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ARTICLE: Daytime Broadcast Ratings for the Week of January 10-14, 2022


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5 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

Are you Josh? What numbers are you looking at? Y&R was down in almost ever category.


1 minute ago, DaytimeFan said:

You must be reading the wrong columns. Y&R is down substantially year on year and way down compared to 2020.

"Y&R" is not too far off from its performance one year earlier in the demos. In Total Viewers it's up year over year and up year over year in Households, and remains third or fourth in the demos (often second). Josh is safe.

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We all had this conversation not long ago; Y&R is creatively dead but relatively stable numbers-wise. It's no secret that it has been coasting on brand recognition and little else for years. Griffith has been burnt out since before he first came to the show but it doesn't matter because the show, parent company and network are just running out the clock and doing nothing new with it for as long as it can still turn a profit. It's a zombie soap.

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I have a feeling GH is going to overtake B&B for #2 in HH maybe by the end of the year. B&B has its ups and downs like every show, but GH has been making strides keeping steady in the 2.2 million viewer range, and if it continues on the uptick well...

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