on my last pair of underwear.)

Anyway, I'm getting nervous about this housing lottery. I'm like 95% sure that I'm going to request another house, but I'm still scared. What if I get the last pick for my class?? I mean, someone has to be last, so it might be me!! :o And then I'm going to get put in the nasty houses!!! This is terrible! But I am really looking forward to living in a single, especially since my roommate is leaving me next semester!! All of the houses in the Quad are pretty, so I'm hoping that it will work out for the best.

This is the house that I'm aiming to get put into:

IPB Image

and then these are a few others:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

and this the house that I currently live in:

IPB Image

isn't it so cute?? Sometimes I wonder why I'm even thinking of doing this!!

I'm also applying for a job working Reunion (after finals in May), and playing servant to wealthy Smith alumnae for two weeks...but I get paid $800+ and get free board (living in a Smith house obviously...probably my own) which is sweet. I have to write an essay explaining why I want to be a worker!?!? How messed up is that? But I think I have a good chance of getting it because I do have work experience and I have a job on-campus. So hopefully they'll let me in. :( I hope they'll accept me because I really want to work, and maybe Gloria Steinem will attend because she's an '56 so it'd be her 50th year reunion!! Wouldn't that be fab if I got to meet her???? :D

Also, I hate to say this, but I'm already looking into classes for next semester. We do have to register in March, which is not that far away!! Obviously, there will be a Spanish class, maybe a Math class??, a History class, and Women's Studies or some other elective class that hopefully I'll be able to take at Hampshire or Amherst. One of my friends is taking this Biology class for non-majors at Hampshire on animal behavior and it looks fascinating! We're plotting what classes to take, so we can take one together at another school. B)

Okay, must go back to work!

--Au revoir!


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