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I was a Marketing major and even back in the day ('92 graduate) - I tried to fight the argument in Advertising classes about the W18-49 argument of setting Ad rates.  Was never successful.  I wasn't 'out' then but I tried to argue that there were plenty of men out there with disposable income that were being missed by Advertisers.  Also the argument for older Adults who were "empty nesters" with nothing but money to spend and why didn't Advertisers pay attention to them.  Just because you're Female aged 18-49 doesn't mean they are spending the most money...most of that demographic could have many children, married, etc. and actually have a limited amount of income to spend on products...and they went back to work, and aren't "housewives" anymore necessarily.  Look for a different market.


So the Adult rating doesn't surprise me at all.  I didn't look in depth, but I would love to see an Adult 50+ rating.  When my Dad and his friends retired, they were all HOOKED on World Turns and Guiding Light.  They were worse than me, my Mom and Sisters ever were.  My Mom used to say...he would not go out of the house for grocery shopping or anything if he would miss ATWT and GL...and she said, he sure did learn how to use that VCR after you moved out.  HAHAHAHA!

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Those Marketing classes were a bitch....LOL....I remember ours was on some product and who would buy it.....and we had the argue it.....glad those days are long gone....LOL.......My mom stopped watching soaps back in the 90s....she got bored with them because they had become repetitive the storylines.......


I always figures you as younger...ha....we are the same age....bwhahahahaha

18-49 is still the important one but since that number is dwindling the networks pay more attention to the 25-54 demo. 

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