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Episode #251 - Monday, November 27th, 2006:


- Carrie and Austin both swear to Roman that they had nothing to do with Alan's death, but he tells them their word is meaningless right now.

- Frankie and Greta share their passionate kiss. Everything around them slows down and only they exist....until someone is shown watching them kiss.

- Austin tells Roman that he has a way to prove to Roman that he and Carrie have nothing to hide! When Roman asks how, Austin makes a mysterious phone call and asks someone to come to the Pub. Meanwhile, Lucas demands to know why Alan's bloody clothes were in Sami's fireplace, but she stays tight-lipped.

- Frankie and Greta are being watched!........................by ERIC! A devastated Eric quickly takes off before anyone can catch him.

- A polygraph performer enters the pub. Austin reveals to everyone that anyone who wants to prove to Roman that they have nothing to hide can prove so in the polygraph! Roman tells Austin that polygraph tests aren't admissable in court and mean nothing. But Austin convinces Carrie to take it with him. And she agrees.

- Eric enters the Cheatin' Heart and begins to nail back shots as if there were no tomorrow.

- Greta and Frankie wonder what their kiss means for them. Neither is forthcoming about their feelings for the other. They are interrupted when Alice calls Greta and asks her about volunteering at the hospital for the rest of Thanksgiving Day.

- Everyone is shocked when Lucas, Will, and Sami all refuse to take the polygraph test. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie follow through on their promise to take the lie detector test.

- At the hospital, Greta realizes that her volunteering as a candy striper has led her into Celeste's room. After they get to talking, Celeste asks Greta why she is being so cold and official with her. Greta tells Celeste that she doesn't want to hear any of her gloom and doom premonitions. Celeste says on the contrary.........she sees Greta finding true love with a man and making love for the very first time....VERY SOON!!!

- The bartender asks Eric what he is drinking his way away from. Eric tells him that the love of his life has fallen in love with another man. When Annie walks in and tries to comfort Eric, he drunkenly lashes out and tells her that they are THROUGH forever! He says he was only using her to try and get over Greta and that it hasn't worked. Annie is devastated and storms off. When the bartender tells him he is cut off, Eric manages to manipulate the bartender just starting her shift into rounding up some more shots. Meanwhile, a woman peers through the window at Eric. She walks through the door and sits on the stool next to him. Eric is intrigued. "Hey."....she says. "Do I know you....?"....Eric asks in a drunken slur. "No...well....not nearly well enough.".....she smiles wickedly.


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