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my choice

Ms. Walsh



I'm definitely moving. I think it's for the best. I've been contemplating this for several days, and there are times when I feel like I shouldn't be doing this...but overall I think it's the safer option. And who knows? I might move back senior year. I just think that it will better to live somewhere else and not have to explain to someone why I'm doing certain things. Like I can't even do homework on Fridays and Saturdays in the room because it's just impossible, so I have to go to the library. And not having to care about when another person wakes up and goes to bed. Maybe this is a bad sign, like that I shouldn't get married or something...but I think I've already decided not to get married anyway. Plus, it's not happening for another 10 years at least. I'm nervous about room draw, though, but I'm sure that I'll get a single because I'll just pick houses with a lot of them.

Also, I think I'm getting a cold. :(


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