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Propose Your Dream Spinoff/Revival

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First and foremost, helllloooooo to all of my old friends here! It's been a long time, but I am always around peripherally and still enjoy reading your posts! I haven't done much soap watching over the past few years, though I keep up minimally with GH and Y&R. However, in my personal life, I have been doing a lot of writing recently as I prepare to release my second book this fall (shameless plug -- sorry), and the "stories" have been on my mind.


Ever since the news first broke about Kelly and Mark's potential "Pine Valley" reboot, the gears have been turning in my head regarding what other soaps this could be done for, and what other types of avenues there might to keep these shows and all of their history alive. As those of you who know me know, GH has always been my show. Coming up with a primetime spinoff was my goal, and it proved a little tricky due to the fact that GH is very much still running steady (though I use that term loosely). 


Thus, I thought I would create a thread where we can all brainstorm and propose our dream spinoff or revival for our favorite show. I know threads like this have been done before and no, I don't expect any of this to ever actually happen, but hey, times are tough - let's have some fun!


I'll go first!





(ABC or Disney+)

Set in Manhattan, "ELQ" centers around the company's launch of a new cosmetics division, with their first collection ("Ageless") set to launch in the coming weeks. Serving as the face of the launch is none other than former Port Charles resident, famous model and humanitarian, Brenda Barrett. As it so happens, Brenda's (relatively) new husband, Sebastian Taylor, is the CEO of ELQ Cosmetics, a favor called in by the Quartermaine family after his career successes at a rival, established cosmetics brand. In preparation, ELQ throws a lavish and exclusive industry launch party for the premiere of "Ageless". All goes swimmingly, until Sebastian is found brutally murdered - right in the midst of Brenda's big introduction as the face of the brand.


Chaos ensues in the following days, and Brenda quickly finds herself in the spotlight. Dark secrets of their relationship soon emerge, and before long Brenda finds herself as the primary suspect in Sebastian's murder. Meanwhile, Sebastian's death leaves the CEO position wide open. Isaiah Hollingsworth, the company's VP, and husband to established NYC doctor and Quartermaine heir Maya Ward-Hollingsworth, has his sites set on the position. He seems to be a lock for the role - that is until the black sheep of the family, Skye Chandler Quartermaine, swoops into town with a vengeance (and a new husband, Carlos Avery). Tracy Quartermaine is named interim-CEO, ultimately burdened with the responsibility of choosing a successor. Tracy quickly dismisses Skye due to their mutual dislike and distrust for each other. Skye, however, has teamed up with Tracy's power-hungry granddaughter, Brook Lynn Ashton, and together they hold a dark secret over Tracy's head. This creates immense tension between Brook Lynn and her mother, Lois Cerullo, who is in town to support her best friend Brenda.


As a bloodthirsty battle for power over ELQ Cosmetics rages between Tracy, Skye, Brook Lynn and Isaiah, Brenda finds herself in need of legal counsel. Thankfully, she is able to call in the help of Maya's younger sister, Zoe Ward, who has become something of an infamous - and successful - criminal defense attorney. To make matters even more complicated, the case against Brenda is being led by investigator Gabriel Cruz who himself holds a mysterious connection to Port Charles and the Quartermaine family.




Vanessa Marcil as Brenda Barrett

Lana Parrilla as Skye Chandler-Quartermaine

Annie Ilonzeh as Maya Ward-Hollingsworth

Trai Byers as Isaiah Hollingsworth

Amanda Setton as Brook Lynn Ashton

Rena Sofer as Lois Cerullo

Jaime Camil as Carlos Avery

Conrad Ricamora as Gabriel Cruz

Raven Goodwin as Zoe Ward


Recurring Cast (GH Characters):

Jane Elliott as Tracy Quartermaine

Leslie Charleston as Monica Quartermaine

Ingo Rademacher as Jasper Jax

Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe




Anyway, that's just my baseline idea. Let me know what you think, and I can't wait to read all of your ideas as well!







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First...*waves @Mr. Vixen* and congrats on the next book.


I think...it's Brenda so what could go wrong?

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But seriously, it is a great concept. And ohhh how my mind sees so many angles and what you wrote. I would love to see a series like this.


As for me...I might have to chew on what I would do as a spinoff for a spell...:) 

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@Mr. Vixen that sounds like a great concept and congratulations on your second book!


There was talk of a Passions spinoff a while back but I doubt it will ever become anything, though I do feel like the soapy drama and supernatural combination would work well on The CW if it focused on the younger characters.


I know this probably wouldn't be popular for those that would want the storylines to continue present day, but if it were up to me I would think Passions would work well as an anthology series like American Horror Story. Each season a new story from start to finish but the same Passions cast with Juliet Mills as sort of the Jessica Lange type.

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I have been thinking recently about what it would be like for Amanda Setton and Rena Sofer to interact as mother and daughter (IMO, it would be dynamite). It’s a shame Rena is currently on B&B otherwise she would fit right in with the action right now on GH (Brook Lynn’s fake pregnancy, Ned/Olivia - especially her old friendship with Olivia from the Bensonhurst days).

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If they did a Passions reboot or spin off I think it would be hugely successful. That show has so many secret fans who are now the perfect age to be valuable to advertisers. I just don't know who you could get to write it. As crazy as JER was, his show was very progressive in terms of representation. I'd hate to see it return and lose the diversity it had.


For me, the most obvious services for soap spin-offs is Peacock and Paramount Plus. Instead of those little spin offs on the DOOL app, they could do similar things on Peacock, which is looking for an audience. DAYS has so many characters off screen you could easily do mini-series and spin offs in a primetime format. Like the Last Blast Reunion. That could've been 8-10 hour long episodes and it could've been done on a small budget and likely would've driven DAYS fans to Peacock. Same for the Chabby spin off in Paris. Literally you could easily come up with any number of spin offs, you could even do a supernatural spin off and they'd be able to do all of them for a good price.


Another one that is a no brainer would be a B&B spin off. You have so many characters at Forrester International. You could do a New York or Miami set spin off. 

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