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World Cup 2018


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Can't say that it was undeserved. Spain is soooo boring to watch..... 

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But sorry José, you're wrong. Israel last two Eurovision-wins (before this year) was in 1998 (when France won the World Cup as hosts, so that's true), and 1979, when there was no World Cup!

(They did win Eurovision in 1978 as well, when Argentina won the World Cup as hosts)

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On 6/28/2018 at 4:27 AM, I Am A Swede said:

Germany's failure is the source of much merriment on social media.....



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On 6/29/2018 at 8:06 AM, Cat said:


Bless Eric Braeden! Her never met an exclamation mark he didn't like!!



I saw that! They also had fans congregating outside the South Korean embassy and cheering and saying Mexico adoptes SK as its brother now. Then a couple of Korean diplomats came out and somebody whipped out the tequila and next thing you know, the diplomats were taking tequila shots with the crowd! lol


I've been rooting for Mexico to go through since their first game. Something about the way they joyfully play makes them 'my' team. I'm bored with Brazil, France and the other usual suspects. I don't think Mexico will make it all the way, but Imma cheer them on for as long as they hang on.



That's Mexico for you.

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What a turnaround! Belgium looked down and out, but showed great spirit. Very hard on Japan of course, with the final goal just seconds before full-time.

Less than ten seconds from Japan's corner to Belgium's 3-2! Incredible speed!

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Yay, quarter-final!  

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And we do it without any major stars. I bet Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the self-proclaimed god, feels rather sheepish now. Without him the team-spirit has carried us further than we ever got with him.....


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    • Hope you can add some more. My next contribution is Dear John on NBC. In the 1998/89 season it took Night Court's 9.30 pm Thurs slot following Cheers. Cheers was # 4 and Dear John a respectable #11. In it's 2nd season it kept the 9.30 pm slot till mid season when it was replaced by Grand. I believe NBC was under pressure from Carsey/Werner productions to place their new show in that plum slot (they supplied Cosby and A Different World) Dear John got moved to Wed 9.30 following Night Court. It finished #17 for the season but that average was bumped up from the Thurs showings. In 90/91 it retained the 9.30pm Wed slot but now followed a new show Fanelli Boys. Wed 9-10 Wk 1 1990/91 season ABC Doogie Howser #8 CBS Jake and the Fatman # 25 NBC fanelli Boys #42/Dear John # 52  Fanelli flopped and NBC moved Dear John to 9pm. By Jan 1990 Night Court was back to 9pm and Dear John was back to 9.30 before being shunted to 10.30 Saturday. It's overall ranking was #50 For it's final season it was given the 9pm Fri timeslot but was moved to 9.30 . It ranked #77. So it only worked with a strong lead in - timeslot hit.
    • 1978/79 Mini Series Ratings 1. Roots Next Generation ABC 30.1/45 2.  Pearl ABC 28.6/45 3. Roots (R) ABC 25.4/42 4. Backstairs at the White House NBC 25.0/37 5. Ike ABC 24.7/40 6. Little Women NBC 22.6/34 7. The Word CBS 21.2/33 8. Jesus of Nazareth (R) NBC 21.2/33 9. The Chisolms CBS 21.1/35 10. Blind Ambition CBS 20.5/34 11. The Best Place to Be NBC 20.2/34 12. A Woman Called Moses NBC 19.9/32 13. Centennial NBC 19.5/30 14. From Here to Eternity NBC 18.9/30 15. Mr Horn CBS 18.5/29 16. The Sacketts NBC 17.5/30 17. Greatest Heroes of the Bible NBC 17.4/28 18. The Critical List NBC 17.0/27 19. The Pirate CBS 15.4/25 20. Moses the Lawgiver CBS (R) 15.4/30 21. Women in White NBC 14.0/23 22. Studs Lonegan NBC 14.0/23 23. A Man Called Intrepid NBC 12.5/21 24. Hanging by a Thread NBC 12.4/21 25. The Innocent and The Damned (rpt) NBC 12.4/23 26. The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (R) NBC 10.3/18 27. Wheels NBC (R) 10.0/18   NBC showing the most mini series for the least return.  The Innocent and The Damned was a new title for Aspen. Maybe they thought people would be fooled into watching a rerun. The Wheels rerun was truncated due to dreadful ratings. Originally all 5 episodes were going to be shown, but after dire ratings for ep 1 and 2, they showed a summary of eps 3&4 before playing the final episode.
    • I agree. With that in mind, I think we've pinpointed a good amount of 1980s and 1990s time slot hits.
    • Bit hard to play that when Paul has been gone for years, but yes beforehand their connection was downplayed. With Paul isolated because of LLB's absence they could have easily played up a lonely Paul leaning on Lauren. Write in some issues that would cause friction b/w Lauren and Micheal and bingo! Paul and Lauren could be tempted. Yes that relationship should have remained stronger over the years.
    • To my way of thinking a show can only be classified as a timeslot hit if it is moved out of a timeslot it is rating well in, and doesn't perform as expected/hoped for in the new timeslot. That discounts a lot of shows that get moved at the end of their lifespan. I would put Hotel in that category along with other examples like Falcon Crest and Trapper John, which after several successful seasons were falling in the ratings and basically moved elsewhere to finish their runs. Had Hotel been moved in Season 3 and bombed then its status as a timeslot hit would be proven. Looking forward to your response!
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