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Casting News and Notes



Who's IN?

Mandy Musgrave (Chelsea Brady)- The actress officially returns to her role on January 27. She originally signed a three year deal when she returned but due to storyline reasons she will be exiting in early Spring. "There was simply a change of plans," says a show rep. However, insiders hint that her exit may not be final and that she may return at a later time as her primary story is said to be being "put on hold" for now.

Joshua &Jacob Rips (John Thomas "JT" Brady Reiber)-The twins recently reprised their roles as Bo and Hope's former "son." As to how long they remain-stay tuned this week to learn what JT's fate is along with the other children's.

Who's OUT?

Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart)- As previously reported, the actor is on hiatus but has pre-taped some scenes that will be airing over the next month to finish out the story for now. Look for Patrick's past to start to come to light and then be put away for awhile until late Spring when the character will return in a hot summer story.

John Ingle (Mickey Horton)- The actor last aired on January 17 when he appeared as a ghost, something that may happen again in the future. "We realize how important Mickey is to the show but we felt it was best for the show and for Maggie that he be killed off for storyline purposes. The actor is great and will be missed but he never fit the role of Mickey. The presence of the character will be missed though," says a show rep.

Frank Parker (Shawn Brady Sr.)- The actor last aired on January 9 after his alter ego was killed off in a car accident. "This was done for reasons similar to killing off Mickey. Its was just best for the show and for the other characters, especially Caroline. It gives us lots of story to tell," says a show rep.

Rhasaan Orange (Thomas 'Tek" Kramer)- "Tek" was killed off and last aired January 5. he may return at some point in a dream or as a ghost. "We love Rhasaan but we had no place left to go with the character. The story never took off and his exit kicks off a huge story for Abe, Lexie, and Celeste," says a show rep.

Status Changes

John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) and Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault)- Both have been upgraded to contract status and have two year deals. Insiders say both were upgraded because they have tremendous amounts of story coming up and will spend a great deal of time this year on the front burner. Rumor has it they will both be embroiled in hot romances...stay tuned.

Other Notes

Arianne Zuker (Nicole Walker)- The actress is on hiatus but will reappear in early February with a hot new story.

Wayne Norhrup (Dr. Alex North)- Insiders say he will be back soon (when you least expect it) and the whole truth about him will finally be revealed.

Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) and Julianne Morris (Great von Amburg)-Morris returned to the show on December 30 to the surprise of many Days fans. Both characters will not be featured prominently on the canvas for awhile (both will still be seen). Insiders say their story is slowly building and will be huge come late Spring.

Be on the look out for 3 more big returns in February. Also, I need all readers of my fan fic to post a ideal guest list of who they want to see at the funeral for Mickey and Shawn Sr next month. Please post them in the comments section ASAP. I am also gonna be casting another role which I will need your opinions on. Look for more on that soon. My format is gonna be much shorter from now on and I am still trying to catch up so bare with me please. Everything should be caught up by Monday night so keep reading and please post youruneral guest lists.


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Fueral Guest List


Melissa Anderson

Sarah Horton

Bill Horton

Laura Horton

Mike Horton


Tommy (brother), Sandy (Tommy's daughter, last seen as doctor who took the bloodtest in th e80's to prove Tony wasn't Stefano's!)


Steven (Julie's brother), Spencer, never cast (Steven's son)

Jessica Blake, Marie's daughter with Alex Marshall, possibly her husband Josh Fallon

Susan Martin, former client, durign which case he fell in love with Laura, Julie's ex-best friend/nemesis

Don Craig, former colleague who once went after Maggie's affections!




Possibly cast his never befire seen sister-Molly Brady Murphy!



Will (They really pushed him in babysittign Will during the SSK, could be a great character development to have him having had a great attachment to Shawn)

Rex, Cassie

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Mickey's Guests

Laura Horton

Tommy Horton

Marie Horton

Bill Horton

Sandy Horton

Steven Olson

Mike Horton

Jeremy Horton

Jessica Blake

Sarah Horton

Melissa Anderson

Janice Barnes

Pete Jannings

Grandpa Shawn's Guests

Brady Black

Rex Brady

Cassie Brady

Eric Brady

Kayla Johnson

Stephanie Kay Johnson

Kimberly Brady

Shane Donovan

Jeannie Donovan

Andrew Donovan

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