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Tailor Made Roles

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Charita Bauer as Bert Bauer on GL (1952-86) from the surname to her performance she enlighted the screen for over 30 years as guiding light Bert

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane (1970-2011) what's to be said? Erica is Susan, Susan is Erica they merged on one

Sharon Gabet and Larkin Malloy as Raven and Sky Whitney (1977-84 and 1980-84) they were never as important or charming as in this soap, the bad guys we rooted for

Ann Flood as Nancy Pollock Karr (1962-84) 

Mary Stuart as Joanne "Jo" Gardner (1951-86) the name of a Queen preceded that her would reign, and she did as Jo for some glorious 35 years, i think she's the longest serving soap actress on a role uninterrupted

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Rosemary Prinz as Penny Hughes on ATWT (1956-68/1985/1986/2000) She was the Teen America loved, the woman no one could replace, she was one half of the the first soap Supercouple, She was Penny

Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester on B&B (1987-2013) the role wasn't conceived for Susan but no one would have done it better than her, she was beautiful, charming, elegant, powerful and no one could put the Slut back in the valley better than her

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I thought about creating a thread citing casting decisions that worked out for the best. Specifically, characters that were created for or offered to certain actors, but another actor ended up winning the role and was pitch perfect. But this is all in line with the gist of this thread.

Larry as J.R.

Joan as Alexis

Stephanie as Sable

Linda as Felicia (I don’t think Jane would have stayed with the part. I also think she would have been absolutely comfortable playing the character as originally intended so Felicia wouldn’t have been softened and morphed into a sympathetic lead like Rachel.)

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