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October 19, 2006



-Sami has gotten up early on this morning. She has decided that maybe if she can cook Lucas a huge breakfast, he would not start his day off being so mad at her. Sami talks to herself:

Sami: All the times I’ve told him and everyone else how much I’ve changed, I then go and do something really damn stupid. When will I learn?

Lucas walk in the door at that moment.

Lucas: The question of the new millennium. Yes, Sami. When will you learn? It hasn’t happened yet.

Sami: Look, Lucas. I made a major mistake telling Lexie to say that to Carrie. It was mean and cruel.

Lucas: Obviously your two favorite words.

Sami:(Rolling her eyes) And I have tried to make amends for what happened. I even cooked you a big breakfast this morning.

Lucas: Ah, splendid. Not only have you once again manipulated my life from behind the scenes, you’re now trying to poison me with your 19th-century cooking. Do yourself a favor. Take this crap to Joliet State Prison. I’m sure the cons would love it.

Sami: You don’t intend to give me a break do you?!

Lucas: I’m giving you the very same break you give everyone else. I defended you and your feelings every time you decided to cuss people out, tell your mother how much of a slut she was, tell her and your sisters how much you hated them and wished they burned in hell, and even tell Roman that he will never be your father. That man has been through hell, but as per usual, the only person you ever consider is yourself. Maybe we are now sick and tired of you. How does it feel to have your entire family finally turn their backs on you?!

Sami has nothing to say to Lucas. Tears are streaming down her face at this point. All she can say is:

Sami: Remember Lucas I am trying to change. I gave up Will until I could show you all that I am serious. I will prove to you all that I can be what you all want me to be. Someone that my loved ones can be proud of.

Lucas: Well, I hope that happens but we've all been down this path with you before and the same old Sami showed up yet again eventually.

Sami: She won't this time. Now enough about me. I heard Austin and you have been quite busy.

Lucas: What do you mean?

Sami: I heard about your involvement with Victor as a way of getting Carrie to come back here.

Lucas: Yeah, so?

Sami: So...look you may get on me all the time and all but I still don’t want any harm to come to you. You and Austin are Will’s father and uncle, and with this war that is going on......if you don’t accept anything else, just, please, be careful.

Lucas:(After a brief pause) I’m touched. I’m used to hearing you go back off. Maybe some of that sunk in. Maybe. (Walking towards her) We’ll be careful. Stopping Stefano and his family is top priority. I gotta go.

Lucas walks over to his breakfast plate, takes some quick bites, looks at Sami, smiles, drinks his orange juice, and heads out the door. Sami just hopes that, even through his anger, he heeds her words.

-Carrie is sitting next to Alan, as he finally opens up about his past. He explains how, even as a high school jock and BMOK, he still was very distant from his father, who only expected perfection from Alan. He and his mother were very, very close, but, it was like a morgue once his father walked through the door. That is how he remembered living, until one day, when his parents got into a huge argument. He heard the bedroom door slam, and then heard his mother crying out for her father to stop it. Alan banged on the door over and over, but it was no use. His father then opened the door, Alan gave him a look of absolute hatred, and his father left them, never to return. He had just sexual assaulted his mother, and that had stuck with him from that day on. It is also where he grew his hatred of women from. Carrie explains to Alan that she was just looking to find out what happened to him while in prison. She had no idea he went through all that so early in his life. Carrie held him at this point, because Alan was crying his eyes out, just like a little boy.

-Billie runs into Hope and tells her she has been trying to call her with no answer. She tells her that Bo is looking for Chelsea. She is pleased to hear that Bo is looking for her. It may mean that he has stepped back from his need for vengeance where Chelsea and his family is concerned. Billie feels there maybe more behind his anger. He was mad, but seemed more so when he found Chelsea had been raped. Hope tells Billie that she noticed that off top. And his anger scared her. Something is behind his recent actions, Hope tells Billie. And when this is hopefully over, she intends to find out what it is.

-Doug, Julie, Laura, and Alice are at the Horton house discussing final plans for the Halloween Ball the next night. They are looking forward to putting their plan into action to help Maggie. They conversate about how it will be good to finally get Maggie away from Victor and back in the loving arms of her family. Julie tells Doug that she knows Victor means well, but with Maggie having such a hard time accepting Mickey’s death, the last place she needs to be is in the middle of this blood feud between him and Stefano. She could do something that just may put herself and everyone else in danger. Doug concurs, and says that the Halloween bash can’t get here soon enough. He loves Maggie too, and feels she is putting herself in danger staying at the Kiriakis Mansion. Alice, who has been listening, assures both of them that all will be well and that even if this plan fails they won't give up. They just need to have faith. Laura agrees and reiterates they they all need to hope for the best and that this doesn't backfire and push Maggie even further away.

-While the Hortons are busy with their plan to save Maggie, she is wandering the streets, once again looking for a bottle of liquor to drink. The temptation has returned and so has the guilt that had left her since moving in with Victor. She feels she has just made a huge mess of everything. She holds herself responsible not only for Mickey’s death, but also for blurting out Victor’s plan to his arch enemy. She can’t even see in front of her to recognize the intersection she’s about to walk into.....

-Bo makes it back to the mansion, and informs Victor & Austin that he still can’t find Chelsea. Lucas arrives while they are still discussing the matter. Victor asks Bo a very disturbing question:

Victor: Do you think Stefano has had her kidnapped?!

Bo: If I find out he has her, I’ll kill him myself. She doesn’t have one damn thing to do with this!

Lucas: Yeah. And neither did Lexie at first and look what happened to her.

Victor: Are you holding me responsible for her injuries, Lucas?

Lucas: No more responsible than anyone else. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Austin: Sounds like you’re talking about Maggie, not Lexie.

Victor: Which brings up something I have to tell you all. She’s gone, and I don’t know where she is. I kicked her out after that blunder with Stefano, and have had men out all day looking for her. I hope no harm has come to her.

Bo turns and looks at his father.

Bo: Victor, I told you she should have never been in this house in the first place. Now her life may be in danger, thanks to you.

Victor: (Turning towards Bo) Let me tell you something, boy. Don’t EVER question my motives. She’s my problem, and I’ll handle it.

Austin: I hope you can, because what she did may have put all of us in danger.

Bo: That means one thing. It's time to kick this war to the next level and end it before many more lives are destroyed.

The screen fades to black and the credits roll.

Next Time, On Salem Lives....

Victor to Julie: There is something I need to tell you.

Julie to Victor: What?

Victor: Maggie is missing and I need your help.

Billie to Bo: Hope and I are here to help.

Bo to Billie and Hope: The hell you are!!

Maggie: I wish I had died tonight. I have nothing to live for and all I do is screw up and ruin the lives of those I care about. I don't deserve love from anyone. I don't deserve to live.

Steve to Kayla: Ok Kayla. Fine. I am ready to listen now. Tell me everything.

Cassie to Max: Take me. You know you want to.

Abby (with Chelsea behind her and tears in her eyes): Oh...no. Max. No...

***This was the first episode my wonderful co-HW Roman (known in the blog as Patrick L. Ewing) wrote so I just wanted to add this here and say what a wonderful job he did. He will be writing much more in the future as him and I continue our successful partnership. I just wanted the fans to know as I have been writing the daily episodes and Roman deserves kudos so I will give him my props on a job well-done and I hope others will too. It is not easy to do this everyday and for him this is a big deal so I wanted to praise him and look forward to seeing his writing in the future. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.***

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