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GH Spoilers 5.6-5.10.2024 (Source SoapOperaNews.net)


Sonny and Natalia comfort each other.

Alexis tries to give Kristina some perspective.

Dante has a realization.

Ava is frustrated.



Carly eavesdrops on John.

Laura visits Heather at Pentonville.

Felica warns Anna about Valentin.

Sonny meets with Jordan.

Willow accepts Drew’s offer.



Jason tells Anna what the FBI has on him.

Carly tries to get information from Pikeman.

Dante breaks some news to Sam.

Lois and John catch up.

Brooklyn meets up with Chase before the celebrations begin.



Finn and Gregory have a disagreement over his care.

Ava feels slighted by Sonny.

Natalia tries to find a way to attend the wedding.

Jason tells Sam he is working with the FBI.

Jordan cautions Laura.



John confronts Jason about Carly.

Ava investigates Sonny’s medication.

Sonny has a proposition for Natalia.

Anna checks in with Dex about the PCPD.

Later,  Josslyn and Dex share a little flirty competition.


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May 2, 2024
Dressing room selfie.

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@generalhospitalabc (**edited** Thanks for the love regarding my hair color. My girl @chelseylent is very talented and brought my hair back to life. Just wanted to give her credit for all the work she did to get me back to blonde)


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Preview of one scene for Monday May 6

GH Sneak: Kristina Vents to Alexis
Kristina expresses her frustration about how much pressure everyone's putting on her as a surrogate and her pregnancy. Alexis hears her out, but she has some concerns of her own.

Look for "GH Sneak: Kristina Vents to Alexis" at these links:

At abc's GH page in the "Clips" section

On Hulu's GH page in the "Extras" section





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The fact that he gets a Deadline article would suggest the previously-spoiled Gio is not just a random wedding dayplayer. Having some new blood come in plus Lane Davies are signs of new things I like - I just wish this show had approached May sweeps the way GH customarily used to do, which is with a big, noisy event. It is past time. Why couldn't groom-to-be Chase get incriminating info on Pikeman and have them attack the wedding?

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