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B&B Spoiler for Week of 8/20

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According to TV Guide Magazine, after Liam and Hope exchange "I dos," wedding cake will be flying as Taylor confronts Brooke.  There's a photo of Taylor throwing cake at Brooke.  According to Hunter Tylo, Taylor "doesn't want Steffy to be the pushover," like Taylor was in the past during the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle.  It looks like this should happen Wednesday, August 22.


So much for Brad Bell and all this women empowerment talk. 


The only thing I'm looking forward to is that Taylor may finally get to interact with people besides Steffy, Brooke, or Bill.  At least I hope.  it's ridiculous that Hunter Tylor hasn't shared one scene with Thorsten Kaye's Ridge, among others, unless I'm forgetting something.

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